The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, April 22, 1970, Image 8

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With Cranberry Sauce Cornbread Dressing Rolls - Butter - Beverage Giblet Gravy and your choice of any Two Vegetables $0.99 JOIN OUR CLUB 99 THE BATTALION College Station, Texas Wednesday, April 22, 1970 IftlsBist mfS JAMES STREET AWARDS By Mike Wright Once again, dear hearts, the end of a month approaches and with it the most hallowed of Battalion traditions, the selection of the Battalion Award. For you poor people who are in the dark as to its origin, the award is given to “some person in the public eye” who has displayed those qualities . . . “which distinguish inspired public-relations work from mere shoddy drumbeating.” The April award goes to University of Texas at Austin pitcher James Street. This past weekend ole Slick had locked horns with the dismal Baylor Bears in the opening game of a three-game series in Austin. During a fourth inning scuffel, Baylor coach Dutch Schroeder, was knocked cold as a wedge by a forearm block delivered by Street. The incident occurred following an attempted squeeze bunt in the Baylor half of the fourth. Baylor runner Skip Balthrop was caught in a rundown between third base, where Schroeder was coaching, and home plate. Texas catcher Tom Harmon tagged Balthrop out. But old Dutch felt like the “sledge hammer blow to the nape of the neck” was perhaps a little too much and headed for home plate to file a protest with home plate umpire Neal Ballard. Well folks, he never made it. At this point, Slick intercepted Dutch and administered the Coup de grace. “I didn’t see it happen,” the coach said. “My players tell me there were some fisticuffs so I must have been out for a time. When I came to, a young man offered me his hand and said, I’m sorry coach, I’m sorry coach. I was woozy and didn’t know until later that it was Street.” It’s funny that nothing was done to Street at the time. The umpire could have at least ejected Street from the game. But here the plot thickens, in the umpires report, the incident was described as being an accidental collision. Ballard would probably have a hard time convincing Schroeder that “little James” was just giving him a love tap. The fact is that Street did strike and knock out Baylor coach Dutch Schroeder. The issue now confronting the Southwest Conference officials is what is going to be done about it. Schroeder has legal rights of assault and battery on his person, but what is the conference going to do about it? The actions in the following days is going to prove several assumptions. First, Schroeder stated Sunday in Waco that he would talk with Baylor Athletic director Bill Henderson to decide if Baylor would file a protest with the Conference Office. Monday, Baylor officials said that they were still looking into the matter and were going to evaluate the details with the athletic council Tuesday. We will find out if Baylor has the integrity to stand up to the University of Texas on its rights. A coach should not have to worry about being clobbered by an opposing player. It might be different if the two opposing coaches get into the act but not a player and coach. Second, the higher echelon of the Southwest Con ference will truly flash their burnt orange Jockey Shorts if they let the incident pass without judgment. Many Aggies feel that if Street had been wearing a maroon jersey, the sun would not have set on him still in uniform. Thirdly, the Southwest Conference fans may find out that the cliche of “if you are a good athlete, you are god” is certainly true in the SWC. - ■t '- v IUbS) ; sports\a/e^5 DOVER BLAZER We have our spring sport coats from H.I.S. Prices $35 to $45 only at LOUPOT’S DR. PEPPERS Westchester 3 ssf SI Stoneware LIMIT 3 WITH $5.00 OR MORE PURCHASE EXCLUDING CIGARETTES & BEER. 3 Pc. 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April 25. yia/thm IAAAAMMI CflP'THlS’COUPOM UWlMMAfllll 2 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS 200 E. 24th STREET DOWNTOWN 3516 TEXAS AVENUE RIDGECREST % Pam Battalioi Earth College Wednesd citizens Auditor! ro nment A par officials acologic- Sfui 250 By Fran Earth at Texa, dents ai c °mpone Pollutioi tion con Dr. r t° Secre tar Hid 25 0, mo: Posium j "ess in that gc trying t mal pro Su f?£est; and op e He si