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Page 6 THE BATTALION THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1977 God has a plan for yom* life. Cries for change go unheard To learn more about His Living Proof, call SWC referees: a coach’s dilemm a 779-0077 for a recorded message. By TONY GALLUCCI “Coach, we were all over his back. We hate to take this one away from you.” That’s for all you sports fans who always wanted to know what coaches say to each other after a game. For those of you who attended the Aggie-Tech game, you know it was said by Tech coach Gerald Myers. Myers was speaking in con fidence to Metcalf and an effort was made to eavesdrop and print some thing that was not meant for print. For five years I have watched Southwest Conference basketball. I have followed the Aggies through thick and thin, wins and losses, winner’s gripes and sour grapes. I have seen two title runs, a second place finish and a fourth place finish. I have never seen a more pitiful job of officiating than I witnessed Tuesday night, courtesy of Billy Cowans and James Kyle. Sportswriters, coaches and players may gripe in private, but Commentary coaches say little if anything in pub lic, players aren’t allowed to and sportwriters have no impact. Metcalf has followed a self- imposed gag rule for several years. It seems that Cliff Speegle, our man at the SWC front office, has a ten dency to make threats. What can he do, you might ask? It’s what the man hasn’t done. The.Ags, the Red Raiders, the Razorbacks and now the Cougars, Sun Theatres 333 University 846-9808 Super-Grody Movies have been fighting for national bas ketball recognition since the first black set foot on a Southwest Con ference Court. In this three-year span, the teams have played consistently better, with the Ags and the Hogs breaking the coveted top 20; the nation’s top players and coaches are choosing the SWC and people are expecting better ball. But how long has it been since an SWC team went anywhere in a post-season tournament—and why? I would say that most teams in the conference don’t know how to react to decent officiating. SWC teams are eaten alive by their opponents when the refs do allow them to play basketball. The front office refuses to recog nize that a problem exists, and therefore no action is taken. New coaches (i.e. Sonny Allen last year, and Abe Lemmons this year) are given one season to air their gripes, before a front office ul timatum of one sort or another hangs the complaints out to dry. Still the problem persists. In stealing private words between coaches, maybe someone can be made aware of what really goes on. My heart threatens to stop when I think of the obvious reply Lord Speegle would make if confronted with the situation. He d mumble something about the ref blowing one call and it just happened to cost A&M the game. Well then, let’s review the situa tion. FACT: Statistically, both teams in Tuesday’s game were well within their averages for personal fouls and turnovers. OPINION: Had the right fouls been called when they occurred, if traveling had been called when it occurred and if three-second violations had been called when they occurred, then the teams would also have been close to their averages. “Instead, we end up with two “professionals,” which can only be a reflect on the conference they repre sent. EVERYTHING A SPCMttTS Double-Feature Every Week Special Midnight Shows Friday & Saturday $3 per person No one under 18 Escorted Ladies Free $3 With This Ad BOOK STORE & 25c PEEP SHOWS New Datsun200SX.$4494. *Manufacturer’s suggested retail price for a 1977 200-SX. Not including taxes, destination charges, license and title fees. And that low price includes all these high standards. ■ Color-keyed interior. Cut- pile carpeting. Reclining bucket seats. ■ AM/FM multiplex stereo radio. ■ Tinted glass. Tach. 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All were violations oil rules of basketball, with the pe ties amounting to eight free thm None was awarded. OPINION: The coaches, pk and spectators all have one common when it comes to ball. . .wanting a good u There will never be a perfect eree. For that matter there never be a perfect coach or But hell, we all want togotoa and remember the good pi the bad ones, and the good and the bad ones, and the judgment for better or worse, li is what sports is. I can’t remember going to ai ference football game and leai with the same had taste in mouth that I get at twooutofe\ three basketball games. It isn’t right to look backu game, or a season, and remenij the refs and little else. v°y k v £**** X.A X X „ 5 X V XX x w XX NOW OPEN 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Monday - Saturday Featuring: NEEDLEPOINT • EMBROIDERY CREWELS • RUGS • YARNS 707 TEXAS AVENUE • COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS 477840 • 8464)072 For at least the fifth time ml years I plead with you, Speegli do something. When was the last time you rimanded a referee? When was the last timeyouia rimanded a coach for reprimati a referee? When was the last time youss well-refereed basketball game? When was the last timeyousn Southwest Conference game? When was the last time you basketball game? When was the last time you anything? I 6F Intramural eign FONTANA’S INSTANT LUNCH 95 ALL YOU CAN EAT . . . Monday-Friday 11:30-2:00 Salad, spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic bread and pizza. East Gate Across from TAMU anne An ther INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL MEN DORM A Division: Dunn #2 vs. Hart I, i#IOS Moses B.B. vs. Moore, 50-63. MEN INDEPENDENT A Division: Rangers vs. Vet Schools Flatulence vs. Wounded, 49-33; SM knar ABA’ers, 44-79; Bruins vs. Dutch Meni jits B Division: Flying Floumleri Skinheads, 34-69; Great Hope vs, E:& 82-34; Sociology vs. Sigma Chi, 59-67;% vs. GEHAW, 48-33; BSU #4 vs. Pit Reds, 44-33. CO REG A Division: Newts vs. Neighbors,) Vet III vs. Wild Bunch, 0-20; Infinity Ms vs. Candy A’s, 62-55; Beauties & Has Beens, 39-85; BSU vs. Hot Trots, IIS Fivers vs. Saints, 67-39; Snails Tails vs.J.C Co., 60-77; JBAH vs. Shorties, 36-88. B Division: Younglife I vs. ASAEII,® B&B vs. Briarwood I, 20-31; Roundballei Flying Flounders, 37-41; Giants vs 60-20. C Division: Tanglewood vs. Wesley, il Rec. & Parks vs. Bum, 0-20; Gang vs. Cl 20-0; Crow-eds vs. Soft Touch, 53-36. CORPS B Division: M-2 Fish vs. C-l Upper,!! ;cut Careers With Dresser Industries Petroleum Services Group If you are completing a degree in one of the areas listed below, our action-engineering opportunities may be of interest to you. As a field engineer with one of our companies, you bring your technical skills to the scene. After intensive training which includes laboratory and simulator work, you can expect to be in charge of your own mobile unit and technical crew. 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