The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, April 08, 1970, Image 4

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Liberal Arts Dean Named Page 4 College Station, Texas Wednesday, April 8, 1970 THE BATTALION Financial backing tastes sweet once you’ve bitten the dust. When you have a wife, a kid, and growing responsibilities, financial security is a nice thing to have around the house. Start to plan for it now. Invest in a life insurance program that expands as your needs do. The earlier you start, the less it costs. And the more security you’ll have a chance to build. Give us a call. Or stop by our office. We’ll give you a dose of financial security. So you’ll never have to choke on the dust. Get Close To GORDON RICHARDSON He's An Expert (713) 567-3165 PROVIDENT M UTUA L i=nlll= LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF PHILADELPHIA, PALACE STARTS TODAY ‘TICK-TICK-TICK- TICK” <GP) With Jim Brown NOW SHOWING 1 p. m.-3:10-5:20-7:30 9:40 “THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON'T THEY” With Jane Fonda (Nominated for 11 Awards) QUEEN LASTNITE - 7:15 - 9:15 ADULT ART SERIES “2069 A.D ” CIRCLE TONITE AT 7:00 P. M. (Story of Chicago Riots) “MEDIUM COOL” At 9:05 p. m. “IF” T.rr^:rr\ t / I. 1 ,, WEST SIDE AT 7:00 P. M. Walt Disney’s “COMPUTER WORE TENNIS SHOES” At 8:50 p. m. “RACHELS” EAST SIDE AT 6:50 P. M. “THE COMIC” With Dick Van Dyke At 8:45 p. m. ‘MCKENNA'S GOLD” With Gregory Peck Dr. W. David Maxwell, profes sor of business economics and public policy at Indiana Univer sity, has been named liberal arts dean, announced Gen. A. R. Lue- decke, acting president. Dr. Maxwell, whose appoint ment is effective July 1, has been a member of the Indiana faculty since 1966, when he returned to the United States after serving a year as visiting scholar at Tham- masat University in Bangkok. He was previously chairman of the Economics Department at Tulane University. The 43-year-old Fayetteville, N. C., native received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in eco nomics at the University of North Carolina and Ph.D. in political economy at Johns Hop kins University. He is a humanities and social sciences consultant to The Rocke feller Foundation and a member of the board of editors for “The Journal of Applied Economics.” Dr. Maxwell was selected Phi Beta Kappa at the University of North Carolina. He received an Earhart Foundation Senior Fel lowship and Southern Fellowship Award at Johns Hopkins. He was co-recipient two years ago of the Doctoral Candidates’ Association’s first teaching ex cellence award. Maxwell began his teaching career as a fellow at the Univer sity of North Carolina in 1949. He later taught at Johns Hop kins and the University of South Carolina before going to Tulane in 1958. age to the heart and pulmorj artery. It is common to dogij the Gulf Coast. Political Internship Applications Available George Bush, candidate for the United States Senate, has an nounced sponsorship of a sum mer intern program designed to involve college students in a ma jor political campaign. May 18. Participants in the program will be selected competitively and judged on the basis of activities, leadership and scholarship. Thirty Texas university and college students will be awarded a six-week internship beginning July 6. A small stipend will be provided, plus free housing. Each intern will receive com prehensive training in campaign research and statistics, candidate and substitute scheduling, media coverage and organization from the precinct to the state level. On-the-job-training will also in clude seminars, discussion groups and field work including group campaigning and personal con tacts. Transport Conference Meets Thursday The 12th annual Transporta tion Conference gets rolling Thursday with attention focused on urban problems, particularly in growing metropolitan areas of Texas. Gen. John P. Doyle, MacDon ald Chair Professor of Transpor tation and conference coordi nator, said the two-day meeting will attract industrial and gov ernmental representatives from throughout the nation. citizen in-put and guiding the work of the city council, the com mittees currently have over 100 citizens serving in different roles. Citizens interested in partici pating are asked to write the mayor or contact the city secre tary at the City Hall, Anderson said. Dr. Galvin said project workers include Dr. R, R, professor and Veterinary Pi sitology Department head; Dan Hightower, associate pro{ sor, Veterinary Physiology J Pharmacology Department, M. A. Price, associate profaj of entomology.* The World War II and Korean veteran is the author of numer ous scholarly articles. DR. MAXWELL TRY BATTALION CLASSIFIED Applications for the internship may be obtained at any univer sity or college placement office or by writing Eloise Bracken- ridge, Bush for U. S. Senate, Box 1970, Houston, 77001. April 22 is the deadline for applying and final selections will be made by ★ ★ ★ Citizens Needed For CS Committees A job awaits College Station citizens who desire to work long hours without pay, according to Mayor D. A. (Andy) Anderson. Several city committees will soon be reconstituted for the new fiscal year, he said. Providing Vet Prof Wins Army Research Grant Dr. Thomas J. Galvin of the College of Veterinary Medicine has received a $64,271 grant from the U. S. Army Medical Research and Development Com mand. Dr. Galvin, associate profes sor of veterinary parasitology, will study heartworms of dogs. The three-year project, entitled “Immunoprophylaxis for Control of Dirofilaria Immitis,” has a proposed cost of $154,228. Dirofilaria immitis, commonly called heartworm, is caused by a nematode (worm) in the heart which can reach 10 to 12 inches in length. It is transmitted by the mos quito, causing mechanical dam- WE HAVE CAMPUS SWIMSUITS $4.50 to $5.50 LOUPOT’S Canned Pop Cragmont. 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