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I : ■ ■ . - • Biitor: Prom the letter of the Fifth Wheel’s candidate for President last week, we students are admon ished to judge each of the candi dates on their respective merits. I propose to do just that. It is my understanding that the Fifth Wheel’s candidate for Pres ident of the Student Senate is presently the Vice-President of that body. It seems to me that if this can didate was sincere in his opposi tion to administration dominance of student affairs, he would long ago have resigned his office. Yet he asks that we vote for him on the basis of what he will do for student rights. Bull! Enough of puppet student politicians who cannot perceive beyond their own ego-trips. My vote goes to Bill Maskal. Gerald Daughety Political Science Graduate Student Editor: I would like to take this oppor tunity to announce my candidacy for Senior Senator from the Cbl- lege of Agriculture. My qualifi cations not only include experi ence as a Senator this past year, but also as Vice-Chairman of Po litical Forum and as a delegate to the T.I.S.A. Student Body Pres ident’s Conference, A&M’s Idea Exchange Conference, and Oper ation Jericho. My colleagues will attest to the energy and dedica tion with which I have pursued these activities. I am committed to the Fifth Wheel’s principles of responsive representation and would appreciate your consider ation in voting Thursday. David Reynolds, ’71 Editor: My name is Rick Perry. I am a candidate for Junior Yell leader. If you choose to elect me your Junior Yell leader, I will stand before you as an Aggie represent ing every student at A&M. I am a Sophomore class officer involved in many campus organ isations and do my best to per form my delegated duties in whatever area I serve. Most of all, however, I love A&M and I love what it stands for. This I consider a person’s most important qualification for yell leader. I would greatly appreciate your vote, a vote for all of A&M. Rick Perry '72 Candidate for Junior Yell Leader Editor: We the undersigned feel that Bill Jermyn is the best qualified candidate for Sophomore Sena tor from the College of Science. Although Bill has not had the opportunity to serve in any elect ed office this year, he was select ed as one of the participants for Operation Jericho and took a very active part in that conference. He has a tremendous willingness to work and a real grasp of the issues at hand. It has been our pleasure to work with Bill this year and we feel that he will bring a much needed input to the Student Senate. Bill was the Listen Up the batt forum number two freshman pre-med student during the fall semester thus showing his abilities in aca demic areas as well. Because of his qualifications and desire to serve the students of his college, we wholeheatredly endorse his candidacy and urge you to sup port him at the polls tomorrow. Mac Spears, MSC Council Pres ident; Mark Olson, Civilian Stu dent Council President; Bob Heg- er. Head Resident, Hughes Hall; Bill Scherle, 1st Vice President, CSC; Kent Caperton, Senate Vice President; Tom Henderson, TISA President; John Sharp, Sopho more Class President; Kirby Brown, Senate Secretary; Bill Dubel, President of Hughes Hall; Craig Bradley, Senator College of Business. Editor: I have read Mr. Caperton’s re marks in The Battalion and have had people from the Fifth Wheel come to my door. One of their most constant themes is that they are not asking for a straight tick et. Yet at the same time, the Fifth Wheel Committee has manufac tured and is planning to distrib ute “cheat sheets,” lists of its candidates to be used in voting Thursday. The obvious purpose of these is to allow the student to bloc vote those on it. I just wonder if the students, after all the complaints in the past about bloc voting, really want a student government elect ed by these means. The answer should be no. If they care about electing the best representative. Rudy de la Garza Editor: This letter is dedicated to the Class of ’72. I am running for president of your class, next year’s junior class. We have been on this campus for two years, and yet, the communication be tween the members of our class is so bad that we don’t even know the people in our class ex cept those whom we have met down the hall or in class across the aisle. In order to solve this problem my platform is based on the idea that we are all Aggies, all members of the class of ’72, and that we should all have a part in our class instead of only the elected few. There are many plans, but it takes an active leader to initiate these plans that will be chosen by our Junior Council next fall. R. B. (Jerry) McGowen ’72 Editor: We, the undersigned, appeared on a list of candidates from one “Clean-Up Committee.” We were not contacted about our name appearing on this list, nor do we support the other candidates for office. We disagree with their comments, the absence of issues, and feel that there are much better candidates who were left off. Kirby Brown, Bill Hartsfield, Mark Kidd, Mary Hanak, John Sharp, Mark Jarvis Editor: Roger Miller has shown his ability, desire and dedication through his past work in the Senate and the MSC. Through out his activities at A&M, he has impressed all those he has come into contact with and distin guished himself as being an out standing individual. We urge you to vote for Roger Miller for Student Senate Vice- President when you go to the polls Thursday. Harry K. Lesser, 4th Battalion Commander; Mark Olson, CSC President; Tommy Henderson, Texas Intercollegiate Student As sociation President; Jim Steph enson, Senior Senator, liberal arts: Mac Spears, MSC Presi dent; Ed Taylor, 1st Battalion Commander Editor: Attention Class of ’72. I would like to announce to all members of the class that I am a candi date for class vice president. I feel that many students here at Texas A&M are unaware of the great heritage that they are part of as Texas Aggies. I am a firm believer in the undying spirit of Aggieland and in the undying loyalty that all Aggies have for A&M and for each other. I am for participation by all Aggies in the affairs of Texas A&M and in its student govern ment. I am a member of the Corps of Cadets, of which I am very proud. But I also respect the rights of all Aggies, whether they are in the corps or not. I pledge to you that if you elect me to the office of vice president, I will work faithfully for the good of the class of ’72 and do my best to curb the factionalism that has developed at A&M. I will try to promote the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Spirit and the unity of the Class of ’72 above all else. Tom Stanley, candidate for vice president, Class of ’72 Editor: At a time when we need to unite the campus, we feel that Tommy Butler is the best quali fied candidate for Yell Leader, Class of ’71, to achieve this goal. We support him and urge you to vote for TOMMY BUTLER, ’71, YELL LEADER, in tomorrow’s election. Renny Adams, C.O. 1st Battalion; Matt Carroll, Corps Commander; Marcus Hill, Senator, Agricul ture; Dave Mayfield, Chairman of SCONA XVI Editor: The Student Senate is an or ganization which is designed to work for and represent the en tire student body of this univer sity. In order to do that, sena tors must be dedicated to all of the student body. John Sharp is a candidate for Chairman of the Student Life Committee in the Student Senate, which is the Cbe Battalion Opinions expressed in The Battalion are those of the student writers only. The Battalion is a non-tax- supported, non-profit, self-supporting educational enter prise edited and operated by students as a university and community newspaper. LETTERS POLICY Letters to the editor should be typed, double-spaced, and no more than 300 words in length. They must be signed, although the writer’s name will be withheld by arrangement with the editor. Address correspondence to Listen Vp, The Battalion, Room 217, Services Building, College Station, Texas 77843. 1969 TPA Award Winner MEMBER The Associated Press, Texas Press Association The Associated Collegiate Press Mail subscriptions are g rate furnished on Room 217, Services Buildir subscriptions year; $6.50 per full y< sales tax. 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He has shown an ex tremely active interest in the senate and the University. Be sides being President of the Sophomore Class and involved in many other campus organiza tions, he is the Texas Intercol legiate Student Association co ordinator for A&M. Through T.I.S.A. John corresponds with other schools to seek new ideas for A&M’s student government. He was chairman of a T.I.S.A. conference here and has attended these conferences all over the state. John is now a member of the Student Life Committee and is Vice-Chairman of Aggie Muster (a function of that committee). John is an extremely hard work er, and his qualities far surpass any other candidates. Because we want effective stu dent government, we support John Sharp for Student Life Chairman. Matt Carroll, Corps Commander; Mark Olson, Civilian Student Council President; Gerald Geist- weidt, Student Senate President; Collier R. Watson, Student Life Chairman ★ ★ ★ Editor: I would like to announce my candidacy for Junior Senator from the College of Science. As the Fifth Wheel Candidate for the Class of ’72 I have pledged myself to the establishment and (See Endorsements, page 5) VOLUNTEERS! Amigos Volunteers for summer of 1970 wanted! Terms of 3 weeks spent in Central America and Colombia in Public Health and Community Development Projects. For information contact Col. G. E. Mayeux in Modern Languages Dept. Immediately. Training to be conducted at A&M before June. THE BATTALION Page 2 College Station, Texas Wednesday, April 22, IS?# AIRLINE RESERVATIONS & TICKETS USE YOUR PERSONAL CHARGE ACCOUNT FREE DELIVERY Call The MSC - 846-3773 MEMBER . . . tours . . travel / Bonded A ST A Agent CALIFORNIA VH/SCVL- 9>T/?AWB l^AP.'/lAhD CLUB 0\/6M PfllDe. th um-Ffti v 3/i r APRIL 2$- Z 4rjs,l‘l70 Limit 1 Ib.CAH V0(7>/ FvK, 59 nm39‘ Solid PAc^ da st&lkzD . 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