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Campus Briefs | Cyclotron grant
" : : : : onnHnnfifl from naee 1. At nresent. nies are beine treated n
'dents i
y Exhibit of South and Central
and ;r ^ C;in ai 'dfacts dating to 100 B.C.
be shown in the Bryan Ward of
on |flhurch of Jesus Christ of
»°rdi£ Ja >' Sai S 2 J 00 ® arak Lane ’
mes rlS P- m '’ 6. The program
’“^iture Mrs. Byron Campbell
^ ifts traveled in Mexico visiting
and studying ancient cultures.
own will be a film, “Ancient
fca Speaks, showing a rela-
-bio BP between the cultures of the
I litferranean and the Mayan and
latest issue of “Quartet” arts
Jne is out. Fifty poets, eight
m writers, a dozen artists, vari-
rtain Jr eWerS anc ^ essa y ists of Texas
nil “on topics from the Alamo to
■Coach Who Didn’t Teach
tt ics. Copies are available this
t trin IM 1 ^ ie bookstore or from Room
ff. ^ ■terling Evans Library. Sub-
e |ers receive issues through the
se g I University Undergraduate
, ni1 p Program is now accepting
" 11 jations. That program enables a
t who will be a senior in Fall
and who has a GPR of 3.50 or
better to substitute up to six credite
hours of 485H (three per semester)
for an equal number of course credits
in their curriculum in order to pur
sue research. Advantages include
opportunities to gain research ex
perience, insight into the methods of
study, and the broadening aspects of
listening to and participating in the
discussions of the research.
Degree application deadline is
approaching for Texas A&M stu
dents who expect to graduate this
spring. The deadline is Friday, Feb.
13. Graduate and undergraduate
students must apply in order to be
granted degrees May 8. Degree ap
plication is the student’s responsibil
ity. Because of an anticipated record
number of graduates at the spring
Centennial-celebration com
mencement, Registrar Robert Lacey
says it is important that degree can
didates meet the deadline. Applica
tion should be made in the Richard
Coke Building. After paying the $8
fee in the Fiscal Office, graduate
students apply at the Graduate Col
lege, Room 209. Undergraduates
present the fee receipt in Room 7.
cl/p With People
o smg on campus
ol the three 150-member
mies of the show Up With
lie will perform here Feb. 5 at 8
in Rudder Auditorium. The
tence is part of a United States
jonsored by the Lilly Founda-
iiring the Bicentennial year,
group operates with 300
natelyBers, taking its show to 38 coun-
s will Mid six continents. Members of
Bast and crew are selected from
high school and college students for a
one year appearance with the show.
During the year, participants live
with 70 host families and perform as
many as 12 shows or mini-shows a
The participants must pay $3,500
for the year, because the organiza
tion is non-profit. The cost covers
costumes, transportation and
111 Prsl
cts toe: I
] Coil
ntr* 1
Send dues to:
The Friends of The TAMU Library
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas 77843
Advertisement paid for by a Friend.
-A— \ —
Small Ads...
Big Results!
Battalion Classified
Call 845-2611
continued from page 1.
tion. Total time averages 10 to 15
The side effects are basically the
same as experienced with conven
tional therapy. The skin turns red
when the treatment has reached its
limit. Other side effects include hair
falling out and the eventual leather
like condition of the skin.
Social workers follow-up on the
patients’ condition every month for
the first year after treatment. The
second year patients are checked
bi-monthly, and each year afterward
patients are advised to have an an
nual check-up.
“Fast neutron therapy’’ was first
used in the summer of 1969 by Doc
tors Dan Hightower, William Banks
(deceased December 1975), James
Smathers, Gilbert H. Fletchqr, and
Jess B. Caderao.
The A&M personnel donated
their work time until 1972 at which
time a government grant under the
National Cancer Institute funded the
program for three years.
Tbe grant recently renewed until
August of 1978.
Dr. Banks treated dogs, cats,
monkeys, and pigs both with and
without tumors. Dr. Earl Morris has
now taken over the animal program.
The animal program is under the
same grant as the human therapy.
At present, pigs are being treated
for the effects of fast neutron therapy
on the skin. Special “mini-pigs from
the University of Missouri have skin
very similar to man’s.
The project has a grant of $1.5
million for 15 months of research.
Four separate projects are funded
under this grant. All are neutron re
The grant was recently renewed
until August of 1978.
Special Lecture-Film
co-sponsored by the Department of Philosophy, Texas A&M
University with support from the Sea Grant College Program
through the Division of Continuing Education as a part of the
Humanities of the Sea Series.
Scott McVay
Chairman, Committee on Whales,
Environmental Defense Fund, and Executive Director,
The Robert Sterling Clark Foundation
will present a screening and discussion of
“In Search of the Bowhead
Produced by the National Film Board of Canada
Award Winner American Film Festival June 1975
Thursday February 5 8 p.m. Rudder Theater Free
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