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THE BATTALION WEDNESDAY, JUNE 9, 1976 Page 3 Film features TAMU shark research center A Texas A&M University biology professor. Dr. Herman Kleere- koper, and the school’s shark re-., search facilities will be featured in a Public Broadcasting System film Sunday (June 13). The hour-long presentation was originally filmed by the British Broadcasting Company for their “Horizons” science series which has already been aired in Europe. It will be shown as part of the “Nova” series for PBS Sunday, June 13, at 7 p.m. on KAMU-15 (12 on the cable). Kleerekoper said the film deals with shark research at a number of institutions and that a substantial part is about A&M. It includes his research on the monitoring of locomotion and response to food odor conducted in the university’s 4,000-gallon, 256-square-foot tank, equipped with 2,000 photoelectric cells to detect movement by a shark and relay the information to a com puter. Big- Results! CLASSIFIED ADS! OPEN DAILY 9:30-9:30; CLOSED SUNDAYS WED., THURS., FRI., SAT. real Pandora’s box? SUPER SAVINGS By JOHN TOWER U.S. Senator for Texas WASHINGTON — In Greek mythology, the gods presented the first Woman, Pandora, with a leantiful box, but forbade her ever oopen it. Pandora’s curiosity eventually got k best of her, and one day she did | ipen the box. Out flew plagues in- mmerable, sorrow, pestilence and nischief. Pandora’s box was a myth, but Congress is presently preparing a eal Pandora’s box with the esoteric lame of Senate Bill 1284. S B. 1284 is really five bills in me, an amorphous conglomeration af virtually every pea-brained no ion about antitrust ever proposed aCongress. If enacted into law, the jamage to our economy would be ncalculable. iU. JJ WEDNESDAY GROVE “The African Queen," fumphrey Bogart, Katherine Hep- >urn. 8:30 n.m. WHEELMEN Social-recreation al bike ride, everyone invited. Rud der Fountain, 6:00 p.m. SPORTS CAR CLUB Meeting, aid College Station City Hall, 7:30 im. THURSDAY GROVE “Casino |oyale,” David Niven, 8:30 p.m. FRIDAY GROVE “Dirty Harry,” Clint Eastwood, 8:30 p.m. SATURDAY GROVE “A Funny Thing Hap- lened on the Way to the Forum,” — Zero Mostel, 8:30 p.m. SUNDAY AUTOCROSS Sports Car Club, Zachry parking lot, “Run what you brung.” 10:00 a CHESS COMMITTEE Speed tournament will be held, 20 mi nutes per player. No admission fee. Rm. 140, MSC, 6:00 p.m. GROVE “The Caine Mutiny,” Humphrey Bogart, 8:30 p.m. Title I is the bill’s “declaration of policy.” It lists Congressional find ings with respect to the relationship of industrial concentration to vari ous purported economic ills. The principal finding is that there is di minished competition and increased concentration in the marketplace today, which has contributed sig nificantly to inflation and un employment. The trouble with Title I is that it asserts as fact some highly specious economic theories. There is no con sensus among economists either that the economy is any more con centrated or less competitive than it was 50 years ago. Nor is there any evidence that such industrial con centration as exists has contributed to inflation. Title II would expand the power of the Justice Department to con duct antitrust investigations. It would give the Department more wide-ranging investigative authority than it has via the grand jury pro cess without affording those subject to the inquisition even the slender protections of the grand jury. It would in effect permit the Depart ment to coerce information from any person, anywhere, about virtu ally any subject, with virtually no protection for those whom the De partment chooses to victimize. Title III is comparatively innocu ous, a collection of miscellaneous amendments of varying impact and importance. Title IV is probably the most dangerous provision in the entire bill. It authorizes states to sue on behalf of consumers for antitrust violations even if the state has not been injured by the violation, eliminates the requirement in law that “fact of injury” be proven with respect to potential claimants, and permits the state to take over the unclaimed portion of the damage fund. Title V is a promerger notification provision which would in effect give the Attorney General unilateral power to veto any merger without any judicial finding of illegality. Pandora made a grave mistake when she opened the attractive package the gods had given her. Hopefully the Senate will profit from her experience. ATTENTION SUMMER AND VET GRADUATES! You may begin ordering your Graduation Announcements May 24th thru June 4th at the Student Finance Center, Room 217, Memorial Student Center from 8:00 to 4:00, Monday thru Friday. ALLEN Oldsmobile Cadillac SALES - SERVICE "Where satisfaction is standard equipment” 2401 Texas Ave. 823-8002 LIMIT 4 PKGS. SHEER NYLON PANTY HOSE Our Reg. $1Pkg. h V 2-Pr. Pkg. Basic. S/M- MT/T. LIMIT 4 17-STICK CHEWING GUM Our Reg. 2/53$ LIMIT 2 ALUMINUM 12”X25’ FOIL Our Reg. 320 Flavor choice Handy. Save now The Bacardi Driver. Zippier than a screwdriver. Easy as 1,2,3. Pour 1 oz. Bacardi light rum over ice in a tall glass. Pour on ice cold orange juice. 3 Squeeze and drop in a lime • or lemon wedge. Now you’re ready to sip some zip. Because Bacardi and that hint of lime or lemon really turn on theOJ! BACARDI @ rum. The mixable one. ® 1975 BACARDI IMPORTS, INC.. MIAMI, FL. RUM 80 PROOF. "BACARDI" AND THE BAT DEVICE ARE REGISTERED TRADEMARKS OF BACARDI & COMPANY LIMITED. .001' Limit 2 DISPOSABLE SHAVERS Our Reg. 25c 2 Days Only 17* i Somethin special is cooking tonight. Gillette® blade razor. twin 8.125x9.75” sheet i I L- Country cookin’ for the whole family — after 5. 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