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Page 4 THE BATTALION MONDAY, JANUARY 23, 1978 AGGIES! AIM Douglas " Jewelry offers Student ID Discounts! 15% off of *50°° or more 10% off of under ‘SO 00 episcopal Jiffuilent Center 902 Jersey (adjacent to southside of campus) 846-1726 Tuesdays, 5:30 p.m.: Eucharist & Supper Wednesdays 12 noon Bible Study Fridays, 6:30 a.m.: Eucharist & Breakfast Sundays, 6:30 p.m.: Fellowship & Eucharist Fr. James Moore, Chaplain Local anti-abortion demonstration flops By JEANNE LOPEZ Yesterday members of the Bryan and College Station Knights of Co lumbus, a Catholic men’s fraternity, conducted a “Light Up for Life Campaign” to dramatize their op position to abortion. The campaign was a nationwide effort by the KC Councils. But locally the campaign was not a success. “I don’t know why, but participa tion was very low,” said Dr. Franklin Stein, Grand Knight of the College Station KC Council. “It was not as much as I expected,” he said. Sunday marked the fourth an niversary of the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize abortion. Members and other interested persons were asked to show their ill feelings toward abortion by burning their porch lights and driving with their headlights on during thedaj, Only a few porch lights and a headlights were turned on Sunt in Bryan and College Station. There are 100 members i College Station Council and 3^ members in the Bryan KC Coundl Members informed the publici the Sunday campaign by passings literature and by making radio an nouncements. CASH PURCHASE ONLY We reserve the right to regulate the use of this privilege. 212 N. MAIN 822-3119 DOWNTOWN BRYAN 7 JFjjf BUY, SELL, RENT, ANNOUNCE . . Battalion Classified Pulls! OFFICIAL NOTICE a Edwin H. Cooper, Dean Admissions and Records li Tejfas A&M University (1 TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY STUDENT RECORDS POLICY e January, 1975 To comply with the requirements of the "Family Edu cational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974," Texas A&M University has adopted policies and proce- k dures publicly periodically. These policies and pro cedures are intended to implement the requirements y of this Act and to clarify these requirements for all li members of the University student body, faculty, pro fessional staff, parents and other interested parties. Any person desiring further clarification of this policy statement may request same from Mr. Robert A. c Lacey, Registrar. C |. According to the Texas A&M Student Rec ords System, records will be maintained in a variety of administrative offices as outlined be low. The chief administrative officer in each t office will be responsible for the records under q his control and lor the release of information in those records. Tollelson Director o» Admissto Dean-of the Gradual College Director ol Academic Counseling Centei Student Servi Chie Pol.c Controller ol Accounts Director ol Stud. Director of the l j E Sasse R Woodall employed s ollege Dean ol the College Engineering Dean ol the College Geosciences Dean ol Ihe College Dear 2 College c John B Beckham George C Shelton Veterinary Medic ie Seventy-two Heads ol the Acad< Department Heads Departments it Heads Ailton C Sandel Foreign Stui II Student Access to Education Records All students (and former students) of Texas A&M University have the right of access to their education records for the purpose of re view. with the exception of those records pro hibited by the Act (see Section III). A. Students have the right to obtain copies of records relating to themselves at the ex pense of the student. The reproduction charge shall not exceed the actual cost to the University. B. The University will respond to all requests for explanations and interpretations of records or information, provided the re sponse is not in violation of this Act. C. The Act provides that a student may waive his right of access to confidential letters of recommendation in the areas of admis sions, job placement and receipt of awards. Students seeking employment through the University Placement Office may have signed such a waiver. Informa tion concerning the status of such waivers may be obtained from the Director of Placement. Consent to release personally identifiable information, such as rank in class, personal conduct, grade point ratio, academic progress, etc., to non- authorized personnel (see Section IV) . should be obtained from the student by individuals releasing such information. II. Records Not Accessible to Students A. Instructional, supervisory, and administra tive personnel records and educational personnel records pertaining thereto in the sole possession of the author and not re vealed to any person other than a substi tute (i.e., grade books, notes of observa tion and notes for recollection purposes). B. Records of a student in the custody of the Office of University Police, provided they are maintained solely for law enforcement purposes, and are made available only to law enforcement officials of the same jurisdiction. C. Employment records of a University em ployee who is not a student. D. Records and information on a student maintained by a physician, psychiatrist or psychologist employed by the University. These records and information will be made available to a physician or other ap propriate professional of the student s choice. AUTO INSURANCE FOR AGGIES: Call: George Webb Farmers Insurance Group 3400 S. College 823-8051 OFFIC IAL NOTICE OFFICIAL NOTICE TO TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY STUDENTS In the past, certain information has been made pub lic by Texas A&M University as a service to students, families and other interested individuals. Under the "Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974," the following directory information may be made public unless the student desires to with hold all or any portion of it. 6 Student's name, address, telephone listing, q date and place of birth, major field of study, participation in officially recognized ac tivities and sports, dates of attendance, de- ti grees and awards received, and the most e recent previous educational agency or in stitution attended by the student. Any student wishing to withhold any or all of this c information should fill out, in person, the appropriate form, available to graduate students at the Graduate j.. College and to undergraduate students at the Regis- E. Financial records of the parents of a stu dent and any information contained therein. IV. Authorized Non-Student Access to Student Records — Under the following circum stances and to the following people, educa tional records (or personally identifiable infor mation within a record) may be released with out the written consent of the student: , trar's Office, no later than 5 p.m., Tuesday January b 31, 1978. A. Officials, faculty and staff employed by Texas A&M University, if they have a “legitimate educational interest.” B. Officials of other educational institutions in which the student intends “or seeks" to enroll, provided the student is notified of what is being released and given a copy if desired. C. Authorized representatives of the Comp troller General of the United States; the Secretary of Health, Education and Wel fare; administrative heads of educational agencies; or state educational authorities. D. Individuals needing this information in connection with a student's application for, or receipt of, financial aid. E. State and local officials to whom state laws (in effect on or before November 19, 1974) require information to be reported. tion Board in connection with developing, validating, or administering predictive tests, administering student aid programs, and improving instruction, but such or ganizations must not show the personally identifiable information to outsiders and the information will be destroyed when no longer needed for audit, evaluation, and/or enforcement of federal legal re quirements. G. Accrediting organizations. H. Parents who certify a student is carried as a dependent for federal income tax pur poses. This certification must be ascer tained by the University office concerned. (It would include such items as grades, transcripts, financial aid and probation re ports.) I. Appropriate persons, if the knowledge of such information is necessary to protect the health or safety of the student or other persons. J. Individuals requiring such information by means of a judicial order or any lawfully issued subpoena, upon condition that the student is notified by the University of all such orders and subpoenas in advance of compliance. V. Student Rights to Challenge Records Students have the right to a hearing to chal lenge records and information directly relating to them. The challenge is restricted to inaccu rate, misleading, or otherwise inappropriate records and information. The following proce dures shall be followed: A. Any student wishing to challenge records or information directly relating to him must notify the individual responsible for main taining the record of the wish to challenge. The notice fnust be in writing and specifi cally identify the item challenged and the basis for the challenge. This written re quest must be filed in duplicate with the custodian of the challenged record. B. All initial hearings will be informal and par ticipants will be the custodian of the chal lenged records or information, the student and the author (if appropriate) of the mate rial. C. If any of the participants (record custo dian, student or author) are not satisfied with the results of the informal hearing, a formal hearing will be conducted under the procedures adopted and published below: 1. The hearing will be conducted and the results decided within a reasonable period of time (seven business days) following the request for the hearing. 2. The hearing will be conducted, and the decision rendered, by an institutional official or other party who does not have a direct interest in the outcome of the hearing. The appointment of the of ficial or party will be made by the Vice President to whom the record custo dian reports. 3. The student will be afforded a full and fair opportunity to present evidence relevant to challenging the content of the educational records in order to in sure that they are not inaccurate, mis leading, or otherwise in violation of the privacy or other rights of students. The hearing also provides an opportunity for correction or deletion of any inaccu rate, misleading, or otherwise inappro priate data contained in the record and/or to insert into the record a writ ten explanation of the student respect ing the content of the challenged rec ord. 4. The decision must be rendered in writ ing to all interested parties within a reasonable period of time (seven busi ness days) after the conclusion of the hearing. VI. Release of "Student Director Information" ALLEN Oldsmobile Cadillac SALES - SERVICE ‘Where satisfaction is standard equipment’’ 2401 Texas Ave. 823-8002 The Battalion Classified OFFICIAL NOTICE SERVICES FOR RENT The information mentioned above will be re leased by various campus offices periodically or upon request unless the student requests in writing that specific information be withheld. A publication known as the Texas A&M Uni versity Directory is one type of periodical containing data classified as "student directory information ". It will contain the student's name, address, telephone listing, major field of study and classification unless the student requests that part or all of the data be withheld. Periodically the Registrar will publish official notice of the above policy so that students wishing to do so can make requests known to the Registrar (undergraduates) or the Dean of the Graduate College (graduate students). After the official notice has been published, the Registrar will inform offices concerned of the requests received. VII Destruction of Records Texas A&M University constantly reviews "education records" it maintains and periodi cally it becomes necessary to destroy certain records. In no case will the University destroy records if the action is prohibited by state and/or federal law. Basic scholastic records are kept permanently in the Registrar's Office. Beyond these, the various departments and offices may deter mine their own policies regarding retention of records within existing law. VIII. Letters of Recommendation A. Students have the right to review confi dential recommendations used in applica tions for employment or for admission to any educational agency or institution, or information concerning honors awarded, except when the student waives, in writ ing, the privileges of examination. B. Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, the student does not have access to confidential letters and statements of recommendation which were placed in the education records prior to January 1, 1975, if the letters or state ments are used for purposes for which they were specifically intended. IX. Former Students These procedures apply to all persons for merly enrolled at Texas A&M University as well as to those currently enrolled. Service For All Chrysler Corp. Cars Body Work — Painting HALSELL MOTOR COMPANY INC. Dodge Sales and Service Since 1922 1411 Texas Ave. — 823-8111 For Rent: One bedroom fur nished duplex. Quiet neighborhood. South of A&M campus. Married couples only. No pets. 846-6281. THE REEF Professional Grooming by appointment Call 846-1332 3620 E. 29th Bryan 3910 Old College Road 846-6800 Triangle Terrace Center One Block West of Triangle Bowling Alley NOW TAKING DEPOSITS Lexington Apartments and Motor Inn “A day or a lifetime” ... 216 Dominik 693-1220 *One & Two bedroom furnished apratments. *AII bills paid. *No required lease. *Total security system. eot COLONY OAKS APTS. 1&2 Bedroom 11/2 Bath * From $200 a month Bills Paid 822-5752 “OFFICIAL NOTICE” SUBJECT: Filing Deadline Dates for Financial Aid TO: All Students, Texas A&M University The College Scholarship Service Financial Aid Form serves as the financial aid application at this University. To insure that financial aid funds are available at the beginning of the academic periods below, the following deadline dates for filing the Financial Aid Form are announced for your information and appropriate action: *Last Date Financial Last Mailing Date for Financial Aid Form Period Summer Session Need Analysis Reports Will Be Accepted (12 weeks, only) January 1 January 15 An Academic Year Fall Semester, Only April 1 April 1 April 15 April 15 Spring Semester, Only September 1 September 15 *The Financial Need Analysis Report is provided to this office by the College Schol arship Service and is based on information contained in the Financial Aid Form. Normal processing time for a Financial Aid Form at College Scholarship Service (including mail time) is about two (2) weeks. Therefore, you should mail your Financial Aid form to College Scholarship Service to allow sufficient time for proper processing and mail time. Applicants for financial aid from Texas A&M University have to compete for limited funds. Deadlines are established so that all applicants are treated fairly and equally, without last minute haste. Financial Aid Forms submitted after the dates shown above will be processed only if time permits and funds are available. 74t30 MONACO AND POSADA APTS. 1, 2, 3, Bedroom apart ments from $170 and up or ask about our room mate plan. 70-80-90 per month. 693-2614. 76(12 Attention Students. Two bedroom, furnished or unfurnished apart ments. Ready for occupancy. 1-1V2 miles south of campus. Lakeforfish- ing. Washateria on grounds. Coun try atmosphere. Call Joe Courtney Inc. 846-5796. SPECIAL NOTICE FOB RENT THE GRADUATE COLLEGE Final Examination for the Doctoral Degree Name: Wiedenfeld, Robert Phillip Degree: Ph.D. in Soil Science Dissertation: EFFECTS OF EVAPORATIVE SALT WATER COOUNG TOWERS ON SALT SPRAY AND SALT DEPOSITION ON SURROUNDING SOILS. Time: 10:00 AM on January 27, 1978 Place: Soil & Crop Sciences, Room 440 G. W. Kunze Dean of the Graduate College New 2 bdr. apt. walking distance from A&M. $195 unfurn., $225 furn. 846-5034. Bills not included. 80t8 Apt. for rent at Monaco. Rent $220 a month. Call after 5:00 p.m. 693-9687. 81t5 Trailer 10x55; 2% bedroom. $ 125/month. 693-9291. 79t7 WEEKEND RETREAT farm house available for lease. Needs repair. 4 miles North Brenham. Phone 713-491-1766. 74t8 Information on students, such as date and place of birth, participation in officially recog nized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, dates of atten dance, degrees and awards received, and the most recent previous educational agency or institution attended, is defined and referred to in this Act as "student directory information" (this is a category of information and does not refer necessarily to a publication known as a "directory'). ATTENTION MAY GRADUATES! You may begin ordering your Graduation Announcements January 9, 1978 through February 17, 1978 in the Student Finance Center, Room 217, Memorial Stu dent Center from 8:00 to 4:00, Monday thru Friday. 75126 FREE RENT. Unfurnished house 4 miles North Brenham, Married agriculture major to care for cattle of owner. Phone 713-491- 1766 . 7418 THE LA SALLE Attention Co-op Stu dents. A quiet, dignified place to live & study. Monthly Rates 120 SOUTH MAIN BRYAN 713/822-1501 ROOMMATE WANTED NEW APARTM ENTS. Efficiency $ 135 month. One bedroom from $150 month, two bedroom from $175 month. All bills paid except electric ity. Villa West Apartments, south of Villa Maria. Lorraine Peterson, Manager. 822- 7772. 75tfn Female room matt- wanted. 2 BR, 1 Bath at Plantation Oaks. Rent $99. Call Gayle, 693- 5198. 79t6 JOB OPPORTUNITIES EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES PERSONS to make continuous part-time anonymous restaurant shopper reports for Natl Mkt Research firm. References required. Proficiency Specialists, Box 20244, San Diego, 92120. 81tl SUMMER JOBS GUARANTEED OR MONEY BACK. NATION’S LARGEST DIRECTORY. MINIMUM FIFTY EM PLOYERS/STATE. INCLUDES MAS TER APPLICATION. ONLY $3. SUM- CHOICE, BOX 645, STATE COLLEGE, PA. 16801. 7517 For Battalion Glassified Call 845-2611 CHEYENNE APTS. Brand new attractive apartments. 2 bdrm., 1 bath. All modern appliances. Washer, dryer connec tions. Central air/heat. About 1 mile from campus. 693-0285. 76tfn Female to share 2 BR/2 BA apartment. $240 month + bills. 2!4 miles from campus. Call Linda, 846-4713/0 ; 779-7311/H. 77t5 LOOKING FOR THE RIGHT PLACE TO LIVE? WE’VE GOT IT! Can you believe a brand-new 3-bedroom house with all appliances including washer and dryer, a carport and a fenced yard if you want it. Located five blocks from TAMU. $270 per month with tenant paying all utilities. We have sev eral lease plans to suit your needs. 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Anytime 693-7994. 81t4 WELCOME BACK AGGIES We are a private placement service handling the employment accounts of over 100 local companies and public institutions. We have a variety of current open ings that you or your spouse could be placed in im mediately. Our office also has the facilities to place you in a top-salaried career position before you graduate. Time, place and occupation are no problem. If you come in now and interview with our profes sional counselors you will get first consideration for the best positions and can know that your job is secure when you graduate. Aggie owned and operated to serve you. and to n sever; appre ers. ] them as th Was : didn’ and ; to ir- then. Wl into niore good he hi my j gust. I fea e Xpei betwi mom that. very to tr e Xpei decei fully hour