The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, May 30, 1968, Image 10

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Page 10 College Station, Texas Thursday, May 30, 1968 THE BATTALI Expansion Draft: Same Old Story, Only More Mone ELECT J. W. “Jim” O’BRIEN ■ \ Iwesa County Commissioner — Precinct I Class ’52 (Paid Pol. Adv. by friends of Jim O’Brien) NEW YORK (A*) _ When the new major league baseball teams go into the expansion draft next October, they will look carefully at the history of the Washing ton Senators, California Angels, Houston Astros and New York Mets. Of the 101 players selected when the majors held stocking drafts in December, 1960, and October, 1961, only a baker’s doz en remain. The cost was more than $8 million, then a staggering Jim Fregosi still is the Angels’ shortstop and Bob Rodgers is their No. 1 catcher. A1 Jackson is an occasional starting pitcher for the Mets after returning from St. Louis. Gil Hodges, another original draftee as a first baseman, long since shed the mitt and became a manager. After five years in Washington he now is manager of the Mets. Bob Aspromonte, Astros’ third baseman, is the only player still with the same club that drafted him. No Senators remain. When the Angels and Senators selected in 1960, each took 28 players at $75,000 apiece. That came to $2.1 million each plus a little additional change for ex tras. When the Mets and Astros picked in 1961, New York took 22 for $1.8 million and Houston 23 for $1,850,000. The price for the athletes ranged from $125,000 each for four super specials to $75,000 and $50,000. It is going to cost more money this time, but the owners are determined to give the new clubs a better break by making avail able better talent. The American League’s new teams at Seattle and Kansas City each will take 30 players from 1968 rosters at $175,000 each for a total of $5,250,000 plus a few extra fees. The National League’s new teams at Montreal and San Diego each will pick 30 from the old clubs at $200,00 each for a total of $6 million and then ante up an additional $4 million for initia tion fees and a share of televjj revenue. ANCIENT MINE FOUND JOHONNESBURG (J 5 ) 28,000-year-old iron mine contji ing some 23,000 stone tools 1; been discovered in Swaziland a report by two University Witwatersrand professors in5 latest issue of Nature magajj. Carbon dating techniques firmed the mine’s age, theysj Q dMtS 6606 ittfifTlcoupoN sa v iTjcsOflfifinRilS ffTOTOlSlS , THIS COUPON WORTH w i \oo/)tteb I Vs/iYh THE ?wc\\p& of^c&cwoee | E^iupitie to&aw yvovvasf. \ (oOOVafi Pi60LY Wi66uY(£M^ expires: OUNE" 1,1068 ADDITION TO VOiM KtOULAftlY ■ AANIO'SAVINO ItTmTS I I I P166LY WIGGLY'S FABULOUS COUPOH QMMMl 1 l -l M ! 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P^ifvWTL v \5>HOP BSAVETHB PI0&LY WI00LY WAY: / centffojt Fresh, Lean — Ground BEEF LB. PKG. $149 Pkg. '^OWWK WIEFtain'Branp Fully Coa&p KKAPT Mp..^29* Mi^Cf»oice 99. S T- dd c 87' to* HYpfck ^ 49 c HYOPoSv—y 49 c ^OUTH TEtV^3 MC73T WOPEFH ^UPEFtMAPKET— - -^EFViCE 3ATueTACTC?N eUARANTEEP UPC/vr&C? AT TEMG AVE.t ROSEMARY BRYAN-COUE66 -STATION/ TEXAS Store Hours — 8 A.M. To 8 P.M.