The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, February 24, 1977, Image 5

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on THURSDAY ISC Travel Committee is booking an ropean charter trip for students. It is me Stan anedfor June 7 to July 4. An airfare-only on takes charter participants to Paris and idon. A land-tour option adds motor coach to seven countries in 28 days. Reser- nun! i 0,is ma y be made in the Student Programs elevisij im MSC216 r esidet anova, rns rhe \V ( h sold t, mfrican Students’ Association, African iek, MSC Hallway, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. )PAS, The Acting Company: "The Way of World," Rudder Auditorium, 8 p.m. free Blood Pressure Screening Clinic, iCand ten stations near the Post Office, numb’ ilectrical Engineering Wives’ Club, Real “ute.Zachry 102, 7:30 p.m. [ursing Society, MSC 145, 7 p.m. Jniversity Lecture Series, Dr. Milton nder, Argonne National Laboratory, “On Origin of Meteorites as Condensates from olar Nebula," Rudder 701, 8 p.m. : ;°rAC snow •cident one in ■ for 21 year. \ -ame o were: t s wot feveis tape he said, fer mi tain anlil ot get sis d - Quest! ■’Cuttinj em to . Contaia in theO he Me® campus activities^Victor has boots, friendship to offer Aggie customers r pin Clll Inzos County AfltM Club, Barbecue inerand Talk by Coach Tom Chandler, old ^its of Columbus Hall at Palasota Dr. and esbeck St. in Bryan, Dinner 7:30 p.m. So- Hour starting at 6:30 will feature 10-cent tr, Reservations should be made by calling i-7514 between 8a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays. ilageCenter, Agatha Christie’s murder stery-comedy, "Ten Little Indians,’’ Tick- are $2.50 for adults, $1.50 for students, $1 children, So. College and Villa Maria, yan, 8 p.m. inow Ski Club, Rudder 601, 7:30 p.m. tern Engineering Seminar, Dr. Roy W. nn, Jr., Director of the Center for Marine sources, "The Oil Spill from the Super- ker Metulla’ — Implications for Texas, the iled States and Other Countries, ' - Zachry it i 3:30 p.m. “TVk icchanieal Engineering Seminar, Elmer Uiabell joul of Frymire Engineering Company, las, "General Commercial Mechanical iu |j slracting," Zachry 203, 3:30 p.m. lasic Course in Marina Management, dder Tower. lepheid Variables, “Terminal Man,” Bud- Theater, 8 and 10 p.m. hemistry Seminar, Dr. R. Powell, lalysis of Gas Phase Self-Associations,” enAstry 231, 4 p.m. Ihemistry Seminar, Lee Adler, “Scission- nt Model of Nuclear Fission Based on formed-Shell Effects,” Cyclotron Confer- Room. FRIDAY lasic Course in Marina Management, Ider Tower. StageCenter, Agatha Christie’s murder mystery comedy, “Ten Little Indians,” Tick ets are $2.50 for adults, $1.50 for students, $1 for children, So. College and Villa Maria, Bryan, 8 p.m. Annual Industrial Arts Teacher Confer ence and Texas Industrial Arts Association, Dr. Walter C. Brown, Associate Director of Arizona State University’s technology divi sion, “The Pursuit of Excellence in Industrie) Arts: Teaching Technology for the Future, . Rudder Theatre, 7 p.m. University Lecture Series, Dr. Milton Blander of Argonne National Laboratory, ‘‘Applications of Fundamental Ther modynamics of High-Temperature Materials to Energy Technologies,” Zachry 342, 3 p.m. African Students Association, Soccer Match, TAMU Soccer Field, 4:30 p.m.; Cul tural Show, MSC 206, 8 p.m. Physics Colloquim, Dr. Neil Ashcroft, Cor nell University, “The Metallization of Hy drogen and the Structure of Its Metallic State,” Physics 146, 3 p.m. SWC Baseball, A&M vs. Arkansas, Kyle Field, 3 p.m. Aggie Cinema, “Race With The Devil, Rudder Theatre, 12 midnight. Chemistry Seminar, Gerald Stock, “Uranium and Analytical Chemistry,” Chemistry Annex 1024, 11 a.m. SATURDAY Singing Cadets, scheduled for appearance on KPRC-TV “The Eyes of Texas.” The NBC-affiliate is channel 2 in Houston. 6:30 p.m. SWC Baseball, A&M vs. Arkansas, Kyle Field, 1 p.m. Aggie Cinema, "The Hindenburg,” Rudder Theater, 8 and 10:30 p.m. StageCenter, Agatha Christie’s murder mystery-comedy, “Ten Little Indians,” Tickets are $2.50 for adults, $1.50 for students and $1 for children. So. College and Villa Maria in Bryan, 8 p.m. SUNDAY Chess Committee, MSC 206, 6 p.m. MONDAY Oceanography Seminar, Dr. Roy W. Hann, Director, Center for Marine Re sources, “Implications of the Supertanker Metula Spill,” Oceanography-Meteorology 112, 3:30 p.m. Dance Arts Society, Ballet, G. Rollie White 266, 7:30 p.m. (Continued from Page 1.) A&M that fall, but they all knew Holik’s and not Victor s. “I sat there in my little shop and watched boys walking by with a pair of shoes or two pair of boots, going to Holik’s,” he says, describing his first day of business. “All that money walking by. So I got outside and started hollering ‘come on in here. I need your money!’ Within two to three days I was making two to three dollars a day,” he said, proudly. Those first customers, especially members of A&M’s Corps of Cadets, kept coming to Victor and brought their friends. In 1970 he moved his shop across the street, to his store at 201 College Main. Business got bet ter. He started selling boots, selling more than he was repairing. Last year he opened his second store, on Texas Avenue, selling Just Boots. This year he plans to branch out, going back into the restaurant busi ness. By midsummer he hopes to have the world’s first “Senor Vic tor’s” fried chicken shop alongside his shop on College Main. Prosperity has its eosts. His two stores, business trips and plans for his restaurant take more of his time. The work doesn’t bother him, though. “I get my kicks from working, ” he says with a grin. “My only sport is my cash register. I work eight days a week.” He does admit to “slowing down” to working only 16 hours a day in stead of the 20 he worked when he first came here. He thinks most people relax too much. 'mate may delay confirmation of UT Regent Uvalde. The Senate scheduled an Plaza United Press International AUSTIN — A Dallas man’s in- Ivement in Gov. Dolph Briscoe’s litical campaigns may prevent mediate confirmation of his ap- intment to the University of xas System Board of Regents. Sen. A. R. Schwartz, D-Galves- ,said he would ask the Senate to stpone a decision on the confirma- Embreys Jewelry We Specialize In Aggie Rings. Diamonds Set — Sizing — Reoxidizing — All types watch/jewelry Repair Aggie Charge Accounts 5:30 846-5816 tion of Jess Hay of Dallas so senators will have more time to study a depo sition by Hay in a $2.5 million cam paign practices suit filed against the governor in 1974. Schwartz sought no delay, how ever, in the confirmation of two other Briscoe appointees to the board of regents — Jane Blumberg of Seguin and Dr. Sterling Fly of BLANK TAPE CHEAP SCOTCH, TDK, MAXELL, MEMOREX, BASF, CAPITOL, AMPEX CASSETTES, 8-TRACKS REELS. WRITE FOR CHEAP FREE PRICE LIST OF CHEAP PRICES MICHAEL A. DUNN COLLEGE STATION 77840 Hankamer School of Business DEVELOPING THE WHOLE PERSON BAYLOR UNIVERSITY HANKAMER SCHOOL OF BUSINESS A representative of the Hankamer School of Business will be interviewing on campus Friday the 25th of February, stu dents that are interested in attending Baylor University for the following degree programs: Master of Business Administration Master of International Management Master of Professional Accountancy Master of Science in Economics See the A&M Placement Office for information CONTROL r |HMR DESIGNS THAT YOU CONTROL YOURSELF WITH SALON PERFECTION M c Laughlin’s of corpus christi.^^ 1403 UNIVERSITY DRIVE 846-5764 Has hard work been the secret to his success? “I attribute it to being honest and sincere with people in all ways and standing behind the guarantee you offer,” he says. The tone in his voice leaves no doubt that he means it. But he does feel he’s neglecting his customers, especially A&M stu dents, by being away from his little repair shop more. “Sometimes, since I’ve become more successful, I miss the close as sociation with those boys. Many would ask me about things they should’ve asked their parents. But I’d try to give them advice, some times have lunch with them. Then a sad look comes into his eyes and he recalls a time he wasn’t close enough. “One day in 1969 a boy came in very depressed. But I was very busy that day and didn’t have time to talk to him. The next day news came around to me that he’d hanged him self.” He blames most parents for ne glecting their kids, not guiding them enough or being close enough to them. He’s determined that won’t happen with his two sons, now 17 and 15. They sell boots for him when they’re not in school. He leaves no doubt about their futures, either. “In my home I set rules that are not questioned,” he says simply- He says the proudest day of his life came last April when he became a U S. citizen. He waited 15 years longer than he had to for that day. Why? “All the years I was waiting, I didn t feel I was yet good enough to become a citizen,” he says slowly and carefully. “I didn’t want to be a liability to this country. I wanted to be an asset.” As a businessman, he has a special goal. I think there are not enough mil lionaires in Bryan-College Station. I want to add one more.” executive session today to act on the confirmation. The suit filed against Briscoe by Frances Farenthold contended the governor illegally raised campaign funds. It was settled out of court, but terms of the settlement were secret. God has a plan for* your* life. To learn more about His Living Proof, call 779-0077 for a recorded message. HSBEBBKQ! 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