The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, February 13, 1978, Image 7

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THE BATTALION MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1978 Page 7 New uniform styles for corps women By KAYCE GLASSE The women of W-l will be getting some new styles for their daily uni forms. The female segment of the Texas A&M University Corps of Cadets will be wearing more com fortable clothing, with the addition of slacks and A-line skirts for juniors as well as seniors. j During this spring semester, the [ juniors may begin to wear the more I comfortable A-line skirt, which up , until now has been a senior I privilege. The Cadet Uniform Committee is considering phasing I out the straight skirts for all of the female cadets, but it will be a I gradual process. The committee is made up of nine representatives, whose job is to ad vise changes to Col. James R. Woodall, the Commandant of the Corps. Lt. Bill Loefiler, Capt. F.L. May, and Capt. Bill Faulkner repre sent the Navy-Marine, Air Force, and Army, respectively. The rest of the committee consists of students in the Corps. A representative is chosen from each class, and the men and women send a representative each. / to I ni | OS- Ill- | ta avt n lii eon irgt ?8fc “The budget is the main problem facing us in regard to change,” said May. The U.S. Department of De fense pays for the uniforms and they must all be used and eventually phased out to get different styles. “These uniforms are manufac tured to our specifications,” said Floyd Wells, the military property custodian. Because no other school wears the same style of uniforms as Texas A&M, they must be ordered in mass quantities to prohibit exces sive costs. Wells also said that with so few women and so many uniforms, phas ing out an item is difficult. At the moment, there are 57 women to wear 726 straight-lined skirts. Each cadet is issued three skirts, and with 57 women, that makes 555 not being used. ‘‘Some of those skirts are still brand new,” said Wells. Those skirts were bought three years ago at a cost of $13,431, av eraging about $17.19 per skirt. Wells said that by manufacturing fewer skirts, a rough estimate would be $20.00 per unit. He wasn’t aware that the straight skirts would be phased out and didn’t know 7 how long the phasing out process would take. Wells stressed that two to four years “wearing out” time is a rough estimate because some women may stay the same size all four years, and others may need alterations. The uniforms can’t be fashionable or seasonable because that would mean sevexal styles would be needed and throwing them away when they are no longer “in” would be expensive. Comfort, function, and a neat, military look are strived for, said Charla Gwin, the Waggie representative. The straight skirts being worn by freshmen, sopho mores, and juniors are slowly being phased out because they fit too tightly. Formation is a problem for the women when it rains, because the women have inadequate head cov erings, said Gwin. Standing up straight in line with only a “shower cap to protect the head is difficult and usually results in a drenching. The cadets are issued umbrellas, but saluting, shaking hands, and carrying books rules out that conve nience. Gwin is hoping to get hats with brims similar to the campaign hats the men wear, and said the uni form committee is working with her on that goal. Slacks have been approved for the women, but are not in stock yet. Faulkner said he hopes “those gals will like the slacks.” The style will be in conformity with the men’s pants. All female cadets are issued low heeled black shoes, but they are seldom worn because of the discom fort. said Gwin. Neither Faulkner nor May have heard any complaints about the pumps. The senior uniforms are distin guished by the black and gold braid around the collar, and the tucked-in shirts. Will the senior women be getting boots? “It has never come up,” said May. Maintenance man charged with rape By ANDREA J. VALES A Parkway apartments mainte nance man was charged Saturday morning with criminal attempt and aggravated rape of a Texas A&M University student. ■ Charles G. McDowell, 2001 " ;l 'lBeck, Bryan, was charged with entering the apartment with a pass key. He was arrested by College Station Police at Parkway Apart ments, as he was leaving the victim’s apartment. The victim said she was awakened by noises in her apartment and saw McDowell when he flashed her bedroom light on and off. When her roommate heard noises in the victim’s bedroom, she nm to a neighbor’s apartment tor belp. The neighbor said he ran up to the victim’s apartment and knocked on her door. He added that McDowell opened the door and told him to leave and that everything was all right. The neighbor went back to his apartment and called the College Station police. Police arrived at the apartment as McDowell was leaving and found the pass key in his pocket. McDowell was taken to the Col lege Station Police Station where he was charged with criminal attempt and aggravated rape. He was then placed in Brazos County Jail. The victim was taken by ambu lance to St. Joseph Hospital in Bryan where she was treated for fa cial bruises and scratches. Aduentures of the mind & spirit. . . Peace Corps & VISTA SIGN UP NOW FOR INTERVIEW SENIORS/GRADS PLACEMENT OFFICE RUDDER TOWER 10TH FLOOR R EPS ON CAMPUS-MON.-WED., FEB. 20-22 Corp< A Battalion photo by Elizabeth Ghto Attired in the two different styles of skirts worn by women in the Corps are, left to right, Sharon K. Mabry, Cadet 1st Sgt., and Robin Gibson, Cadet Captain, both of W-l. Mabry and the underelasswomen wear the straight-line style while seniors wear the A-line style, modeled by Gibson. 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