The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, February 08, 1968, Image 3

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u v. v • •• gl Senator Raps AID Try To Hide Scandal of thi hat kinj fo eiv. 1 a gooi hy, wi|i the ne t froj lids, Hi ns, e docti, donoti :rnee : n Brai ; is tni (i ■uskegfi id Com. 'W. Tin; be Bei. guess I iten ski I didifi ious, kj e son#, i alwaii Yes, k t.” ' That'i ’ing ident i| f/ aboii n?" Hi ndidati'i he w« I thiit to gin What k You’n gave mi hearing a Luthu pocritei! ie. Wdl take lii i mysil 3hull THE BATTALION Thursday. February 8, 1908 College Station, Texas Pag-e 3 WASHINGTON t^)—Sen. John J. Williams told the Senate today the Agency for International Development is trying to cover up a bribery scandal involving four of its ranking officials in Bel gium. The Delaware Republican said the four officials he did not name had been permitted to resign voluntarily despite charges they had received cash or payments in goods or services from a con tractor. Williams said J. & M. Adriaens- sens, N. V. Hoboken, Belgium, was the contractor who received a “liberalized” contract of more than $2 million for refurbishing surplus U. S. goods for foreign aid programs. He said the Department of Justice is filing a $260,000 claim against the company but the government had “dallied while some of the records have become lost . . .” Williams said he was told Tues day the case files now are classi fied for “limited official use,” thereby prohibiting congressional inspection. The classification, he said, is a cover-up. “This is not going to be brushed under the rug,” he said. “Nor are they going to get away with classifying these files until after the election.” International News COMOX, B. C. UP)—A jet fighter pass, the pilot’s farewell salute to the Royal Canadian Air Force when it was absorbed into the unified Canadian armed forces, cost $4,000—the amount that had to be paid for windows broken by air shocks in the low- altitude sweep. SAO PAULO, Brazil OT) — Amleto Gino Meneghetti, an Italian immigrant who has spent 44 of his 55 years in Brazil be hind bars, mostly for cat burg laries, is in jail again at age 90. Police caught him in a chase across tiled roofs reminiscent of his best youthful style. OTTAWA (A*) — A total of 12,371,407 border crossings were made last year by foreign ve hicles, says Canada’s Dominion Bureau of Statistics. The figure was 13.4 per cent higher than in 1966, mainly due to Expo 67. TOKY0 (A*)—A vagrant walked into a police station, said he com mitted a theft, and asked to be locked up, police reported. He gave this explanation: “My rheu matism is getting worse again. I wish to cure the illness protected by the high thick walls of prison against the cold winds of the world.” DAMASCUS, Syria (A>)_A Byzantine cemetery dating from the 4th century A.D. has been unearthed in the ancient Syrian desert city of Palmyra, Syria’s Antiquity Department announced. The cemetery, containing 22 graves of decorated limestone, was discovered beneath the gar den of Palmyra’s museum, the department said. MUNICH, Germany <A>)—The state prosecutor’s office says it is investigating the deaths of 400 Roman Catholic priests in the Nazi concentration camp at Dachau, near here. State Attorney Karl Weiss said about 400 priests of German, Austrian, Polish and Czech na tionality died in the concentration camp between 1939 and 1941. WILLIAMSBURG, Ky. <A>)_ Whitley Circuit Court refused Wednesday to order the sterili zation of a 35-year-old unmarried mother whom doctors classify as mentally retarded and promiscu ous. Judge Pleas Jones said his court had no authority to grant the request from the Whitley County Medical Society and Dr. A. S. Holmes, the county health officer. “This is a matter for the legis lature,” the judge commented. He noted that under Kentucky law, sterilization is legal if both hus band and wife are mentally com petent and agree in writing to the operation. Holmes testified the woman has two children, one of whom is mentally retarded, and argued that she is likely to have other children she cannot support. CHAMROUSSE, France (A?) — Coach Bob Beattie of the U. S. ski team said Wednesday Sandra Shellworth of Boise, Idaho, will ski in the women’s Olympic down hill race Saturday, replacing Robin Morning of Santa Monica, Calif. HURRY PICK UP YOUR FREE CARD ROW NO OBLIGATION l^t<u7F’ S0 5,MPLE 70 PLA¥ JmU I Del Monte ~ Del Monte — Tomato . 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