The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, August 06, 1975, Image 3

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inCDm I /-\1_IWI\ WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 6, 1975 raye o A Diamond in your Aggie Ring . —the final touch. 3731 E. 29 846-4708 ^Carl Bussells \/Diamond Room MHMBl-R AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY Fri. & Sat. Aug. 8 & 9th KING SIZE /fflmk nrjH wAiuT —r ml HI Wm&ma creative WmHBm VnaH color PORTRAITS for LAKEVIEW CLUB 3 Miles N.on Tabor Road Saturday Night: The Robert Springfield Show From 9-1 p.m. STAMPEDE Every Thursday Nite (ALL BRANDS BEER 35 cents) LADIES FREE Every Tuesday Nite All Brands Beer 35c 8-12 Music furnished by the Brazos Sounds MEN $2.00 Phil Gibson, CLU can take the uncertainty out of your financial planning. : : S*6 Cockroach enemy The above picture is a highly magnified view of a Tetrastichus, a creature that is only three millimeters long as an adult. The picture shows compound eyes on either side of the head, fuzzy antenae on top and the mouth structure on the bottom. The Tetrastichus, TAMU researchers say, may be a possible control for cockroaches. Tetrastichus lays its eggs in cockroach eggs. Its larvae then devour cockroach eggs for food. Researchers find sandals of ancient Texas tribe Phil Gibson is a Chartered Life Underwriter offering financial services in the areas of tax-shelters, retirement programs, personal estate planning, business and employee plans. The proper coordination of life insurance, fixed and variable annuitiesi and mutual fundsi can take the uncertainty out of your financial planning. i(Through Jefferson-Pilot Equity Sales, Inc.) Ml PICTURES HADE OF GRANDPA, GRANDMA, DAD, MOH AND All THE UTTIE ONES AT THESE SAME 10W PRICES! ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ SHUGART € ■ AAIL PHOTOS Gibson Discount Center 1420 Texas Ave. College Station, Tex. * * * * * * * 4- * * »***★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★» ★ drive Sandals belonging to nomads who wandered West Texas 6,000 years ago have been recovered by resear chers from TAMU. The team is working in a cave site near Del Rio. Other artifacts have included a woven tote bag and numerous cop- rolites (preserved human feces). One of the best preserved sandals was taken from an excavation two- and-a-half meters deep inside the cave. “Although the recovery of such material is one of our prime func tions,” said Dr. Harry Shafer, “we are intensely studying the lifeways, habits and diets of these nomadic peoples. “We are extremely interested in the study of edible plants in the area and the use of such plants. Right now, it looks as if our objectives along lines of determining dietary information will definitely be fulfil led,” he said. The unknown past of these bands precludes their being catalogued as forebearers to any known Indian tribes of more recent times, exp lains Shafer. He said they appear to have had an extremely conservative lifestyle that changed little over the cen turies. Food was provided by hunt ing and gathering. A campsite has been established about three miles from the excava tion site. Vehicles can go only a little distance further. About two-thirds of the trip to the site is on foot over the rough country. Shafer said it took two people two days to transport some of the find ings back across a canyon. 3200 S. College 822-1559 Jefferson TWO KINDS OF APPETITES TWO KINDS OF FRIED CHICKEN MIX AND MATCH And try some of each Some folks like the Colonel’s Original Recipe best. Others like our Extra Crispy fried chicken which is tender on the inside, crunchy on the outside. You can please everyone—“Mix ’n match” and get some of each. We’re the place in town for two kinds of chicken. ‘its finger lickin’ good Kentucky fried ^kicken 110 Dominik Drive, College Station 3320 Texas Avenue, Bn/an You don’t have to wait for your commission to join the 5 out of 6 active duty officers who carry USAA insurance. As an Advanced ROTC student, you are eligible to apply for USAA insurance—for your car, personal possessions, and personal liability. USAA is an association of officers serving fellow officers with the lowest possible premiums, quick and fair claims settlements, and a sharing of dividends. (Though not guaranteed, USAA has been paying dividends every year since 1924.) You may save as much as $20 to $60, depending on where you live, on auto insurance alone. And a special USAA feature, the Household Goods Policy, is available to insure your personal property at home, at school, or in your car. for only $10 per year per $1,000 of insurance protection Small wonder more officers insure with USAA than all other insurance companies combined. Mail the coupon for details—at no obligation. 5277 | Please Print or Type | pdil Name | StreeT Address | 'City. StaieTZip | lArea CodefPhon<? No. | I S Navy Marine Corps I 2Sr" dROTC -Kom..^’ | Name of Collec* pr University ^ 0^9* | „ I Liability For ^ USAA A A USAA Building 78234 USM SanAn-c^,!---