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To reduce accident rate
* 1
TTI studying younger drivers
The TAMU Texas Transportation
Institute TTI is conducting research
to help lower the accident rate
among younger motorists.
“It’s generally accepted that driv
ers under 25 have more crashes and
more citations and as a result are
more ‘dangerous’ than other age
drivers,” said TTI reseracher Dr.
Mark Edwards.
“Official reports indicate that
young drivers have more crashes
that involve reckless behavior like
excessive speed or following too
closely,” he said. “Twenty-two per
cent of the drivers under 25 have
nearly 36 percent of all fatal acci
‘The behavior of these
youngsters in the auto and on the
highway is part of their more gen
eral behavior,” Edwards said. “A
study showed that those with re
peated accidents were more in-
July 30
McHALES NAVY JOINS THE AIR FORCE: The crow of the PT-103 find themselves drafted into
the Air Force in Australia where they become involved with a Soviet freighter. Rated G.
July 31
STAGECOACH: John Wayne — Stagecoach full of misfits traveling across the desert toward the
town of Lodenburg receive a central moving force with the arrival of the Ringo Kid who shelters them
through attacks, problems, and personal conflicts. Rated G.
August 1
THE GRADUATE: Dustin Hoffman — He plays the part of an inexperienced college graduate who
returns to the home of affluent, insensitive parents, has an affair with an older woman, Mrs. Robinson,
and ends up falling in love with Mrs. Robinson's daughter. Rated PG.
August 2
SUGARLAND EXPRESS: GoldieHawn — Based on an actual event in Texas in 1969, itisthestory
of a young mother who helps her husband escape from prison so they may rescue their baby from
involuntary adoption. The cross country pursu it of the couple and their hijack of a Texas State Police car
makes for a laugh a minute. Hundreds of law officers are after them while the country cheers them on.
August 3
THE GUNS OF NAVARONE: Gregory Peck — A spectacular action story about the destruction of
two giant radar controlled cannons whose very existence threatens thousands of Allied lives during
World War II. Rated G.
August 4
VANISHING POINT: Korean War vet, ex-cop, and race car driver Kowalski (Barry Newman) who
delivers cars makes a bet to finish a Denver to San Francisco run in 15 hours, thereby becoming the
object of a three state police chase to stop him. Rated PG.
August 5
THE GREEN BERETS: John Wayne — A compelling account of the United States Army's special
forces in the South Vietnam War. An explosive adventure drama of the war that caused so much
American unrest. Rated PG.
August 6
KING KONG VS. GODZILLA: Michael Keith — The jungle gargantuan and the sea behemoth
battle it out while leveling skyscrapers, hurling trains to and fro, and snatching jets from the sky in this
orgy of special effects. Rated G.
A&M Students Free with ID Card
Faculty & Staff
Children (under 12) »,50
Showtime — 8:45 p.m.
For further information call Student Programs Office — 845-1515
volved with cars, drove more miles,
were more aware of social pressures
and tensions, and more likely to use
driving as an outlet for such ten
“The results suggest that tensions
surrounding this time of life spill
over into driving behavior, ” he said.
“Part of their problem is a lack of
knowledge of common sense driv
ing techniques, but the biggest
problem is their attitude toward the
car and where it fits in the driving
environment,” Edwards said.
“They don’t see themselves as an
integral part of the traffic around
them — they are often self-centered
in their driving behavior. This is the
type that speeds, doesn’t yield the
right of way and runs through stop
"The solution we’ve formulated is
based on transactional-analysis,” he
said. “It’s an eight hour tape-
slide-motion program taught by the
Texas Department of Public Safety.
It’s a very positive, supportive,
face-to-face program where the in
structor and participants operate as
equals. There’s no place where
they’re treated as the bad guys or
even referred to as habitual vio
lators or problem drivers.
“We start out by defining at
titudes and then showing them how
their attitudes affect their driving,”
Edwards said. “We also show the
driver that you can change your at
titude if you want to.
“So, the result is, we’re taking
this training program and putting it
into operation in the field for two
years,” he said. “We ll work out the
details of who should teach it, who
should take it, when and why it
should be applied, how effective it is
in reducing the number of accidents
and violations, and a myriad of other
details. If it works out as expected,
there is the probability it will be
adopted by other states. ”
TAMU schedules dates
for centennial celebration
Three for
the road.
Kawasaki lets the good times roll
S1250cc - $ 895.00 H1500cc - 1395.00
S3400cc - 1095.00 H2750cc - 1850.00
3505 E. 29th St. — 822-2228
Take East University to 29th St. (Tarrow Street)
TAMU, the state’s first public in
stitution of higher learning, is pre
paring for a year of celebration in
observance of its centennial.
The university conducted its first
classes Oct. 4, 1876, but 1976 has
been designated a commemorative
period with a foil schedule of events
planned to focus on the institution’s
past, present and future.
TAMU’s centennial also marks
the 100th anniversary of state-
supported higher education in
Texas. Additionally, the university’s
centennial coincides with the na
tion’s bicentennial.
TAMU’s celebration formally be
gins Feb. 2 with Centennial Proc
lamation Day, which will feature
varied activities denoting the uni
versity’s heritage. Major programs
are also planned for April 21, date of
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Offices in Bryan/Huntsville and in Madisonville
A Savings^M Institution
the traditional Aggie Muster, and
May 8, spring commencement. Oc
tober 4 will be Centennial Convoca
tion Day and will include activities
emphasizing the future of TAMU.
Additional activities, including spe
cial programs, lectures, seminars
and short courses, will be con
ducted throughout the year to at
tract visitors to the campus.
TAMU’s annual “Summer School
Shelton named
council head
Dr. George C. Shelton, dean of
Veterinary Medicine at TAMU, has
been chosen president-elect of the
Council of Deans, Association of
American Veterinary Medical Col
lege (AAVMC).
Shelton, dean of the TAMU col
lege since 1973, will serve for one
year. He will then serve a year as
president and another year as part
president of the council.
The AAVMC Council of Deans
represents the existing 21 college of
veterinary medicine in the nation.
Duties of the post include various
executive actions, responsibilities
concerning health and scientific
program preparations and presiding
over the twice-yearly meetings.
Shelton was picked for the post at
the recent meeting of the AAVMC
held in Anaheim, Calif., in conjunc
tion with the conference of the
American Veterinary Medical As
Shelton, a 1948 Doctor of Veteri
nary Medicine graduate of TAMU,
came to TAMU from the University
of Missouri in 1973. At Missouri, he
was associate dean of the School of
Veterinary Medicine.
He completed his master’s de
gree work at Auburn University in
1952 and his Ph.D. at the Univer
sity of Minnesota. He was project
leader for the Missouri Agricultural
Experiment Station from 1959 to
A&M club
gives money
for scholarship
Endowment of a Centennial
Scholarship has been announced by
the Brazos County A&M Club.
The $10,000 endowment com
memorates TAMU’s 100th anniver
sary in 1976. It will provide a per
petual $500 annual scholarship to
TAMU for a deserving Brazos
County youth.
It is the first in the university’s
Centennial Scholarship program.
The program is part of TAMU’s
100th anniversary celebration next
1st Aggie Amateur Tennis Tournament
Aug. 1st
trophies awarded in women’s singles,
men’s singles and mixed doubles
Entrance fee $1 per person
Sponsored by Baptist Student Union
Sign up at B.S.U. — 9:00-4:00
Deadline, July 30. Further info contact
at Sea” will be designated the
Centennial-Bicentennial Cruise.
The university’s 15,000-ton training
ship, the “Texas Clipper,” will visit
historic ports on the East Coast.
In addition to the ceremonial as
pects, TAMU’s centennial will be
observed by publication of scholarly
and pictorial histories of the univer
sity written by Prof. Henry Dethloff
of the TAMU History Department.
Also scheduled in the unveiling of a
mural of wood carvings depicting
the institution’s history by Prof.
Rodney Hill of the Environmental
Design Department and the release
of a portfolio of campus scenes
painted by Buck Schiwetz, 1921
graduate and artist in residence.
Production of a documentary film
for television and general presenta
tions is also planned.
Observance ofTAMU’s lOOth an
niversary will also be celebrated by
the presentation of special centen
nial scholarships. It is hoped there
will be sufficient funds to award 100
such scholarships providing four
years of support at the rate of $500
Our regular $1.89
Spaghetti Dinner with
meatsauce. served in true
Italian style with garden
fresh salad and garlic
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