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Page 6 THE BATTALION FRIDAY, FEB. 6, 1976 Spicer, Godine in spotlight when Aggies host Baylor By PAUL McGRATH Hattnlion Sports Editor The two top candidates for South west Conference Freshman of the Year will be spotlighted tomorrow night as the loop-leading Aggie ca- gers host the Baylor Bears. Baylor s Larry Spicer is one of his team’s pacesetters in the scoring arid rebounding departments. The 6-7 frosh will start at forward. The Aggies’ rookie sensation, Karl Godine out of Houston Kashmere, is fresh off a milepost game with the Texas Longhorns. Godine led the Ags with 24 points and 10 rebounds, both being personal highs for the first-year man. The Aggies opened conference play against the Bears and came away from Waco with a 76-69 victory, al though it took an overtime period to accomplish the task. Coach Shelby Metcalf s troops are one-half game ahead of the Texas Tech Red Raiders, and a full game up on SMU. The Ags are 8-1 in confer ence play, the only loss coming at the hands of Arkansas in double over time. The Bears have a 6-5 league mark after suffering an upset loss to TCU on their home ground. Baylor is struggling to remain in the first divi sion, giving them the home advan tage in the post season tournament. The Aggies are yet to lose at home this year and have a four-game victory string on the line. Overall, A&M boasts a 15-4 record. Dr. Metcalfs squad has been strong on the boards this year, av eraging 41 caroms per contest. Post man Barry Davis leads the category with 184, a mean of 9.7 a game. Scoring leader Sonny Parker is av eraging nearly 20 points an outing. All told, the Ags are hitting a per centage of .462 from the floor. Freshman Jarvis Williams and senior Ray Roberts, along with Parker, Davis and Godine, complete the Aggies’ starting lineup in tomor row night’s 7:30 p.m. contest. Besides Spicer, the Baptists will start George Jones, Billy Carlisle, Tony Rufus and Arthur Edwards. The Baylor game kicks off a rugged schedule which lies ahead for the Aggies. Tuesday, the team travels to Dallas to face SMU, and returns Saturday for a home rematch with Tech. The Ags suit up for the second time against the Houston Cougars as they travel to Hofheinz Pavilion Feb. 17. fr!ill I e h un * ■ 11 The LaSalle a resident Hotel FACULTY, STAFF, POST-GRADS: Do you need a quiet, dignified place to live & study? Room and board: $ 250 go month new owners new management Includes private room w/bath, all utilities, 3 meals daily served in our coffee shop & dining room, linens & daily maid service. A/C - steam heat. Owner/Live-ln Management. La Salle Hotel 120 S. MAIN BRYAN, TEXAS 77801 713/822-1501 Athletic oatmeal Bad officiating hurts SWf ( By TONY GALLUCCI Battalion Staff Writer There comes a time once a year when every sports writer in the Southwest Conference takes time out to write about basketball re ferees. The time has come for me and it has come for a couple of reasons. First of all, the Aggies are winning, and I won’t sound like a sore loser if I gripe. Second, the conference has finally gained a glimmer of national prominence with a Sports Illustrated story this week. Lastly, the Ag home crowd got a chance to see two re ferees who are dreaded by local bas ketball people in the recent Texas game. To obtain some sort of impartial system for rating referees, two years ago another writer and myself de vised a formula to give a numerical rating to referee performances. It was designed to take into account home crowd bias, missed calls, bad calls and overloading the whistle on a certain team. Here’s how it works. Refs are given a point total based on the number of whistles blown and whistles that should have been blown. Fouls count double that of an ordinary call, such as traveling. This total is then converted to percentage points based on 100. Then all calls and fouls are analyzed. Non-foul calls count as one point and are then converted to per centage table. Any call that is missed is counted double. This penalizes a referee for refusing to make a possi ble bad call, and also for not paying attention. A foid that immediately affects the outcome of the game is squared. The same is done with a call of equal proportions. The object of this is not to decide how much a ref hurt a particular team, but rather to judge the overall performance of the referee in the game. In order to give a call or foul the status of bad, it had to meet one of two criteria. Either the crowd had to sustain a prolonged display of dis pleasure, or a coach had to verbally protest the call from his feet. One might say that this terribly biases the data, but hopefully it af fords merely a fudge factor. The home crowd will be responsible for a great deal of decisions, but assuming the ref is equally adept or inept, the home crowds overenthusiasm will make up for the lack of similar en thusiasm from fans of the visiting team. Again, this is based on the ref’s total performance and not his weight on either side of the scoreboard. A more recognizable aspect of a ref s bias toward a team or player is the number of fouls called against a team or player compared to the per formance of the other referee in the same game. Points were deducted for overloading calls or fouls on a cer tain team or player. This was the most telling factor on the refs in Tuesday’s game, John Kloza and Del Poss. Kloza, possibly because he had reffed an earlier Aggie game was the most energetic with the whistle. His was heard 48 times in the game, compared to 31 for Poss. What hurt Kloza on the score was that he pointed his finger at the Ags a bit too often. In all, 42 fouls and five technicals were whis tled. The Aggies were called down 23 times to the Horns 19. Against Texas, Kloza called nine fouls and Poss whistled 10. Sound about right? Well check this out. Of the Ags’ 23, Kloza called 17 and Poss whistled six. Minus two for Kloza. Kloza remark ably called four fouls on Karl Godine and all five on Barry Davis. One might say Kloza was merely in charge, but for the game the two traded time evenly under the basket. They split the number of non-foul calls made, each having a voice in 20. Because Poss spent less time blow ing the whistle, he also lost points each time he blew a call. Neverthe less he fared better on the final score with a 44.60 total to Kloza’s 36.73. While these scores are based on 100 points, they do not reflect the way the game was called on a bad- call/good-call basis or any other per centage basis for that matter. They simply serve as a standard of rating by which all refereeing jobs during the season may be compared. The scores earned by these two are not the lowest earned since this formula has been used, but are the norm of about 50 below. ketball is an inconsistent B> LO Dynamic and always differtB 11 ^ j but not inconsistent. to Stuck Riumb Shosid has merely used gj e m aj to fit his meaning. Die Liber C that different coaching andB styles are very different, anBommi things can win a game, bullfjeview ref decides that so-and- jt was t rough for this game, then! [ipctober be sent back to doing juiiiKf the games. ■ the • . i i HB C re P' It s about time thatthiscoij ii ar jfy got out of football heaveni cided that there is twoortk MAJOR sports in this count time will only come when* league commissioner ( gets out of the exclusivefootl or gets out of office. Hisbij the beginning of the season! he had a student assistanti carried the basketball [ through the end of football Bush league. Promote the assistant. The officiating in this conference keeps the SWC out of the national limelight. The teams have de veloped in the last four years into highly competitive squads that have the talent, the skill and the coaching to give any top ten team a good lic- kin . May this conference nob known in Sports Illustratedi ball conference with some in basketball and baseball. Th All-America’s all aroundn(w national champions in W here. Long live the multi-i ference, the SWC. However, the consistently poor of ficiating keeps SWC teams from being able to compete when the time comes to play a team who is used to non-kindergarten referees. Southwest Conference referee Joe Shosid said recently that referees could not be consistent because bas- Texas A&M vs. Saturday 7:30 p.m G. Rollie White Coin New and Better Than Ever. You Will Be Pleased With These Carefully Prepared and Taste Tempting Foods. 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