The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, August 05, 1970, Image 6

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THE BATTALION Page 6 College Station, Texas Wednesday, August 5, 1970 Holstein sold to Dominicans gton OtnvncG umtotrBitp men’s toear 329 University Drive 713/846-2706 College Stati<*n, Texas 77840 J. C. (Jim) Harris THE BUG SHOP, Inc. 1911 Sex College Ava Bryan, Texas 77801 Phone 822-5383 Bryan's Leading Independent Volkswagen Service FUN DINING AT MSC Give the cook the evening off and dine from 5 to 7 p. m. for $0.99 or less at the MSC cafeteria. It would be difficult to cook a balanced mea for the same low cost at home. While at the MSC cafeteria, purchase a DISCOUNT MEAL COUPON BOOK and compound your meal savings. Ask the man who owns one. A registered Holstein bull has been sold by the Texas A&M Uni versity Animal Science Depart ment to the Dominican Republic. The bull, along with a consign ment of about 22 head of Hol- steins and Brown Swiss from Texas dairymen, will be trucked Saturday (Aug. 1) from Texas to Miami, Fla. From there they will be flown to the Dominican Re public and used for herd improve ment at the Institute Superior de Agricultura. The institute is a vocational agriculture high school and junior college. Among its staff mem bers are six Dominican agricul turists who received their BS de grees from the A&M College of Agriculture. Dr. F. E. Leeighton, A&M dairy scientist, said the bull’s regis tered name is Agtex Big Forty- Niner Burke. The selling price was $1,000. He said the sire “is out of the best cow we have had in the A&M dairy herd.’’ “We have a full brother to this bull, and we are now using him in our herd,” Leighton pointed out. Forty-Niner Burke’s dam is Agtex EIC Raven Maiden who has produced a high of 26,140 pounds of milk and 687 pounds of butterfat in one year. Her total production to date is 126,505 pounds of milk. Bill Beeach of the A&M Office of International Programs said the University has been cooperat ing since 1963 with the Dominican government and the Santiago De velopment Asssociation, buyers of the dairy cattle consignment. Many of the ISA activities have been supported by the Ford Foundation. The development association is an organization of Dominican business and professional men interested in economic progress of their country. Beeach is coordinator of the overall Dominican project for Texas A&M. Shown with registered bull are 1. to r., Bill Beach, R. E. Leighton 10IV, LOW PRtCeS BVBRV DRY ?(u SP£CtALS. f 5M ™ M .1 ■„ ,-\r- ■ t> > j OPEN SUNDAYS FOR YOUR SHOPPING CONVENIENCE SAFEWAY IN TOWNSHIRE - 9 A M. TO 8 P.M. Special! ’ Cream Pies IlsLl-olr. 14.oz.99< "Assorted Pkg. £mdm' EVERYDAY ^Qyy PRICES! Diet Bread * L,, v,"oA 0 ° rk ljs 27* Wheat Bread Mu.t.o ra ,„ Skylark ^ 29* White Bread 29* Special! Charcoal 49* Briquets. Grillit 10-Lb. (20-Lb. 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TODAY—1 :30-3 : 30-5:30-7:30-9:J Exl Hutcl progi aroui ment; cial. their speal sessii PARAMOUNT ncTums PRESENTS JACK LEMMON SANDY DENIIIS A NEIL SIMON STORY THE OUT-OF-TOWNEBS cocon or Motxuvi » iwvwowi naun • ! 1 I < Sa Su 8 9 Ho 9 11 11; 8 a wadleigh-maurice, [r] ltd. production ® technicolor® from warner bros. STARTS TODAY 1:45 - 5:15 - 9 P. M. QUEEN LAST NITE — 7:15 - 9:15 PJ. “GIRLS WHO DO ANYTHING” |’ I Si' a • lig/ai'i 1C,' hj.* . '.H t CM * UWCMM2 YTABS- fRff 8: 9 5 6 7 9: 9 10 7 5 9 10 6 7 9 10 6 7 6 7: WEST SCREEN AT 8:45 PM. “MAROONED” (G) With Gregory Peck At 11:00 p. m. “HOOK, LINE & SINKER” (G) EAST SCREEN AT 8:15 PM. “THE ADVENTURERS” (R) At 11:00 p. m. “STRANGE AFFAIR” CIRCLE TONITE AT 8:45 P. M. “BALLARD OF CABLE HOUGE” At 11:00 p. m. “MOON ZERO II” 9 10 5