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Page 2 THE BATTALION THURSDAY, APR. 8, 1976 Administration redefined Editor: I am sorry that I was misinter preted in my “interview when I chose to use the word “administra tion,” I used it to define persons such as the University President, Vice- Presidents and other staff persons employed by the school in non teaching administrative capacities. In my opinion, the Board of Regents is not to be included in this group. They are not salaried employees of the University; they are chosen by the powers-that-be in Austin. The Regents’ purpose is long-range planning, not executing the plans they make. The anonymous author of Wed nesday’s endorsement editorial claimed I used the word “adminis tration” in a “nebulous manner, fur ther claiming that the administration and the Board of Regents are one and the same. I argue that the Board and the University administration are two separate entities and cannot be placed in the same category. The Battalion itself is being “nebulous” when it lumps the administration and the Regents into the same group. Now, to clarify my position on “campus policy” and the Board’s role in it. To me, campus policy means student life regulations. I do not be lieve that the Board of Regents should be responsible for campus policy. The students themselves, with the administration’s guidance, can handle student affairs. Let the Board concern themselves with fu ture planning; let us, the students, handle campus policy. Susan Rudd it to be popular. God does not con done sin. He tells his followers to give up sinning and come to Christ. Mr. Garrett should not talk about what he does not know. False teachers who support homosexuality should heed God’s warning and re pent. Sam Williams Editorials are the responsiblitiy of the editor, and, as such, are not anonymous. The Board of Regents has been appointed by the governor to administer the affairs of the Texas A&M University System. (Big fish eat little fish). —Ed. Too much Editor: I, personally, am sick and tired of all the publicity and “help” given to the homosexuals on this campus. Earnest Glazener Sinners, repent Faulty logic Editor: In answer to Mr. Garrett, first, it is obvious you have never read the Bible, and second, any competent Bible scholar will tell you that the Old Testament can be found in the original languages and are unadult erated. Also, if that is not enough, the apostle Paul in his letter to the Romans condemns homosexuality. Homosexuality is a mental aberra tion and a sin, even though some modern psychiatrists are redefining Editor: Concerning Mr. Garrett’s letter (April 2) on homosexuality, I would like to refute his logic. He stated the homosexual acts are illegal, not homosexuality. If a person partici pates in a homosexual act, then logic dictates that he or she is a homosex ual. How can one separate the two? If the acts are illegal and the acts are considered homosexuality, it follows that it, too, is illegal. If Mr. Garrett says the Bible has been altered by translations, he should refer to the original text (Greek). In English it will still say homosexuality is not normal (Rom 1:27). If he would like to use the books not used much by Christians, then go to Leviticus 20:13. It says homosexuality is an abomination! Christians now use the New Tes tament because the Old Testament was fulfilled by Christ, and he did away with the old law. We are now under a new law found in the New Testament. This is why Christians refer to the New Testament. Like Mr. Garrett says, everyone has the right to practice what they believe, but if a person believes kil ling is right, would that be all right to practice? Certainly not! It’s the law and the law says a per son cannot practice homosexuality. To change the law, write the legisla ture. not the Batt. 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