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Page8 THE BATTALION FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1975 THEBEBU0I St. Thomas Episcopal Chapel SUNDAYS I 8:00 a.m. Holy Communion 9:30 a.m. Holy Communion, 2nd & 4th i 11:00 a.m. Holy Communion, 1st&3rd| 7:00 p.m. Evening Prayer 3606 COLLEGE AVE. DANCING BEST PIZZA IN AGGIELAND NO COVER CHARGE Episcopal Student Center BEER & SET-UPS GAME ROOM DAILY Mon. through Thurs. — 5:30 p.m., Holy Communion Monday Special: 40c bottle Beer (All Day) Friday - 6:30 a.m., Holy Communion & Breakfast Phone 846-1726 902-906 Jersey St. (Adjacent to Southside of Campus) , athletic oatmeal Our Traditional Expertise in Diamonds . . . And now Two-Day setting service. / ^Carl Bussells \/Diamond Room MF.MBER AMI KIC'AN til M S()( IfcTY 3731 E. 29 846-4708 AGGIE CINEMA Popular Film Series presents HELL,UPSIDE DOWN WHO WILL SURVIVE- IN ONE OF THE GREATEST ESCAPE ADVENTURES EVER! Sat. Sept. 27 Rudder Theater 8 & 11 Adm. $1.00 Advance Tickets at Rudder Center Box Office ( m !P) By TONY GALLUCCI Battalion Sports Editor There comes a time when sportswriters must handle the criticism just like the players do all too often. Such a case is the past week, where Aggie (non-press) people have taken extreme delight in chiding the press after the LSU game. Being a member of the press has its advantages over being a player. I am about to demonstrate. You see, we writers can defend ourselves in print whether you want to read or not. I don't plan calling everybody jerks, unless I call myself one also, I would just like to clarify some misunderstood and possibly misrep resented ideas. If you’re already bored then skip to paragraph seven. The reading may be more to your liking down there. In every available public service space, letter to the editor column or forum I have encoun tered this week as well as some directly related (to me) shouts of indignation, has been the re curring theme. “Where the hell are you now, you chicken-writer, now that the Aggies have proven they are for real.” The answer is right in the question. I said in my first pre-game column that I was excited that I would probably be watching the finest college football team that I would ever see. I obviously was not a doubting Thomas at that time, nor was I after the first game. But the performance of the ofi'ense in that first game left a bitter taste in everybody’s mouth. Yet now the people who love A&M so much seem to blame the perfor mance of the offense on the press. The press as a whole simply put the blame where it belonged. Those of us who had been fortunate enough to attend the Aggie workouts prior to the begin ning of the season knew the potential was there. But as in the question, the Aggies merely had to prove themselves. Tine defense was also subject to proof: they just provided it a little earlier. I coidd go on and answer some ridiculously silly charges made by those writing in, etc. but I prefer not to embarrass anyone, especially my self. 11 I (I still am an Aggie) ever doubted the Aggies, then I am the turkey. I eat my words; gobble, gobble. But if you haven’t doubted, then you cast the first stone. In the past week, the Aggie offensive line has gotten just as much play as the previous week and for a better reason, they performed. If you missed LSU, it's too bad, because it may be forever recognized as the start of a dynasty. If I could I would ve bronzed the whole schmaltz and returned it to College Station. The Tigers could return the butter bowl (remember that old story) to the homeland if and when they had the guts to renew the rivalry after their most recent fall. Illinois may be the next team to drop its rivalry with the Ags if they get a similar whip ping. But Illinois is tough, and I am not throw ing around the standard “don’t want to make ’em feel bad malarky. It gets to where you can’t separate the “yeah they’re really tough’s from the “not worth a damn s’ these days. No one wants on anybody’s blacklist. But I ve seen enough figures (relevant or not) to genuinely make me worry. One fact should stick in the mind of everyone though: the Fight ing Illini were beating Missouri by ten’at one point and lost by only ten. If you’ll remember Missouri is fifth ranked (the Bear-killers) and we re a mere eighth. It is pleasant to know that ole Cholly Mac thinks the Ags are much better than Nebraska, who is ranked fourth. The Illini (don t ask me I still haven’t figured it out — maybe of Illinoian Iroquois Indian herit age) have a punter who can hang the ball for seven seconds. He may not get any distance or direction but you can be sure his partners will be there when it hits the ground. They also have a super pro-prospect who will undoubtedly see some action and might start. That is Kurt Steger, a sophomore QB weighing in at 210. He s quick and, according to the in formation I got in the mail, was the most re cruited prospect by the Big Ten. They also have an extremely tough fullback who knows his assignments well when it comes to blocking. But this matchup will be a bit different than the LSU hoedown (brungdown, dnigdown) in that it will be the very strong Aggie defense against a good offense and the strong Aggie of fense against a fair to middlin’defense. Could be lots of action. From my seat next to the wall where the crystal ball is shaded from behind by a color TV showing replays of Aggie vs. Tiger (circa 1975) I see a faint score in lights. I will add one point to each for good luck and find my final calculation to be A&M 40, Illinois 9. M\ rabbit s foot is wearing out, but I don t think 1 11 need a new AGGIE CINEMA International Film Series ^ Nets, Nuggets want to bolt; could be lawsuited to death presents Frederico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita Tues. Sept. 30 Rudder Theater 8 P.M. Adm. $1.00 /tep Into the m/c circle Associated Press NEW YORK — The Denver Nuggets and New York Nets, claim ing they cannot go on losing money, confirmed Thursday they want to bolt to the National Basketball As sociation. They immediately ran into roadblocks set up by a federal judge and their current league. Sources high in both leagues told conflicting stories: — That the Nets and Nuggets, convinced a merger was impossible, had decided to fight the suits that will come and try to join the NBA. They have the support of NBA Commissioner Larry O’Brien in doing so. Attorneys for the two American Basketball Association clubs and the NBA appeared Thursday morning before U.S. District Court Judge Robert L. Carter in New York to tell him the teams had applied for ad mission in the NBA for the 1976-77 season. Carter told them they couldn’t do it without his approval and the approval of the NBA players union. INTERSTATE 77^ UNIVERSITY SQUARE SHOPPING CENTER 846-6714 & 846-1151 "ATENUflGUfr ENTEKUININC WHODUNIT! “Great and glorious entertainment! Definitely not to be missed!” —Aaron Schindler, Family Circle Vincent Canby, New York Times “Movie magic! The most entertaining evening of. the year!? — CBS-TV _ “We don’t understand what they re doing, said Larry Fleisher, counsel to the NBA Players’ Associ ation, who was quick to point out that neither his union nor Judge Carter have approved anything. Announcements, rumors and threats of suit came from countless places Thursday as the ABA’s two most attractive franchises went ahead with their intentions to bolt their league in a move that could seriously injure the ABA’s chances of continuing in business. Astros dying at box-office Associated Press HOUSTON - Home attendance for the Houston Astros this season failed to break the million mark for the first time since the Astrodome opened in 1965. A crowd ofl0,237 for Wednesday night’s final home game brought the season total to 858,004 after 10 con secutive million-plus seasons. The club record 2,151,470 was set in the first season in the Astrodome. The 1974 total was 1,090,728. Prior to the opening of the Dome, the team played its first three Na tional League seasons in the now demolished Colt Stadium and drew season totals of 924,456, 719,502, and 725,773. — That the maneuvering is a play to open merger discussions. O B- rien and ABA President John Y. Brown, long-time friends from poli tics, have met and discussed merger possibilities in recent months. High ABA sources said if the Nets and Nuggets were going it alone and were successful, the two clubs and their players would face a battery of suits charging violation of anti-trust laws, breach of contract and viola tion of the league's constitution and by-laws. Regardless, O Brien, Nets owner Roy Boe and Denver president Carl Scheer issued separate but similarly and cautiously worded statements Thursday. Each statement said the two clubs had applied to the NBA. Scheer and Boe said they were los ing money, couldn t continue that and that the only solution was the NBA and its television contract. ABA Commissioner Dave De- Busschere, who reacted with anger to the announcements, said he knew nothing of the months-long dealings until Wednesday when Boe and Scheer dropped in to see him. Negotiations between Boe, Scheer and O’Brien have been going on for more than a month — Boe said months — and Brown has been aware of the talks. N Hi PARAMOUNT PiCTURES CORPORATION IN ASSOCIATION WITH NAT COHEN PRESENTS A JOHN BRAB0URNE R1CHAR0 GOODWIN PRODUCTION aeaiia antmirs MURDER ON HIE ORIENT EXPRESS^ COLOR • PRINTS BY MOVIELAB-ANIFImH PRODUCTION IpQl G IspiMHWCK album AVAIU81E ONCAPIIK. RECORDS 1 , " Fri. at 7:10, 9:30 Sat. & Sun. 2:40. 5:00 Also A PARAMOUNT RELEASE CINEMA m fri |ay Xj. X$', ; CINEMA m - | More than a movie! An explosive cinema concert! OTtM) = 125 \G\ Sat. Also All Seats SI.25 •v EXPRESS - BUS TO DOWNTOWN BRYAN COMPLETELY FREE! PICK-UPS ON THE HOUR STARTING AT 10:00 AT SBISA HALL & KRUEGER-DUNN. PICK-UPS DOWNTOWN ON THE HALF-HOUR. EVERY SATURDAY Bonilla ousts starter Bostick Associated Press David Bonilla, a junior fullback from Corpus Christi, moved ahead of starter David Bostick Thursday as the Southern Methodist University Mustangs prepared to meet the Houston Cougars Friday in the As trodome. Bostick has been a two-year star ter and Bonilla has never lettered. Coach Dave Smith said, “David lost his starting job just like he gained it two years ago. Nobody wanted the job then and it looks like nobody does now. ” Bostick, a junior from Fort Worth, gained 109 yards against Wake Forest three weeks ago, but picked up only 31 in a losing effort against Florida two weeks ago. Senior fullback Pat McNeil of Kil leen and junior linebacker Tim Black were listed as doubtful star ters Thursday by Baylor Coad Grant Teaff. Teaff said Black and McNeil art suffering from ankle injuries sij. fered in last week’s 10-10 tie will Auburn. The Bears will he at Midiiga Saturday. Ricky Wright, a freshman fan Freeport, will make his thirdstartu halfback for Texas Christian Univer sity when the Horned Frogstravd to Lincoln to play Nebraska Sal®, day. Another freshman, Raymonl Woodard will he backing up seam Bobby Cowan at the other halfcad position. "I am no more nervous than be fore the first game, Wright sail Thursday. “Going on a tripdoesag make that much difference, reallyl feel like 1 in going toheinahi! game.” 3 UNIVERSITY OR CS 0S*-7<1OI ALLEN Olclsmobile Cadillac H SALES - SERVICE 'Where satisfaction j$| standard equipment" Nati loverwl 2401 Texas Ave. 823-8002 I Hlonor East ’ 3‘Theatres in rOonc f osl fT)o)l 8-25-8500 Happy Hr. 1.50 Till 6:30 - Sat.-Sun. Till 3:00 Daffy: 6:15-8:00-9:45 - Sat.-Sun.: 2:45-4:30 Peter Fonda Warren Oates “92 in the Shade” (B) Dally 7:05-9:25 Sat.-Sun. 2:20-4:45 Now is your time to experience the motion picture that is shocking * S ibVMtfOti everyone, everywhere! A fttRAAKXWT REULASl TXCHNICOIORS Daily: 5:40-8:40 Sat.-Sun.: 2:40 “The Sound ol Music” (G) mmsm QUEEN THEATRE Downtown Aryan •}}>!>> Jl.50 flat ho* CjI Thootor tor Shwll** Walt Disney” Call For Times “Coffey” Plus “Big Mac”(ll| ■n-APHJE DUMPLING,, GANG Jfe SKYWAY TWIN West Screen at Dusk Will DnmPradwrinra TECHNJCOLOR* Plus WALT DISNEY’S l r 4afquHinp Sum Is Mol Hnoujh" TECHNICOLOR” PANAVISION" Jf§) Walt Disney Productions Plus “Jeremy” East Screen at Dusk ‘92 in The Shade” (R) Plus “Hunting Party” (R) 1.50 1st Hour campus V":,** Call For Times •TkHapDK® Special Mid Show Sat. Night TEENAGE SEX KITTil m m ■, .T-TTTrrrrrTTTtMTi;: Manor Fast ’ 3’’Th0Qtn?s» in (Po'v:.* t. ■>:'Toi i - ... fr25?-00 SKYWAY TWIN East Screen at Dusk 6:15-8:00-9:45 IPETER FONDA. AHREN OATES rN |t; MAfiGOT KIDDER • BURGESS. MEREDI1 .x ARRY DEAN STANTON *,•«, SYLVIA MILeL. , I & ELIZABETH ASHLEY asW,,Knowte Pi l «Jeanm* Carter Pr^by LVl” iuotTkastner MICHAa J ' l£WIS ' ad Artiste RlRESTKIgtEB* 5SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Battalion Classified Call 845-2611 ssssssssssssssssss@sssssssssssssssssssssssssss£