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Page 6 College Station, Texas Thursday, August 29, 1968
Maurer Attends
Vet Symposium
Dr. Fred Maurer, associate
dean of the Texas A&M Univer
sity College of Veterinary Medi
cine, is participating in the In
ter-American Symposium on
Health Aspects of the Interna
tional Movement of Animals this
week in San Antonio.
Dr. Maurer will moderate a
session dealing with “Health As
pects of International Movement
of Exotic Animals” to be held
on the afternoon of Aug. 30.
Gosney Promoted
To Lt. Colonel
Texas A&M graduate Robert
R. Gosney of Fort Worth has
been promoted to lieutenant colo
nel in the U. S. Army.
An Aggie football letterman
and cadet first lieutenant in “B”
Athletics in 1954, Colonel Gosney
is a project officer of the Army
Combat Developments command
Aviation Agency at Fort Rucker,
The lieutenant colonel was sta
tioned in Vietnam before assign
ment at Rucker. He holds 23
awards of the Air Medal, includ
ing one for heroism, and the Dis
tinguished Flying Cross.
More than 30 original papers
on health problems associated
with importation and exportation
of animals will be read and dis
cussed. Sponsors are the Pan
American Health Organization
and the Conference of Public
Health Veterinarians.
The three-day meeting is de
signed to provide an interchange
among participants interested in
research, diagnosis, food prod
ucts and zoo animals. About 350
leaders from Latin America, Can
ada and the United States will
gather for the meetings at the
Sheraton-San Antonio Motor Inn.
Among the speakers will be
Dr. George L. Mehren, former
assistant secretary of agriculture
and now executive director, Agri
business Council, Inc.; Dr. Abra
ham Horwitz, director of the Pan
American Health Organization;
Dr. William P. Stewart, surgeon
general of the U. S. Public
Health Service; Dr. Rafael Mo
reno Valle, Minister of Health of
Mexico; and Dr. Harold T. Vagt-
borg. president of the Southwest
Foundation for Research and
Education in San Antonio.
S y m p o s ium accommodations
are limited because of the Hemis-
Fair in the Alamo City.
< .^^MW***** 0 ^ ’* :
A&M construction workers seem to be somewhat puzzled about where the next wall
should go in the new lounges in the Corps area. Work has been progressing on schedule
and two of the student lounges should be ready by the opening of fall semester classes.
It has been said that “if” is
one of the biggest little words in
the English language. But the
way the Houston Astros have
been going lately, this might be
a pretty good time to combine
a little forward and backward
“what-iffing” where they’re con
Just about every Houston fan
is aware of a couple of important
—The National League is go
ing to divisional play in 1969.
—The Astros have been play
ing good, winning baseball un
der the managing of Harry
Walker. (Through last Wednes
day, they were 36-31 under Har
ry “The Hat.”)
Combining those two items in
to the major point of this “what
if” session:
Had the National League Split
into divisions at the same time
that Walker became Houston’s
Manager (June 18), the Astros
would be involved in a red-hot
battle for the NL’s Western Di
vision championship.
The league’s Western Division
in 1969 will include Houston, Los
Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta,
Cincinnati and expansion club
San Diego.
Since Walker took ovef the
Astros, only Cincinnati has had
a better winning percentage than
Houston among the future West
ern Division Clubs. And the
Reds’ lead isn’t enough to make
them overconfident.
Cincinnati has a 35-26 recotj
during the period for a winninj
percentage of .574. That wotj
give them first place in sucki
“what if” divisional alignment,
But Houston, with a 36-31 Hj,
ord (.537 percentage) over ft,
same span, would be only t»i
games off the Reds’ pace. Anj
the Giants would be in the div,
sional pennant battle, too, tr»l
ing by only three games.
Although it’s impossible to fi ? ,
ure a record for the incomir.;
San Diego club, only Atlanta (|
games behind) and Los Angels
(14(4 games off the pace) woulj
be out of the running in sitt
The Astros, apparently on ft.
way to their best August in %
tory, completed a three-gar.
sweep of the Dodgers last Wei
nesday night. It gave Houston!
winning streak of four games
and meant that the Astros ha
been victorious in seven of ft t
last eight, nine of 12, and Ihf
15 since August 9.
Had that divisional breakdon
come on June 18, 1968, here;,
the way the standings wonli
Team W L Pd G8
Cincinnati 35 26 .574 -
Houston 36 31 .537 2
San Francisco 32 29 .525 3
Atlanta 30 35 .462 1
Los Angeles ....20 40 .333
San Diego ? ? ? !
Read " Classifieds
T ransportation
Conference Set
The Department of Transpor
tation and Texas A&M will joint
ly sponsor the Eleventh Annual
Transportation Conference at the
University, March 27 and 28,
Secretary of Transportation
Alan S. Boyd and Maj. Gen. John
P. Doyle of the Texas A&M Tex
as Transportation Institute met
in Washington to discuss the con
ference plans.
The conference theme, “Emer
gency Transportation,” recog
nizes that in any national defense
emergency, some degree of cen
tralized national and regional
control may be required. The
conference will explore the needs,
analyze proposed regulations and
procedures, and recommend
courses of action leading to im
proved national transportation
—operators of the modes of
transportation and traffic con
trollers—university and research
personnel, and representatives
from DOT, Doyle said.
Oren Beal, Darby (Butch) Meier, and Eddie Novosad, formerly of the MSG Barbershops,
announce the opening of
Villa Maria Barbers & Stylists
Friday, August 16.
“Our staff of home town men will continue to give you the excellent service that we have given in the past—
with the addition of hair styling and razor contours.”
812 Villa Maria Road — across from the Skyway Drive - In. 823-8925
“Industry, government and the
research agencies should sit down
together to work out effective
emergency controls,” said Secre
tary Boyd. “We must insure that
our regulations and procedures
are as simple and practicable as
we can make them; the alterna
tive is chaos at a time when we
could least afford it.”
Doyle, MacDonald Professor of
Transportation at Texas A&M,
will direct the workshop, working
closely with the DOT Office of
Emergency Transportation. The
conference will be attended by
transportation industry officials
Firearm Safety
School Conducted
Area boys and girls will begin
their training in firearms and
hunter safety at 10:30 a.m., Sep
tember 7, according to Sidney L.
Loveless, National Rifle Associ
ation counselor. The school will
continue through the succeeding
two months at Pleasant Acres for
those between the ages of 11 and
This year’s school marks the
begining of the 36th such school
conducted by the Twin City Jun
ior Rifle Club under the auspices
of the National Rifle Association
and YOU-TOMORROW, a non
profit educational corporation for
the benefit of youth. Although
emphasis will be placed on
marksmanship and safety, the
class will have an opportunity to
fire the .22 shotgun on the Mo-
Skeet range at miniature clay
pigeons thrown by foot operated
traps. This firing is in addition
to .22 rifle marksmanship train
For the hunter there will be
instruction in tenting, cooking
and orienteering. Graduates of
the school will receive certificates
and will be eligible for selection
to membership in the Twin City
Junior Rifle Club Loveless said.
Rifles, ranges, texts, ammuni
tion and instruction will be fur
nished. All the student need
bring is a canteen of water and
wear a long-sleeved garment.
Chief instructor for the school
will be Jim Durham, and he will
be assisted by Jack Bowen and
Jerry Mosley.
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