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Page 2 THE BATTALION THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1977 Opinion/Commentary/Letters Students can make a difference Democracy is a process whereby the persons within a political environment are continually modi fying that environment to reflect the political will of the majority. If our “democratic” society can not expect the students attending and graduating from our universi ties to vote and become involved in the political process, what can our society expect of the majority who are not “highly educated?” We cannot much longer pretend toward democracy if even our college-educated are politically im mature. Those of you who say that you do not register and vote here because you really live and vote “back home” are only deluding your selves. A political conciousness is not something one puts on and casts off like a set of clothes according to the circumstances. One makes it a habit to be politi cally aware and involved in any environment in which he is or he loses that awareness and involve ment. You can be sure that all the local landlords and businessmen will cast their votes, and they will vote for Slouch by Jim Earle “COULD YOU EXPLAIN ONE MORE TIME HOW THAT HELMET PROTECTS A SKY DIVER IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG?” someone who will protect their interests. But the student, as a tran sient consumer in this community, is at the mercy of those who would take advantage of him. It is a fact of life that those who are weak and do not speak up are exploited and taken advantage of. Some argue that students should not be on the council or should not be strongly represented because they are here only for a short time while the permanent residents will have to live with the decisions. This argument ignores the fact that stu dents are here, have been here for one hundred years and will be here for many years to come. And all of these students have to live with the decisions made by local government. You owe it to all present and fu ture Texas A&M students to cast your vote locally. If you are not satisfied with the way local govern ment is being run, it is your duty to vote for someone whom you think will change it. And, if you are satisfied with the way local government is being run, it is your duty to let those who are running it know that you do agree with them. The democratic process is effec tive only as long as those who are governed exercise their responsibil ity to vote. —Jerry Needham Symbolic actions mean little The Battalion Opinions expressed in Tlie Battalion are those oj the editor or of the writer of the article and are not neces sarily those of the University administration or the Board of Regents. The Battalion is a non-profit, self- stipporting enterprise operated hy students as a uni versity and community newspaper. Editorial policy is determined hy the editor. 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Rights of reproduction of all other matter herein reserved. Second-Class postage paid at College Station, Texas. MEMBER Texas Press Association Southwest Journalism Congress Editor . . . Jerry Needham Managing Editor James Aitken Assignments Editor Rusty Cawley Features Editor Lisa Junod News Editor Debby Krenek News Assistant Carol Meyer Photography Director Kevin Venner Sports Editor «Paul Arnett Copy Editor Steve Reis Reporters George Maselli, Paul McGrath, Lynn Rossi, John Tynes, Lee Roy Leschper Jr., Mary Hesalroad, Jan Bailey Asst. Photo Editors Tracie Nordheim, Mike Willy Student Publications Board: Bob G. Rogers, Chair man, Joe Arredondo, Tom Dawsey, Dr. Gary Halter, Dr. John W. Hanna, Dr. Clinton A. Phillips, Jerri Ward. Director of Student Publications: Gael L. Cooper. Editor: While Mr. Carter is abandoning the imperial presidency, I wonder if he is drifting into the symbolic pres idency. I am aware of his short time in office. But I put little faith in sym bolism and more in promises and actions. Mr. Carter has eliminated some of the limousine staff, told the Marine bugle corp to stay in their barracks, and curtailed the playing of “Hail to the Chief,” to name a few. But who is kidding who. These earth-shakyig measures save the government very little. But the Democratic Congress has given it self a $13,000 a member pay raise without Mr. Carter’s vocal opposi tion. Mr. Carter has promised fed eral workers their jobs are not in danger from reorganization, so the government will at least stay as large. And Mr. Carter is getting ready for a giant federal health in surance program which will enlarge both the size of the government and the federal deficit. Incredulously the only true cutting action is in our national defense. Levis and a Heinz-57 dog are fine. But when it comes to the real thing I do not want a symbolic gesture thrown at me. No matter how com mon it is. — Robert G. Oler, ’79 THE AGGIELAND ’77 CLASS PICTURE SCHEDULE FOR THL SPRING SEMESTER JUNIORS FEBRUARY 14 — FEBRUARY 18 FEBRUARY 21 — FEBRUARY 25 FEBRUARY 28 — MARCH 4 MARCH 7 — MARCH 11 UNIVERSITY STUDIO 115 COLLEGE MAIN Night Owls! Midwest Video has something new for you! m WICC AIIANIA CA. Now available 12:30 A.M. to 7:00 A.M. without charge to Midwest Video subscribers. The F.C.C. has granted Midwest Video approval to carry WTCG, the night owl TV station of the South, via satellite on Channel 4. FOR INFORMATION CALL 846-8876 Midwest Video Corp. 3609 TEXAS AVE. CERTIFICATE NUMBER (for official use only) Election Pet # LAST NAME FIRST NAME (do not use husband's first name) MIDDLE NAME MAIDEN SURNAME IF MARRIED WOMAN PERMANENT RESIDENCE ADDRESS STREET & APT. » OR ROUTE #OR LOCATION (not P O Box) CITY ZIP MAILING ADDRESS IF DIFFERENT FROM ABOVE: STREET OR P O. BOX CITY STATE ZIP VOTER REGISTRATION APPLICATION Mail or deliver application to your County Tax Assessor Collector 30 days prior to an election. TYPE OR PRINT IN INK SOCIAL SECURITY NO SEX (M/F). OR COUNTY . IF NATURALIZED. COURT OR ITS LOCATION IF NOW REGISTERED IN ANOTHER TEXAS COUNTY NAME OF COUNTY LAST RESIDENCE ADDRESS IN COUNT! CITY I certify that the applicant is of legal age, is a citizen olthtto States, has met all legal requirements, and holds legalresidtn County I understand that the giving of false informationlopfi registration of a voter is a felony. SIGNATURE OF VOTER/AGENT Agent must be a registered voter and must be only (Chtdi applicable) Husband Wife Mother Father The disclosure of social security number is voluntary only, in by authority of Section 45B. Texas Election Code,andwillbe.s*: by election official to maintain the accuracy and integriiyd registration records Voter registration ends Wednesday March 2 is the last day to register to vote in the April 2 Bryan and Col lege Station municipal elections. Councilmen will be elected from districts 1, 3 and 5 in College Sta tion. In Bryan, three at-large coun cilmen and a mayor will be elected. This is the first year that the single-member district or ward sys tem has been used in College Sta tion, and there may be some confu sion about the system. It is a good idea always to be reg istered to vote, but you can use the accompanying map to determine whether the district you reside in is voting for a councilman this year. If you live in Bryan or in district 1, 3 or 5 in College Station, you are eligible to vote this year and can register by filling in the voter regis tration application above and mail ing to: Raymond Buchanan, Brazos County Tax Assessor-Collector, Brazos County Courthouse, Bryan 77801. time you registered, you need to fill in your new address on the back of your voter registration card and mail it to: Texas Voting System, 205 29th St., Bryan 77801. L If you have moved since the last Those students registered else where can change their registration to Brazos County simply hy filling out and turning in the voter registra tion application form. The candidates who have filed for positions as of yesterday are as fol lows: In College Station, incuml councilmen Gary Halter andls Ringer have filed for districts]| 3, respectively. No one hadW district 5. Anne Hazen is Ik cumbent council member fro® district. In Bryan, Victor CaudilloJr. incumbent Lloyd Joyce have! for the position of mayor. Biel Smith has filed for Bryan Ill for Place 3 and (I H eiman for Place 5. Smitl| Bryan are incumbents. CITY OF COLLEGE STATION WARD BOUNDARIES SC ON A — a great educational experience Editor: Last week I experienced one of the most thrilling times in my life. I honestly believe that when every thing was over, I, along with all the other delegates to SCONA 22, gained so much by participating in such a great conference. Meeting with students from all over the United States, Mexico, and Canada is an experience in itself, but when one can take part in a dis cussion and get right down to the personal level, this is great. Repre senting Texas A&M as a delegate is the “icing on the cake.” Those delegates from other places could not stop marveling at our beautiful campus and friendly people. (Talk about pride, I had it!) Even a fellow delegate from Cougar High remarked, “You know, I just had. the wrong idea of A&M. You people really have something here. It is this kind of good Will and understanding that only a confer ence like SCONA can promote, and I think that s a big part of the “indi vidual in society.” Last, and especially, especially not least, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Van Steed, Chairman of the SCONA Commmittee; Mr. J Wayne Stark, the M SC Director; and all the committee chairmen, workers, on down to the hosts and ' making SCONA 22 the unforf hie experience it was. 1 alson thank Dr. Joyce O’Rear, Chairman of Round Table' one man (and he knows who! who helped me get involved! great conference. At the samel I encourage all students hereli advantage of this great event involved however you can; wait until you’re a senior tobei of this wonderful event. — George E. (Eddie) Ogdee Knowledge is yourbesl protection. \S£zzl£n SPECIALS 7-DAYS A WEEK SPECIALS ALL-DAY 11 A.M.-ll P.M. The Sizzlin Colt 45 Broiled Sirloin steak, baked potato, french fries or hash browns and buttered toast. Broiled chopped steak with pep per & onion, baked potato, french fries or hash browns, buttered toast. $2 39 $1 69 No Alcoholic Beverages Seating Capacity 220 — Private Dining Room For 80 Only Choice Beef Served 1701 Texas Ave. (Next to Rode way Inn) ORDERS TO GO 779-2822