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ushrooms can be dangerous THE BATTALION Page 3 THURSDAY, APR. 29, 1976 ring inspires some people to er through verdant meadows [liidking flowers. Others slosh Migh muddy pastures scrutiniz- piles of cow manure usually in th of mushrooms containing isikcybim, an hallucinogenic drug, ■thrives in such conditions. I e health center on the Texas 1 University campus recently tted a male student who was Itened by his own hallucinations [drinking some mushroom tea. ■he only physical ailment he had ■phat we gave him, said Dr. Claude B. Goswick, director of the Trital, He was referring to a drug administered to induce nausea, tl e hope that the student would it any unabsorbed mushrooms s stomach. “1 don’t believe that people hal- ujnating are having fun,” Goswick |o|tended, “although they seem [ectly all right afterwards. ” Gos- said a “clean-cut” all-American male came to the hospital for last year after the mushrooms [had eaten caused his Playboy ter fold to appear three- ensional, and virtually come to ospital cases involving drugs are [ally reported to either the Uni- ity Police or Student Affairs. Possession of psilocybin is a grade misdemeanor punishable by fines rsit? ieu up to $2,000, one year in prison, or both. Sale of psilocybin is a 3rd de gree felony punishable by fines up to $5,000 and two to ten years in pris on. “I haven’t been confronted with a case yet,” said Bradley Smith, assis tant district attorney, when asked whether possession of mushrooms was considered possession of psilocybin. “It would depend on the circumstances, and whether the conduct was knowing and inten tional.” If proof existed that an indi vidual had deliberately picked only mushrooms growing in cow manure, Smith said charges would probably be filed. Symptoms associated with psilocybin intoxication are varied and include hallucinations, in creased blood pressure, sweating, dilation of the pupils, temperature froup opposes penal code bill increase, body hair standing on end, nausea and vomiting. Increased deep muscle tension, distortion of time sense, emotional disturbances such as extreme hilarity and diffi culty in concentration, as well as mental and physical depressiom are also experienced. Spanish conquerors of Mexico found the Indians using psilocybin mushrooms in religious ceremonies for worshiping deities. The ancient Aztecs referred to such mushrooms as the “flesh of the gods,” and in the Indian mind, Christianity offered nothing comparable. Psilocybe cubensis and Stropharia cubensis are the strains of hal lucinogenic mushrooms commonly found near A&M. They have a golden-orange nipple on top, are whitish near the edge (turning black with age), and have black gills un derneath. The stem is whitish at top, has a dark circle one-third of the way down and is yellowish with blue- green streaks toward the bottom. When pinched or broken, the stem turns blue. There are several varieties of poisonous mushrooms which re semble Psilocybe cubensis, and can result in illness and death if eaten. Even experts have difficulty iden tifying “safe” mushrooms. Dr. W. A. Taber and his wife Ruth are mycologists (specialists in fungal life) on the A&M campus, specializ- Associated Press lUSTIN — A group headed by [versify of Texas student body identjay Adkins delivered a pet- i yesterday to the office of Sen. [n Tower, R-Tex., asking him to iw his support for the con- ersial revision of the federal penal code. Adkins and about 10 other persons gave the 1,500-name petition to Tower aide Shrya Dair. Tower is a cosponsor of Senate Bill 1, but his aide said it was uncertain whether the senator supported all of its provisions. vggie dates studied [survey on dating among Aggies )eing conducted by the same [pie who ran the breast-petting key last semester. Question books and answer sheets be picked up at the following Itions: On campus: Hughes 324, Krueger 400, Law 2K, Legett 52 & 55, Moses 104, Mosher 317, Puryear 3A. 3A. Off campus: Barcelona 2406, Bed ford 207B, Doux Chene 290, Old College Main 341, Tree House 923. 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The effect of psilocybin mus hrooms varies with dosage, indi vidual mental and physical health, environment, and contact with other people. “I’d advise people to avoid mus hrooms like the plague,” said Dr. Goswick. “Hallucinations are dangerous. You’re out of touch with reality, and may do things that are potentially harmful or fatal.” The ONLY Import Clothes Boutique in Town. 1403 University Above McLaughlin’s 301 PATRICIA 846-7401 North Gate Battalion Classified Call 845-2611 Austin, Texas • May 2,1976 Wolfman Jack as emcee A day of music and celebration on 130 acres of grassy fields at the intersection of Hwy 290 and 1-35 in Austin, easily accessible from Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, The Valley, and all points in-between • Free on-site parking • Excellent facilities Food and beverage service • 11:00 am until dark. 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