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Ass lose to Horns in overtime 79-77
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Battalion Sports Editor
Texas forward Tyrone Branyan
took the endbounds pass, wrapped
his arms around the ball and waited
for the final three seconds of the
game to disappear from the clock.
When the buzzer sounded Bran
yan jubilantly threw the ball high
into the coliseum air and headed to
the dressing room, leaving a stun
ned Texas A&M team in his wake.
The Ags stared at the scoreboard
in disbelief. It shined Texas 79—
Texas A&M 77.
“It’s hard to lose a game like that
one, guard Dave Goff said. “We
had the chance to win it at the end
of regulation play, but we just
couldn’t make the shots.”
At that time it was 65-65. A&M
had the ball with 13 seconds remain
ing in the game. Steve Sylestine
missed a 15-footer from the corner,
Swanson grabbed the rebound and
missed a 10-footer from the side.
Sylestine found the loose ball, put
up a shot and made it, but time had
already expired.
“We had two excellent chances
there at the end,” coach Shelby
Metcalf said. “I thought our shot
selection was good, we just didn’t
connect on either one. I’m as proud
as I’ve ever been of a team that lost a
We got 100 percent from every
body who set foot on the floor.
Two people missing from the
line-up were Karl Godine and Jarvis
Williams. Neither man saw any ac
“I played the best nine men on
our team, ” Metcalf said. “Right now
Karl and Jarvis are not in that nine.
Abes army pleased with victory
They are not being punished. We
just feel that the nine men that we
played tonight are the best we have.
I think they proved that fact
One of those men who played a
good game was Joey Robinson. The
junior from Tulsa was A&M's lead
ing scorer with 23 points. Robin
son’s outside shots was the key fac
tor in keeping A&M abreast with
the Longhorns.
Another man who had a good
game was Wally Swanson. He had
15 points and seven rebounds.
“I was surprised at how well
Wally played,” Metcalf said. “It
looks like he is finally coming(,
Swanson’s play was a pl t>
surprise. The junior from m,
played with the intensity hehai|
freshman. This style of playi
help A&M in its remaining^
The Ags travel to Ft. Word
play TGU this Wednesday iJ
The Longhorn game should j
them the confidence Addll
searched for this season.
“I think tonight’s game deftil
helped us, Metcalf said,
us the confidence we will netd]
our remaining games.
Battalion Staff
Honest Abe Lemons, noted sage
and head basketball coach for the
University of Texas, didn’t exactly
call his 79-77 overtime victory
against Texas A&M last night a
miracle, but he didn’t deny outside
help either.
“I think what happened,’ Lem
ons postulated, was that I talked
to Oral Roberts today. I think that
might have helped us.
Well, it sure didn’t hurt. What
did hurt the Longhorns was their
first half performance.
“We had a miserable first half.
Lemons said. “We were shooting
hoping to get free throws that didn’t
The Horns shot only 29 percent
from the floor in the first half. Jim
Krivacs, who kept Texas in the game
the first half, made only five of 15
field goals.
“We knew we weren’t shooting
good in the first half,” Krivacs said.
“But A&M was getting off some
jumpers in the first half that we
really didn t know they could hit.
Down by a score of 35-27 at the
half, Texas came out and gradually
narrowed its deficit.
“There’s no doubt we were resur
rected in the second half,” Lemons
said. “I believe in life after death.
“In the second half we pulled it
outside and tried to get out of that
mess inside. It wasn’t a good shoot
ing night for us, but when you win
you really don’t care.”
The Longhorns did manage to
help their shooting percentage in
the last period. Krivacs, who along
with Ag guard Dave Goff played the
entire 45 minutes, scored 26 points
while Ron Baxter added 22 points to
the Homs’ winning effort.
“I’m putting Krivacs and Baxter
in for a purple heart,” the Texas
coach said. Baxter was Texas’ lead
ing rebounder with 10, although,
the Aggies had a better night on the
boards with 55 rebounds to the
Horns 38.
“In the second half we went
through our bread and butter,” Bax
ter said. “John Moore’s three-point
play (that tied the score late in the
game) was a playground play. We
made it up on the bench. It was just
pass, pick and shoot.”
“Just hard work and execution got
us the win,” Krivacs added. “We
couldn’t have won if we had one
without the other.
After the game Krivacs wanted to
know if he could ride home with his
“Sure,” Lemons said, “just don t
get killed. We don’t have anybody
to replace you, yet.”
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season scoring 15 points. The Ags lost to the Hornsilj 01is (
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