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THE BATTALION BATTALION CLASSIFIED '*4rts ON Political Announcements Subject to action of the Dem- oiTiitic Primary May 4, 1968. ■ For Congressman, Sixth Con cessional District: OL1N E. TEAGUE (Re-Election) HELP WANTED On emi: ine female college student for full-time ployment and part-time work during “ ‘ ral semester that can qualify under Feder; Work-Study Program. Must be good typis See Charles Lanicek, Hospital Administr; ' ^ 4 MU, """ tor, TAMU, Veterinary Hospital. ra- 7t3 WANT AD RATES |)ne day 4C per wor | 3e per word each additional day Minimum charge—50c DEADLINE i p.m. day before publication FOR SALE Stratford couch and chair, $175. Regis- red Siamese tom cat $15. Must sell. 846- :3tv 577t8 WANT TO WORK THIS SUMMER WORK IN THE GROVE Contact: Student Program Office. MSC 846-8721 Ext. 36 or 37 Salary. Call collect, DI 8-2651, Miss Gloria Rice or Mr. E. G. Clark. 465tfn FOR RENT 56 VW. good condition, i teond car. Call 846-3621. dition, excellent school 577t8 1967. Like new. S225. 577t4 ntle horse, good for children and one .A. cold green broke. Call 822-3980. londa CM 90 46.:<353. Emberglo-Parch- -8, 4- glass, wheel 11)66 Gulaxie 500 XL, Ht Interior, Low mileage, 390, - Bd, Air, new WSW tires, tinted ucket seats, console, radio, delux , $2350. Calvert Motors, Calvert, ■as EM 4-2884. 577tfn ■■ ■ | 1U64 Super Sport Impala Convertible, Hite - Black Interior, low mileage, 327, pfj 4-speed, air, new WSW tires, tinted bucket seats, console, tachometer, delux wheel covers, $1795. Calvert (lass, adi", dux Motors, Calvert. Texas. ’ who "y. dence 1' r> Honda 90, 3,000 miles. Excellent for Bdition. $190. V-2-H Hensel X46-5458. I® 576tfn my" I'.",; Corvette Convertible 4-speed., AM- ■ Radio. Excellent condition. Must sell, ■l 846-2463. 576t4 as it f ■964 Dodge GT. 846-8412. 57514 '' ■By owner, three bedroom IVa bath, brick SUCh, ia|L aura Lane. C.S. Central heat and air. ■heled Den and Kitchen. Two blocks from ol. Large lot. Ma; lew Elementar; ■Minin’ ementary school. Large lot. May existing 6", loan. 846-5577. 573tfn ■ AILBOATS - Fiberglass "Scorpion” similar to Sunfish). $424.50, delivered. Contact Windward Sailboats, 1108 Koenig Une, Austin. 465-9215, 453-1768. 565130 CHILD CARE Hiumpty dumpty children CEN- 1'ER, 3400 South College, State Licensed. H-8626, Virginia D. Jones. R. N. 99tfn WORK WANTED ■Vping Wanted, seven years experience, Kcialize in scientific, mathematical and Bgineering symbols. Guarantee perfect By. 846-3290. 552tfn NOW OPEN U-HIT-EM GOLF DRIVING RANGE On Hwy. 60 between A&M & Airport Weekdays — 4 p. m. - 10 p. m. Weekends 1 p. m. - 10 p. m. Two bedroom studio central air and heat. Range, Near university. Available Mi 5618. apartment, carpeted. Range, refriei egrator. 15th. 846- THE BRYAN ARMS APARTMENTS “Congenial Living” Separate Adult & Family Areas “Children Welcome” Model Apts. Open For Inspection From $120 - All Utilities Paid 1602 S. College Avenue Resident Manager - Apt. 55 Phone 823-4250 Make Your Deposit Now VICTORIAN APARTMENTS Midway between Bryan & A&M University STUDENTS I ! Need A Home 1 & 2 Bedroom Fur. & Unfur. Pool and Private Courtyard 3 MONTHS LEASE 822-2035 401 Lake St. Apt. 1 SPECIAL NOTICE COLLEGE MEN SUMMER EMPLOY MENT National Company now taking appli cations for summer work in Houston, Aus tin, and San Antonio. Must be free work all summer. Car necessary. Earn $125 per week. For interview call Mr. I. H. Webb, 846-8721 Room 8, MSC, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. or 4 to 6 p.m., Wednesday and Thursday only. 57 TRANSMISSIONS REPAIRED & EXCHANGED Completely Guaranteed LOWEST PRICES HAM ILL’S TRANSMISSION 118 S Bryan —Bryan— 822-6874 SUL ROSS LODGE NO. 1300 A.F. & A.M. Stated communication Thurs day, May 9, 1968 at 7:00 p. m. followed by Fellowcraft Exami nation. Tom Chandler, WM, Joe Woolket, Sec’y 578t2 Charter new Cris Craft Sport Fisherman for King fishing trips. Parties for 6 or less. Book now. Call 825-6962, NaVasota, Texas or BE 3-5822, Freeport, Texas. 568t20 ATTENTION ! Personnel and students of A&M University. See us before you buy your furniture and appliance needs. Ask about the student pie distinctive furniture—Wood Furniture Com pany. 1227 Furniti 501 North Texas. Telephone 822- 537tfn Final examinations for the Spring- Semester 1968 will be held May 24 - June 1, according to the following schedule: Date May 24, Friday May 24, Friday May 27, Monday May 27, Monday May 28, Tuesday May 28, Tuesday May 29, Wednesday May 29, Wednesday May 30, Thursday May 30, Thursday May 31 Friday May 31, Friday June 1, Saturday June 1, Saturday Hour 8-11 a.m. 1- 4 p.m. 8-11 a.m. 1- 4 p.m. 8-11 a.m. 1- 4 p.m. 8-11 a.m. 1- 4 p.m. 8-11 a.m. 1- 4 p.m. 8-11 a.m. 1- 4 p.m. 8-11 a.m. 1- 4 p.m. Courses Classes Classes Classes Classes Classes Classes Classes Classes Classes Classes Classes Classes Classes Classes meeting meeting meeting meeting meeting meeting meeting meeting meeting meeting meeting meeting meeting meeting MWF8 MWF12 TThSFl MWF11 MWTh2 MWF9 M3TThlO TF2 or TWF3 or TThF3 MWF10 TThl2 M4TThll MWThl TTh9F2 TF1 NOTE: Final examinations in courses with only one theory hour per week as shown in the catalogue will be given at the discretion of the department head concerned, at the last meeting of either the theory or practice period before the close of the semester. 571tl7 AUTO INSURANCE FOR AGGIES: Call: George Webb Farmers Insurance Group 3400 S. 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Your Friedrich Dealer Joe Faulk Auto Parts 220 E. 25th Bryan, Texas JOE FAULK ’32 21 years in Bryan SOSOLIKS TV & RADIO SERVICE Zenith - Color & B&W - TV All Makes B&W TV Repairs 713 S. MAIN 822-1941 OFFICIAL NOTICE Official notices must arrive in the Office of Student Publications befdre deadline of I p. m. of the day preceding publication. THE GRADUATE COLLEGE lal Examination for the Doctoral Degree Name: Bright, Thomas Jerry Degree: Ph.D. in Biological Oceanography Dissertation: A Survey of the Deep Sea Bottom Fishes of the Gulf of Mexico Below 350 Meters, ime: Fric >i ne 1 Dean of Graduate Studies Time Place riday. May 10, 1968 at 2:00 p.m. : Room 301, Bizzell Hall Wayne C. Hall 57812 THE GRADUATE COLLEGE Final Examination for the Doctoral Degree Name : Maltos Romo, Joel Degree: Ph.D. in Animal Breeding Dissertation: Genetic and Environmental Trends of Growth and Production in Experimental Herds Under Humid Tropi cal Conditions in Costa Rica. Time: Friday, May 10, 1968 at 1:00 p.m. Place: Library, Animal Industries Bldg. Wayne C. Hall Dean of Graduate Studies 57813 THE GRADUATE COLLEGE Final Examination for the Doctoral Degree Name: McSwain, C. V. Degree: Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering Dissertation : Dynamics and Backflow Cell Model Simulation Phase Mass Transfer Prc Non-Uniform Axial Mixi ermal is Inc ocesses Including Iqullibrium, and Holdup Effects'. Ime: Monday, May 1; Place: Room 201-A, Petroleum Bldg. Time: Mon May 13, 1968 at 10:00 a.m. Wayne C. Hail Dean of Graduate Studies 57'8t3 THE GRADUATE COLLEGE Final Examination for the Doctoral Degree Name: Quddus, Md. Abdul Degree: Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering Dissertation : Axial Propagation of Neut: terogeneous M Time: Tuesday, May 14, 1968 at 1:00 p, Place: Room 201-A, W. T. Doherty B1 issertation : Axial Propagation < Waves in Heterogeneous Media : Ti . ■ i, Wayne C. Hall Dean of Graduate Studies 578t2 THE GRADUATE COLLEGE Final Examination for the Doctoral Degree Name: Davis, Richard Clifton, Jr. Dissertation: The Purification and Proper ties of Peanut Phytase and the Identifica tion of the Myo-Inositol Phosphates from Partial Dephosphorylation of Myo-Inositol Hexaphosphate by the Enzyme. Time: Monday, May 13, 1968 at 3:00 p.m. Place: Room 303, Plant Sciences Building Wayne C. Hall Dean of Graduate Studies 576t5 THE GRADUATE COLLEGE Final Examination for the Doctoral Degree Name: HaqUe, Mohammad Abdul Degree: Ph.D. in Botany Dissertation : Vascular Differentiation in Seed and Seedling of Phaseoius Mungo. Seed and Seedling Time: Thursday. M 4 Ri Wayne C. Hail Place.: Room lay. May 9, 1968 at 2:00 p.m. 216, Plant Sciences Bldg. Dean of Graduate Studies THE GRADUATE COLLEGE Final Examination for the Doctoral Degree Name : Guckert, Larry Gerald Degree: Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering Dissertation: Gamma-Ray Absorption Met hod of Measuring Gas Saturation and Its Application to Three-Phase Relative Permeability Studies. Time: Friday, May 10, 1968 at 3:00 p.m. Place: Room 209, W. T. Doherty Bldg. Wayne C. Hall Dean of Graduate Studies 576t4 THE GRADUATE COLLEGE Final Examination for the Doctoral Degree Name: Boswell, Thurman Earl Ph.D. in in Plant Pathology (Nemat- JDegree: ology) Dissertation : Pathogenicity of Pratylen- chus brachyurus to Spanish Peanut. Time: Tuesday, May 14, 1968 at 1:15 p.m. Place: Room 303, Plant Sciences Bldg. Wayne C. Hall Dean of Graduate Studies 576t5 THE GRADUATE COLLEGE Final Examination for the Doctoral Degree Name: Latif, Mohammed Abdul Degree: Ph.D. in Poultry Science Dissertation: Effects of Unidentified Fac tors, Dietary Clays, and Sodium Bicarbo nate on the Perfoi on the Per Laying Hens. ormance om Commercial ng Time: Monday, May 18, 1968 at 3:00 p.m. ): Room 201, Agriculture Bldg. Wayne C. Hall Dean of Graduate Studies 576t5 ic Name: Randerson, Darryl Degree: Ph.D. in Meteorology Dissertation: A Numerical Model for Pre dicting the Diffusion of Sulfur Dioxide in the Atmosphere. Time: Wednesday, May 15, 1968 at 10:00 a.m. Place: Room 21Q-A, Goodwin Wayne C. Hall Dean of Graduate Studies 57'6t6 THE GRADUATE COLLEGE ” -'--‘-'on for thr r rry, Fred of Philo Final Examination for the Doctoral Degree drick £ Degree: Doctor of Philosophy in Poultry Sci< Name: Thornbe Doctor Donald ce issertation: Effects of Cage Size, Bird Density, Body Weight and Phase Feeding Performance of Commercial La; on Performance of Commercial Laye Time: Tuesday, May 14, 1968 at 2:00 Dean of Graduate Studies ,y. May 14, 1968 at 2:00 p.m. Place: Room 200, Conference Room, Agri cultural Building Wayne C. Hay Students wishing to place a 1967 AGGIE- LAND in their high school may pick them ap in the office of Student Publications, Services Building. 648tfn • Watch Repair • Jewelry Repair • Diamond Senior Rings • Senior Rings Refinished C. W. Varner & Sons Jewelers North Gate 846-5816 ENGINEERING & OFFICE SUPPLY CORP. REPRODUCTION & MEDIA — ARCH. & ENGR. 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Parkway College Station OFFICIAL NOTICE THE GRADUATE COLLEGE Final Examination for the Doctoral Degree Gerrard, Jr. Clarence William Name: Gerrard, Jr. Clarence William Degree: Doctor of Philosophy in Nuclear Engineering Dissertation: A Study of the Speed of agation of Small Amplitude Pres- Pulses in a Two-Phase, Two-Com- nt Mixture with an Annular Flow nent tern : Fi : F Wayne C. Hall Dean of Graduate Studies poi Pa Time: Friday, May 10, 1968 at 3-5:00 p. i Room 201-A, W. T. Doherty Bldg. Regalia for the May 1968 Commencement Exercise All students who are candidates for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy or Doctor o order is and i i he hoods are to be left at the Regi Office no later than 1 :00 p. m., Tuesday by a degree of Doctor of Philosop! of Education are required to order hoods as well as the 1 The hoods are to e reqt ell as the Doctor’s caps and gowns. be left at the Registrar’s Office no later than 1 :00 p. m., Ti May 21 (this will be accomplished representative of the University Exc WO! candidates will of the ceremony. THE GRADUATE COLLEGE Final Examination for the Doctoral Degree epresentative of the University Exchange Store. The Ph.D. or D.Ed. hoods will not the procession since all such ill be hooded on stage as part ony. Candidates for the Master’s Degree will wear the cap and gown ; all civilian stu dents who are candidates for the Bachelor’s Degree will wear the cap and gown ; ROTC student who are candidates for the bach elor’s Degree will wear the appropriate uniform. All military personnel who are candidates for the degres, graduate or undergraduate, will wear the uniform only. Rental of caps and gowns may he arranged with the Exchange Store. Orders may be placed between 8 :00 a. m., Monday, April 29, and 12:00 noon, Saturday, May 11. The rental is as follows: Doctor’s cap and rental is as follows: Doctor s cap and gown. $5.25 ; Master’s cap and gown, $4.75 ; Bachelor’s cap and gown, $4.25. Hood rental is the same as that for the ~~ J gown. A 2% sales tax is req ad, ; cap and juired in dition to these retals. Payment is re quired at the time of placing order. THE GRADUATE COLLEGE Final Examination for the Doctoral Degree Name: Wallace, Norman E. Degree: Doctor of Education in Industrial Education Dissertation : An Analysis and Revision of the Road Rules, and Road Signs, Parts of the Texas Operator’s License Examina tion. Time: Thursday, May 9, 1968 at 1 :00 - 3 :00 p. m. Place: Room 107, M.E. Shops Building Wayne C. Hall Dean of Graduate Studies 566tl3 The ENGLISH PROFICIENCY EXAMI NATION required of all junior & senior students majoring in Chemistry is scheduled students majoring in Chemistry is scheduled for 7:30 p. m.. May 8, 1968 in Room 231, of the Chemistry Building. Students should consult notices pc Building for detail g. Students should osted in the Chemistry 575t4 Those undergraduate students who have 95 semester hours of credit may purchase the A&M ring. The hours passed at the time of the Preliminary Grade Report, April 1, 1968. may lie used in satisfying the 95 hour requirement. The students qualifying under this regulation may leave their name with the Ring Clerk in the Registrar’s Office in order that she may check the records to determine their eligibility to order the ring. Orders for the rings will be taken between April 16, and May 31, 1968. All rings will be re turned to this office on or about July 10 for further delivery. The Ring Clerk is on duty from 8:00 to 12:00 noon, Monda through Friday. 549tS THE GRADUATE COLLEGE Final Examination for the Doctoral Degree Name: Underhill, Charles Melwood Degree: Doctor of Education in Industrial Education T ' ! ‘“‘ion : The Status of and Need for ial Arts Instruction in Seventh- ventist Secondary Schools. Dissertatio Industri; day Adventist secondary sc Time: Wednesday, May 15, 1968 at 1:00 p.m. Place: Room 107, M.E. Shops Bldg. ?: Koom 1U7, M .1 Wayne C. Hall Dean of Graduate Studies 573t9 THE GRADUATE COLLEGE Final Examination for the Doctoral Degree Name: Johnston, Wallace Lament Degree: Doctor of Education in Industrial Education Dissertation: Factors Influencing Certain Pre-engineering Students in Selecting a Four-Year Institution for the Completion of an Engineering Degree Time: Tuesday, May 14, 1958 at 8:00 a.m. Place: Room 104A, M.E. Shops Building Wayne C. Hail Dean of Graduate Studies 570tll THE GRADUATE COLLEGE Final Examination for the Doctoral Degree Name: Maio, Domenic Anthony Degree: Ph.D. in Biology Dissertation: Effect of Chemically Inert Gases in Vitro on Tissue Oidative Metab olism and Fluid Fluxes. Time: Wednesday, May 15, 1968 at 1:30 p.m Place: Room 313-B, Biological Sciences le C '* ■’ Dean of Graduate Studies 3g. W ayne C. Hall THE GRADUATE COLLEGE Final Examination for the Doctoral Degree Name: Crowder, Gene Arnold Degree: Doctor of Education in Industiral Education Dissertation: Visual Slides and Assembly Models Compared With Conventional Met hods in Teaching Industrial Arts. Time: Monday, May 13, 1968 at 1-3 p.m Place: Room 107 M.E. Shops Bldg. Wayne C. Hall Dean of Graduate Studies 573t8 ATTENTION GRADUATING SENIORS You may pick up your invita tions at the TV room, Memorial Student Center. Please pick up these invitations April 29, 1968, thru May 10, 1968, Mon. - Fri., 8-5. Special notice to those graduat ing seniors who did not order their graduation invitations. The EXTRA INVITATIONS will go on sale Monday, May 13, 1968, at 8:00 a. m. at the Memo rial Student Center, Cashier’s Window. These invitations are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis only. HOME & CAR RADIO REPAIRS SALES & SERVICE KEN’S RADIO & TV 303 W. 26th 822-2819 AUTO REPAIRS All Makes Just Say: “Charge It” Cade Motor Co. Ford Dealer TYPEWRITERS Rentals-Sales-Service Terms Distributors For: Royal and Victor Calculators & Adding Machines CATES TYPEWRITER CO. 909 S. Main 822-6000 Wednesday, May 8, 1968 College Station, Texas Page 3 FEED TAX TAG TRIO Reed McDonald (left), Texas Feed and Fertilizer Control Service director, chats with assistant director Nick Columbetti and administrative assistant Jimmy James. The serv ice distributes 50 million tags a year and its inspectors check feed, fertilizer and drug additives in all 254 counties of the state. Feed And Fertilizer Service, From Dog Food To Parakeets You might say the Texas Feed and Fertilizer Control Service is going to the dogs. Not literally, but figuratively. A short time ago, an enterpris ing man wanted to register what turned out to be ordinary dog food as having power to kill fleas on dogs. Texas Feed and Fertil izer Control Service officials ask ed him to prove it. He couldn't. One investigator who tried the food on his dog claimed it made the fleas fatter. Directed by Reed McDonald, since 1956, the service based at Texas A&M covers the state like Johnson grass. Sixteen inspectors check feeds and fertilizers, special ingredients, and drugs in animal feed. In short, they inspect vir tually every food sold that is not consumed by humans. TAKE MOLASSES —a widely used ingredient in animal feed. Agents sometimes stop molasses trucks and check the syrup to see if it has been watered down. Sort of a sticky job, some say. “Texas is the nation’s leading feed state,” McDonald observed. “Ingredients and mixed feed pro duced here total 5,700,000 tons annually.” Inspection of dairy feed is a big chore for inspectors. Investi gators keep their eyes peeled for fraudulent claims by manufactur- Orders for Sabers now being accepted at loupots ers. An inspector recently noted the ingredients printed on an in voice did not constitute a good formula. He suspected buyers in a distant area might not see the same invoice. Alerted inspectors proved his theory correct and the non-nutritive feed was im pounded. “In San Antonio, a man tried to sell 1-1-1 fertilizer to his own church as 5-10-5,” recalled Nick Columbetti, TFFCS assistant di rector. “You wouldn’t think a guy would do that.” TFFCS inspectors go from one delicate situation to another try ing to apply interpretations of feed laws in a reasonable manner, McDonald said. “THE INDUSTRY has changed tremendously in the last 12 years,” McDonald commented. “For instance, in 1957 we had to check only five drugs and additives. That figure now ex ceeds 100.” Texas lists 2,800 registrants who total 24,103 registrations of feed, fertilizer and added ingredi ents. Firms in 45 states and five foreign countries ship feeds and fertilizers into Texas. All are checked by the Texas Feed and Fertilizer Control Service. Not long ago, an inspector spotted some unusual Texas tax tags on bags of feed shipped from Mexico. Further investiga tion proved the tags counterfeit. The inspector embargoed the feed until the situation was corrected. Even pet food comes under scrutiny by the TFFCS. Inspec tors often visit super markets and five-and-ten-cent stores for spot checks. A COMMERCIAL RAISER of parakeets in a small South Texas town recently complained about food which killed 400 of his birds. Analysis of the grain showed a residual pesticide, officials said, less than one-twenty-fifth part per million. But the pesticide accumulated in parakeets, eventu ally causing death. “When other residents of the town heard about the settlement between the parakeets’ owner and the feed firm,” Columbetti grim aced, “you should have heard the complaints that poured in. Owners claimed birds that died more than a year before although that par ticular shipment of feed had ar rived at the Port of Houston only a couple of months ago.” “It was fantastic,” Columbetti chuckled. “People claimed birds valued at $5 on up. One man claimed his parakeet could talk and was worth at least $50.” OUTLANDISH claims regard ing the value of animals and fowls is old hat to inspectors. “Chickens which are worth $1.25 each suddenly become much more valuable when they die as a result of bad feed,” remarked James W. James, administrative assistant for TFFCS. “Values soar as high as $25 per chicken. And dairymen get paid up to $1,000 per cow for animals which die from contaminated feed.” McDonald, president-elect of the National Associations of American Feed and Fertilizer Control, came up with a corker. “A man called in and wanted to be paid for his dead goats,” McDonald said. “Another goat- raiser in his area had received a settlement for goats killed by poisoned feed. We checked him out. He hadn’t even bought the same type feed for his goats, but he wanted to be paid just the same.” INSPECTORS are down-to- earth people who make boo-boos like everybody else. The claim is easily demonstrated. “A couple of our men went into a remote area to check the fertilizer being dispensed by an airplane,” McDonald recalled. “Briefly, they got lost in the boondocks. The pilot knew they were coming and began looking for them. He soon spotted them, waggled his wings to attract their attention, then led them back to civilization.” First Participants Named In Faculty Leave Program The first four participants in Texas A&M’s new faculty devel opment leave program have been announced by President Earl Rudder. Granted leave with full pay to study for advanced degrees are Weldon H. Newton, Robert H. Kensing, O. B. Clifton and Mrs. Dorothy A. Holland, all of the Agricultural Extension Service. Rudder noted the Texas Legis lature at its last session author ized faculty development leave— often called sabbatical leave—for as much as six per cent of the faculty, with full pay for six months or half-pay for 12 months. All four leave recipients will study at Texas A&M. The A&M board of directors approved the leaves at its last meeting. NEED CASH Money Gone After 9 Months of School? Then see us for a personal loan. Take advantage of our prompt, confidential loan service now. UNIVERSITY LOAN COMPANY 317 Patricia (North Gate) College Station, Texas Telephone: 846-8319 CSS Sales S Service The Radiator Shop 1308 CAVITT BRYAN, TEXAS 822-3298 Major Company Credit Cards Accepted. Same Day Service 15 f / Discount With This Ad.