The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, September 19, 1968, Image 6

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Page 6 College Station, Texas Thursday, September 19, 1968 THE BATTALO *..'iV.-•.• V-V. •-!- ".V>.•*.*. . • • v * V.W..'.. Victory Champagne For The Detroit Tigers DETROIT <^*>—The champagne bottles were cleared away and the grass and outfield fences at Tiger Stadium were repaired Wednesday in the wake of an emotionally exhausting celebration of the Detroit Tigers’ first Ameri can League pennant in 23 years. Thousands of Tiger fans cele brated at the ball park and in downtown Detroit after the Ti gers wrapped up their American League title with a 21 victory over the New- York Yankees Tuesday night. Usually sedate Tiger owner John Fetzer found himself dump ed in the Tigers’ whirlpool bath and Manager Mayo Smith got the same treatment as the Tigers celebrated by tossing players, newsmen and anyone else they could get hold of into the whirl pool or dousing them with cham pagne. Thousands of the 46,000 fans who saw the Tigers’ pennant clincher rushed onto the field to mob the players. Tiger officials said large sec tions of sod were stripped from the playing field. Fans carried home in triumph an estimated 300 box seats. Still others knocked part of the right and left field lower fences loose. Detroit police posted two of ficers atop home plate and they repulsed a few fans who had designs on digging it up. The fans then tried to dig up a pitchers’ warmup rubber but found it was in too deep. “These people were not mean . . . they were just out for a good time and a long awaited celebra tion,” a Tiger spokesman said. Police would make no estimate of the number of Tiger fans who milled about on streets, stopping traffic and chanting “ Go, Go, Tigers, Go, Go” in unison as they climbed atop car roofs, trucks or any other vantage point. All was peace and brotherly love in the Tiger dressing room as thoughts turned occasionally to the upcoming World Series and the St. Louis Cardinals. Tiger Manager Smith and his Tuesday night winning pitcher Joe Spar- ma, who had a minor tiff during the regular season, took turns saying nice things about each other. The schedule for the 1968 World Series between the Detroit Tigers of the American League and the St. Louis Cardinals of the National League (Time is Eastern Daylight): Wednesday’s Oct. 2, first game at St. Louis, 2 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 3, second game at St. Louis, 2 p.m. Friday, Oct. 4, open date for travel. Saturday, Oct. 5, third game at Detroit, 1 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 6, fourth at Detroit, 1 p.m. Monday, Oct. 7, fifth garnet necessary at Detroit, 1 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 8, open date!* travel. Wednesday, Oct. 9, sixth gair< | if necessary at St. Louis, 2 pn | Thursday, Oct. 10, seventh gain if necessary at St. Louis, 2 pn In case of rain, the schedil will be moved back one day. f WJMW! CAKE MIXES • WHITE ' PEViLS 00)fe5 ^’79' BOUNTY TOWELS ^ 29 ‘H|©H QUAUTV MEAT5- - - LOW. LAN PRiCgS ALWAYS-. - AT ^ I •swm. fvmwe\'Smjkep PONCfktS •• CENTER ■ - m HMjct jtr SUCED....»£9ldUU^....^ ^vJiPT fto-TEH Sa/ift | tmm S/wuais STEAK MEAT WDONFWWKS &TW£- PEACffi am i| ^ 5*51 -S'og 5 .® peach halves J UUHO-IK*/ MEAT ^5WfTi5 li-o?, AjOl OlSTiUED VINE0AR fSffA.—gt. I9f PStctHT PRICES ON HEALTH AND BEAUTY AJD5/ rxxtelESWB TXJeSOAV evfepy . wmCTHE puaceA&E' < (SHAVE 6F. RiewT-s Reserved 1 ^eiOOWM f J !?. Le i s S'cSsfiB' PEANUT 00W* Hmsts ’0^H 4^ _ £ave with RgslY FresH-p/aia?prava SEEDUSS » — [(o &lj I tMI* It IN ADDITION TO TOU* iaanid lAVirra ITAMn 1111 \wwee (sow VOHPSrm WOK PURCHASE Of Mi tobacco pAOfMC AvT 0RVAN ON expires S&P7 4~)~l€L auLAHLY KAKNID SAVING STAMM I I I I // *9*90 000*00 Jl/. IflOOLV ' CVCVMBeRSffi fefeSKt rutabaga ^sUl9f 2 u>A 25 • ••••• 00 wwmgm »» IVplK £91 ^Hav,89‘ BONNIE BAKER BROWN »N SERVE ROLLS 2„„ »c OSPRETTES _ C^PT&r 1 53 09 SbiM 1?/^' most/Wdepp (SURE PAWPHET.^EA'iCE^SWiSIWi &W/WV7SSZ?/ U’CATfP AT TW&AVtarWSMAW couee&swmom BRYAN .TEXAS