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Paff« 2 ColUf* Station, Texas Tuesday, February 27, IMS
Vote Necessary
On Clothing Regs
The Civilian Student Council voted last Thursday night .
to submit a revised opinion poll on clothinK' regulations to—1
the Student Senate.
A week earlier the Senate had sent the first draft of the
opinion poll back to the council for revision amid the charges
of a Corps-inspired thumbs down.
Council President Griff Venator said that the new poll
had the backing of Senate President Jerry Campbell, and
that if the rest of the Senate agreed the poll would be
distributed to the dorms and turned in at the spring general
The referendum of clothing submitted by representa
tives of the civilian student body should be submitted to a
Presently, some students are “wearing' in a new code
of dress simply by ignoring the university regulations
through lack of enforcement.
If students felt they could personally establish a new
code of dress through compromise and vote, then it is pos
sible that extremes toward slovenliness might be avoided
through peer enforcement and judgement
As it stands, by ignoring the regulations and fighting
the system, anything goes to prove a point of personal
The proposed poll would also list 11 regulations which
the voter would approve or disapprove individually, with
room left for comment on each.
The comments will be impossible to group and interpret,
but the no-yes vote on keeping present standards, no stand
ards at all or relaxing the present standards will be more
easily computed.
Here is how The Battalion stands on the present pro
1. Clothing in good taste and generally accepted by
the community — For,
2. Women will wear clothing which is in good taste,
suitable for class, and not of an extreme nature — For.
3- "T” shirts (including practice jerseys) will not
be worn on the campus unless the student is participating
in an athletic activity — A resounding For.
4. Shower shoes will not be worn outside the dormi
tory area — A resounding For.
t .' Tattered trousers will not be worn on campus—As
tends it is too general, would require more specifics.
6. Socks will be worn with shoes (of all kinds) on the
campus at all times—Reminds us of a joke about the Aggie
who said it was cooler to go without socks—on a 40 degree
day; a smelly, lazy habit we can afford to do without — For
7. Students should have a neat appearance at all
times—Too ambiguous, needs clarification of “neatness”.
8. A student will be clean shaven — For.
9. Students will have proper haircuts—What is a
proper haircuts? If it means frequently trimmed appropriate
to the hairstyle, then For.
10. Students will not wear beards—Already disposed
1 11. No student will wear, on the campus, any article
of' clothing which displays athletic of similar emblems
awarded by schools other than A AM — For.
Like so many other facets of life, some rules are better
/than no rules at all. Without enforcement of the present
regulations, they are worthless. Let’s vote—thoughtfully.
by Jim Earle
Sound Off
“We’re sure proud of how Fish Jethro has shaped up this
semester—He hardly looks up during C.Q.!”
The Battalion:
In regard to the letter written
to your paper about Baylor coeds,
it is entirely true. To prove this
statement, the Baylor boys wrote
a reply stating what they think
of us. . M
I personally do not feel that we
are "homely” and I hope that you,
as Aggies, will back us up.
This is not a practical joke but
the actual truth. There is a war
going on here at Baylor between
the BOYS and the WOMEN and
we hope that the Aggies will
understand our feelings.
We would appreciate it if you
would print this letter and the en
closed letter to the editor of the
Baylor Lariat, but please delete
our names. Thank you.
Baylor Coeds
(Editor’s Note: The letter
from “the Baylor BOYS to the
Baylor Lariat is printed be
Someone, somewhere, has lost
faith and “respect" in Baylor
It is true there is a great ‘dip*
astrous plight” among Baylor co
eds but could this possibly be be
cause of their disastrous looks?
I guess “J.C." (A so-called Bap
tint Savior) wasn’t very generous
when he was passing out goo<1
looks and personality to< our be
loved coeds. But I don’t blame
our women for complaining about
the dating situation. If I were a
Baylor coed and as “homely” as
most of them I would have reason
to complain. Unfortunately, Bay
lor women seem to fill into one
two categories: (1) “Bibl^
Thumpers”, (2) courtesans.
So I urge you Baylor men
take head to my word —
don’t condemn and disappoint
poor little “Bible-Thumpers” —
never hurt anyone to go to
Bear and drink tea.
Ray Alvares
Class of "70
For all your insurum'needs
See U. M. Alexander, Jr. *40
271 S. Mala, Bryan
A 823-MU
State Farm Insurance Compeniea - Home Offices Bloomington, III.
At The Movies
by Mike Plake
Mrs. A&M Contest, Dance Set
'ITie “Mrs. Texas AAM Univer
sity” contest and dance is sched
uled for 7:80 p.m., March 9, in
the Memorial Student Center
Ballroom, Aggie Wives Council
President Mrs. Glenda Chaney an
Competition for the title is
open to the wife of any student
enrolled at AAM. An Aggie may
enter his wife by contacting Mrs.
Chaney for an entry form befoih
Wednesday. Entrants will compete
in Sunday drees at a tea and in
formal evening drees at the con-
tret. Drees for the dance is semi-
Ticketa are 82.50 per couple
and are available at the main
desk of the M.S.C., from any Ag
gie Wives Council member, by
calling 846-8665, or at the door.
Free baby sitting will be fur
nished for those who purchase
tickets in advance, Mrs. Chaney
Music will be by “The Natural
Gas Company*’ and Civilian Acti
vities Director Ed Cooper will be
master of cerernonie* Judge* are
Mrs. Wilson Pilcher, fashion co-
ordinstor at Beverly Hraley*p;
Jaff Montogotnery, Prudent
Former Student* Associstioiy; and
Turner Wright, of Bryan Building
and loso Association.
Bob Boone will furnish enter
tainment, during the contest A
photographer will 6a at the dance
to take 8x10 pictures at $1.25
Mrs. Texas AAM 1968 will re
ceive gifts and numerous door
prises will be given away at the
“The Good, the Bad and the
Ugly” can aptly be described ss
If the Old West were ever any
thing like the way this movie pre
sents it, no one would be here
now. Everyone would be dead,
shot like flies on glue by the Man
With No Name and Tuco, the vil
lain with a heart
Clint Eastwood, former televi
sion regular on the “Rawhide”
series, plays the Man With No
Name. He doesn’t rcpily need a
name, though, for amid his vo
ciferous curses Tuco finds many
things to call him. Fear not,
however, for the Man With No
Name is not just a sadistic killer
like the 19 villains in the show.
FOR ONE thing, he is a com
bination gunman - philosopher.
When he and Tuco stumble upon
a gory battle between the North
Hnd South Italians and observe
several thousand men getting shot
and chopped to pieces, he say*.
What a waste . . ." X
Then he and Tuco blow up the
bridge and win the battle.
He is sincere in his work. Take,
for example, his con game, one of
the basic actions of the movie.
HE AND Tuco are partners.
Tuco, a Mexican bandit labeled by
the credits as “the Bad,” lets him
self be captured and brought to
the nearest jail by Eastwood.
Eastwood then collects the re
ward for Tuco. As the town car
ries out Its frontier justice and
prepares to hang the Mexican,
Fast wood watches, not far away.
As the judge reads the last sen
trees and gives the order to pro
ceed with the execution, Eastwood
then takes steady aim with his
magnificent eagle-eye, and shoots
the hangman’s rope apart. Then
to keep the townsmen from tak
ing offense and rashly rushing off
to recapture the prisoner, he pops
off six or seven hats.
They stand very still.
Each time Eastwood frees his
partner, the reward for Tuco goes
up another thousand dollars. A
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pretty good game, at that
AS NOTED before, he is sia-
cere in his work. When he snd
Tuco dissolve their partnership,
he starts out the game again, this
time with a short Italian named
Shorty, They make a couple of
towns successfully. However, one
day, as Eastwood draws s bead on
the rope around Shorty’s neck,
Tuco appears out of nowhere and
draws s bead on Fast wood’s tem
ple. Eastwood is very sincere.
He says, “Sorry, Shorty’’.
Enrico Morricone composed the
music for “A Fistful of Dollars,"
“For s Few Dollars More,” snd
this one. The music .in all three
films is the most consistently
strange snd uniquely beautiful
sound this writer has ever heard
in a soundtrack.
It carries the entire movie
through. Indeed, at times, it
seems that the action of the movie
has been tailored to fit the music.
Eli Wailaeh, in the role of Tuco,
is important to the carriage of the
movies. On the one hand, the
film is notierably bad because the
Italian Speakers don’t quite mesh
with the English soundtracks
Tuco, on the other hand, speaks
English, even if dirty English.
WALLACH outperforms East-
wood and Lae Van Cleef, the
other English-speaking henvy. He
brings Tuco, the killer, the phil
osopher, the brute snd the part
ner,, to life. In one segment, for
example, he is taking a bath in
a town beseiged by the Civil War.
In the midst of soap suds snd
scrub brushes, snd uninvited vil
lain walks in. (You know he is
the villain, for at the beginning
of the show, he has been labeled
the “Ugly,” snd in addition, has
had one arm shot off by Tuco).
So the Ugly walks in snd sur
prises Tuco. He tells the Mexi
can how he is going to shoot him
first in the arm, then in the leg,
and so on, so that Tuco will know
his pain.
This is fine, except that Tuco
pulls his big iron from the soap
suds snd bounces the Ugly One
off the walls with bullets.
Tuco’s dialogue, at this mo
ment: “If yo’re gonna shoot,
shoot, man. Don’t talk!”
THIS MOVIE was not made for
kids, but for MATURE AUDI
ENCES. So if you know what
that means, good for you.
People will calls it a sadistic
masochistic, bloodbath made for
the sole purpose of profit. They
forget that even that great mas
terpiece, “The Birds and the
Bees,” was also made for that
purpose, if in vain.
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! iprisl fntinl of film
I it • I ‘ J / * *\ |
. . . opening night—monday, March 4; nine features in all, plus shorta;
season tickets on sale now, MSC student programs: students 13.00, faculty
Town Hall
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Presents . .
l arp
A unique ensemble of six harps
8:00 P. M.
at the
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s 4 ]
A&M Activity Cards and Town Hall Season Ticket Holders Admitted Free.
•There Will Be No Reserved Seats For This Performance.
By Charles M. Sch
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