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Page 8 THE BATTALION WEDNESDAY, JUNE 9, 1976 Local poultry team wins Brazos County’s 4-H Poultry Demonstration Team talked its way to the 1976 State Championship Competition here June 2. The show and tell contest is a part of the giant 4-H Roundup held on the campus of Texas A&M Univer sity each year. Team members were Joe Orsak and David Hazen of College Sta tion. These finalists scored 247 points of a possible 300. Twelve teams participated in this year’s contest, representing Texas communities from the north ernmost tip of the Panhandle to the Gulf of Mexico and from the Piney Woods to the territory west of the Pecos. Nueces County was the State Champion racking up 278 points. In a close second place was Nacog doches County with 271 points. The 4-H Poultry Demonstration Contest is co-sponsored by the Texas Poultry Federation, Austin, and the Texas Agricultural Exten sion Service. An all-expense paid trip to the Junior Fact Finding Con ference in Kansas City, Missouri is awarded to the winning team by the TPF. Gold, silver and bronze award medals were presented to members of the first, second and third place teams, respectively. Each coach re ceived a recognition certificate. Marshall Miller, extension poul try marketing specialist, served as superintendent of the 1976 Poultry Demonstration Contest. Judges were Drs. W. F. Krueger, F. D. Thornberry and William O. Caw ley. Land given Sun Theaters 333 University The only movies in town. 846-9808 Special Midnight Shows Friday A Saturday $2.00 per person No one under 17. Escorted Ladles Free ALL SEATS $3. $1 off with this ad. Ammon Underwood, of Houston, whose career included a pre-World War I stint as a “miracle worker” on a British cotton plantation in East Africa, has given Texas A&M Uni versity, his alma mater, 167 acres of land valued at $680,000. The 1907 Texas A&M graduate purchased the land more than a half-century ago. It was then part of his farm and ranch but is now val ued as commercial property. Underwood placed no restrictions on his gift, which was made via the Texas A&M Development Founda tion. When the land is sold, an en dowment will be established with the interest produced used to meet the most urgent needs of the Uni versity, said Robert L. Walker, Texas A&M’s development direc tor. The 86-year-old retired farmer, rancher, banker and oil man also is including Texas A&M in his will. Part of his gift will be his home lo cated on a three-acre point at Buchanan Dam, where he now spends most of his time. Underwood, who enrolled in civil engineering at Texas A&M when he was 16 years old, credits the Uni versity with helping him get his real start in life. The former East Col umbia resident spent five years after graduation working at several loca tions throughout Texas and then went to British East Africa where he served as an irrigation engineer for two years. “The work I did there was part of the British effort to become inde pendent in the production of long staple cotton so the mills in Britain would not have to rely on cotton produced in the southern U.S.,” Underwood explained. “There were only 16 white men and 30,000 natives, and none of the workmen spoke English,” he ad ded. “My training in civil engineer ing at Texas A&M enabled me to solve all of the problems on this job, and many times the natives thought I had worked miracles. “The things I learned at Texas A&M and the friends I made there have been connected either directly or indirectly with nearly everything in my life, and I hope the gift I have made will be helpful to others in the future,” Underwood said. Battalion Classified Call 845-2611 JR. 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TIMOTHY BOHOMS SUSAN GEORGE BO HOPKINS An AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL Picture No Happy Hr. — 7:00-9:20 DAI^y 2 s 0 0 4s3o 7:0 0 9 s 35 They had more than love — j w they had fun. t jAMfS EROLIN as ( AHt • Jill ClAyillCf as LCHKA1I Starring ALLEN OARf IELD • RED BUTTONS J MARLON JACK "BRANDO NICHOLSON THE MISSOURI BREAKS IJR United Artists Call Theatre For Showtimes Campus •us 846-6512 COLLEGE STATION Call Theatre For Showtimes ■ WELCOME TO MYi IfiHTMARF What the song didn’t tell you the movie will. Friday-on 2:00 3:55 5:55 7:55 9:55 OrfeTbi tyjoftl HELD OVER! SPECIAL ADVANCE SCREENING FRIDAY CINEMA II AT 7:00 Rated R. A NEW FILM! Texas pets may he heat stroke victims “Many of us have pets that serve as our traveling companions, but we often subject them to serious danger when we don’t intend to do so,” said Dr. Dennis McIntosh, member of the Texas Veterinary Medical As sociation’s Public Information Committee. Dr. McIntosh warns that when you go shopping, Fido or Kitty would be safer left at home. If you leave them locked in the car while you shop, even with the win dows open, they may become vic tims of heat stroke. High temperatures inside the car may cause a dangerous rise in your pet’s body temperature. Vomiting coma and even death may result. If heat stroke does occur immediate veterinary treatment is necessary. You may help by giving a cold bath, but your treatment must be fol lowed by your pet’s doctor if it is to be successful. Even with immediate veterinary treatment, the high body temperature, often 109-110 de grees, may result in brain damage or damage to other vital body or gans, especially the kidneys. Dogs with thick hair coats, such as St. Bernards and Huskies, are especially susceptible. Overheating while playing out side in the hot Texas sun often oc- Screwworms increasing threat to all animals The United States Department of Agriculture is expecting a buildup of screwworms this year and are warn ing livestock owners to be on the alert. Dr. Dennis McIntosh of the Texas Veterinary Medical Associa tion Public Information Committee warns pet owners that screwworms can be their problem too. Any open sore or cut attracts the female adult screwworm fly. Scratching dogs and cats cause small broken skin areas which may be come infested. The fly lays eggs on or near the wound and the hatched larvae look like fly maggots. These larvae burrow into the live tissue. The amount of damage done can re sult in death and, if not this serious, a lot of damage and pain to the in fected pet. Any wound or raw area should be treated immediately. Many of these areas may look small, but the bur rowing larvae cause damage you may not see from the outside. All screwworm larvae must be removed although some are hard to find. Veterinary treatment is important — many of these wounds must be opened and cleaned surgically or they will continue to get worse. Special care and observation of your pets will be necessary while' hot weather is here. The Bacardi Driver. Zippier than a screwdriver. Easy as 1,2,3- Pour 1 Vi oz. Bacardi light rum over ice in a tall glass. Pour on ice cold orange juice. Squeeze and drop in a lime or lemon wedge. Now you’re ready to sip some zip. Because Bacardi and that hint of lime or lemon really turn on the OJ! BACARDI^rum. The mixable one. © 1975 BACARDI IMPORTS, INC., MIAMI, FL. RUM 80 PROOF. "BACARDI" AND THE SAT DEVICE ARE REGISTERED TRADEMARKS OF BACARDI & COMPANY LIMITED. Membership in the American Gem Society signifies the reliabil ity and capability of this firm, and is your assurance that the fine gems and jewelry purchased from us are properly represented, and explained. X > Car| Bussells \/Diamond Room MEMBER AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY 3731 E. 29th Town & Country Center 846-4708 Craft Shop Summer ’76 Workshops Beginning in June: Pottery, leaded glass, crewel, basket making, leather, china painting, mac- rame wall hangings & pot slings, weav ing, sand terrariums, jewelry, quilting, watercolor, lapidary, drawing, string art, chimes-bells-liquid silver-macrame jew elry. Register in Craft Shop, MSC. For more info call Texas A&M police move Cofiimbia Pictures Presents "DRiVE-ir a GEORGE LITTO Producton *4^ * BOB PEE IE .s*** P'odws' ROBERT S. BREMSON « HARRY N. BLUM {*041*Produce GEORGE Lit fO Produced by TAMARA ASSEYEV«ALEX ROSE Directed by ROD AMATEAU 1 FAKVTJU. BBABCt SKSESTO-SS-: MAT MCI ■( 1UUA4U f 0« FBI TIIMMMj 845-1631 ENDS Come see ‘‘Drtve-ht’' at a theatre or tlrive-in near you. The Texas A&M Universili Police Department has movedilsi fices to the building formerly* cupied by the Texas Engineeriij Extension Service, at Houstonan [Jersey on the south side of the tat- pus. University Police ChiefO.l, : Luther said that with the move the YMCA Building to Buildiij 509, the department has d the size of its facilities. The department now include)j officers, eight full-time clerks 14 part-time student employes ing the school year. Fiddlers sel festival date for June 11 H at ‘.Cb Hundreds of people areexpecld to converge on Crockett, FA June 11, for the 40th AnnualWul Championship Fiddlers Festivi The event is to be held in Din Crockett Memorial Park. The one-day Festival will featti competition among scores fiddlers vying for top prize non and the “World Champion Fidd title. Returning this year to In repeat his performance willh Terry Morris, 20, of Decatur. Activity is scheduled to be 9:30 a.m. with the formal of by Masters of Ceremonies JoeCf fith and Stew Darsey. Crock M ayor J. B. Sallas will welcome! visitors and participants, am ration will also begin at thattk Fill-in entertainment handled by 18-year-old Soucek, a country and wests singer from Palestine. Fiddlers will compete in groups, with cash prizes the top three. Class I inchi fiddlers 75 years of age and oij with first, second, and third pli challengers receiving $75, $25, respectively. Class Ilisopesl fiddlers 50 to 74 years III for ages 25-49; and Class Hi fiddlers 24 years and younger participant must be registered least 30 minutes before his cki slated to begin. Champion fiddlers of the da) ceive $100, first place; $75 for ond place; and $50 for third pin The “world champion” fiddler, termined when the first placei dler of the day meets the prai year’s winner in a final fiddM awarded $350. Playoffs and pra tation of the world champioii trophy is planned for approxin^ 4 p.m. Beta Sigma Phi, sponsor, have a food and drink concern open throughout the day andu ous other booths and exhibits!)), sored by area businesses and ganizations will be presentii park. The sorority’s “Blue Deaii dance will be from 9 p.m. und a.m. at the park pavillion. Adu sion is $4 a person. Dennis Ivey The Waymen of Bryan will pro' progressive country-western enl tainment for dancing. The Fiddlers Festival was itiated in Crockett in 1937 andl been held annually since. Plane on displa Texas A&M’s Flying Clubd put one of its aircraft on the iti campus Wesnesday to si; nefits of membership. Flown onto the campus by ft Roy Cornwell, the red Gruffi® American trainer will be located' the central campus mall. Club members will also be presd to discuss flying, club members) and benefits. Dr. Cornwell, a mechanical gineering professor, will land plane early Wednesday on the] field east of the Zachry Engineer Center, according to Clubfre* dent Dan Benson. It will I to the mall. The Flying Club has two A®* can trainers and a four-place 172 for member use, along witli instrument simulator. Thee) conducts a ground school, n to private pilot licensing, e* semester at Texas A&M. Flisl training is also part of the clubopa ation. Hair Shaping Emporium For Men And Women door enjo| by t and can occu says A Garc And' ton, kno' cer, Iron gues P cane over the cane Bet\ 600 accc cer I also of s high post / be t cant feet rate Mos figu 100 seeh earl to t age thai cam “W1 we the thei peo sun thu anc wit mo cer suf nin wh har the ula inc me ing