The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, July 02, 1975, Image 4

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Page 4 THE BATTALION WEDNESDAY, JULY 2, 1975 Hurricane’s wind greatest on earth “Hurricanes are the greatest storms on earth, TAMU meteorologist Dr. Dennis Driscoll said. “During the first 60 years of this century, 17,000 lives were lost while property damage amounted to $5 billion in the United States alone. “Texas holds two records for hur ricanes,” he said. “The Galveston Hurricane in 1900 caused the most deaths — 6,000 to 8,000 — while Hurricane Beulah in 1967 spawned the most tornadoes, over 100. “High winds can cause major damage,” Driscoll said. Hurricanes have sustained winds of 74 mph or greater and in an extreme hurricane the strongest gust may exceed 200 mph. “With winds around 50 mph tree branches can break and significant damage can occur to structures,” he said. “At 160 mph over 100,000 pounds of force would be exerted on the side of a house 10 feet high and 100 feet long. With a driving rain the force is even greater. Few build ings are designed to withstand such force. “The storm surge is an abnormal rise in the level of the sea which causes the greatest concentration of death and destruction in a hur ricane,” Patrick McCormack, graduate researcher said. “The con tinual pounding of the storm surge can destroy almost any manmade structure. “When Hurricane Camille hit the Mississippi coast in 1969, the storm surge destroyed numerous struc tures, including a three-story, 40-unit apartment building, he said. “Only the foundations re mained. About a dozen tenants held a hurricane party during the storm. To my knowledge their bodies were never found. “In Hurricane Audrey in 1957 it is thought that the majority of people who drowned sought safety by climbing into high trees and then fell into the rising flood waters after they were bitten by snakes also tak ing refuge in the trees. Dr. Dris coll said. “Floodwaters of the storm surge usually come in like a high tide but rise much faster,” he said. “Sur vivors have described the sudden inflow as ‘great walls of water which swept all before them . Forecast of this condition is beyond present Relations cooled (continued from Page 1 ) noticeable difference. “It could in Thailand,” Maxwell said. “Particularly if it were done with delicacy and without offending the Thai people. We have been very gauche (along these lines),” he said. The reason, as Maxwell views it, is partly because of Congressional pressure on AID, forcing the agency to “do things they know are not wise. “AID knows better than to give assistance on a need basis,” he added. He also said that there are peojjle in AID and the U. S. gov ernment who are sensitive in deal ings with the Thais. The Thai-speaking TAMU official stated that Thailand is “a nation of wonderful people who, with one ex ception, have a history of skillful di plomacy. ” The exception was abandonment of a position of neutrality in striking an alliance with the U. S. in the Vietnam war. “Now they are in the process of pulling back from being a com pletely staunch U. S. ally,” Maxwell said. “But the Thai are a tolerant, for giving people) despite their own biases and mistakes that we have made,” he said. “They are charming and engaging. We could learn much from them. They are a gentle people who abhor violence. In their last re volution, some people were killed. Several before that had no injuries, much less casualties.” In Thai student riots against Japan, Maxwell said, demonstra tions consisted “almost totally of burning paper models of Japanese cars. Thailand is a country the size of France with a 40 million population that is rapidly growing, Maxwell said. Its economy is based on rice exports, in which it is the world’s largest. “if the Thai can cut down popula tion growth and improve their ag riculture, he said, “I think they will be able to make it — and stay non- Communist. .to ST Andes ltd SALES: AlumaCraft, Grumman, ABS|i Tejas & Blue Hole RENTAL: Special group rates |l DR. MICKEY LITTLE College Station, Tx. (713) 846-7307 Also your local booking agent for canoe ST | kayak rentals on the GUADALUPE RIVER | for TEXAS CANOE TRAILS. $15/day in- j eludes shuttle. Phone CANOES, LTD. for i . details & reservations. .. > Clip and save ! capabilities. “Another type of destruction in a hurricane is the rainfall,” Driscoll said. “Heavy rainfall can cause flash floods and river system floods, both of which can produce extreme dam age- “Beulah’s rainfall exceeded 30 in ches in some places, which caused severe flooding in South Texas and North Central Mexico, ” he said. “It also caused the Rio Grande to over flow its banks. “Tornadoes are spawned by hur ricanes, Driscoll said. “Beulah holds the record for tornadoes with more than 100. Generally tornadoes occur to the right of the direction of hurricane movement between 60 to 240 miles from the eye. Tornadoes occur more frequently when a hur ricane moves northward.” Driscoll said that man is also a destructive force during hurricanes. “During every disaster there are people who take advantage of the confusion and misery to loot and pilfer, he said. irm 311 University — North Gate 846-1713 COME EAT HOT PIZZA IN A COOL BUILDING WITH A FROSTY, COLO DRINK. Summer Hours: 5:30-11:30 Tues.-Sun. Happy Hour: 5:30-7:30 Tues.-Sun. ALL BEER $1.00 a Pitcher and $1.00 off all large Pizzas. —under new management. 'buy one p7t""er™ b e er"A N d l GET REFILLS FOR ONLY $1.00 | WITH THIS COUPON AFTER ■ 7:30.INSIDE ORDERS ONLY. ! ■■■■■■■■EXPIRES JULY 8, 1975 ■■■■■■■■■ What did one dinosaur say to the other? “Don’t look rv n Where?’ prehistoric . . . Go to Tom’s Pants for all your Levi needs.” Be/ts, Pants, and Shirts YCM ,s f IPANllJf 800 Villa Maria 823-8213 @SKAGGS 1 ALBERTSONS L. DRUGS & FOODS UNIVERSITY SQ. AT COLLEGE AVE. 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