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The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, May 26, 1966, Image 2

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Page 2 THE BATTALION College Station, Texas Thursday, May 26, 1966 Sound Off Students Administer Their Parting Shots Editor, In effect, the ruling states that the students The Battalion: are not intelligent enough to know what is good I look forward each day to receiving The Bat- for them. How can anyone question why so few talion and enjoy reading it very much, but I can’t people file for government positions, and some- say that I’m pleased with some of the “news.” times even fewer vote, when they fully realize You probably have seen “Dear Abby’s definition there is absolutely nothing that the Student Senate of maturity—maybe a reprint would help the Ag- can do if the administration won’t let them, 6t gi es . work with them ? Why have a Senate ? The little “Maturity is the ability to do a job whether housekeeping jobs that the Senate now takes care you’re supervised or not; finish a job once it’s of could just as well be farmed out to secretaries started; carry money without spending it, and last, or appointed members of the Memorial Student but not least, the ability to bear an injustice with- Center. out wanting to get even.” The administration of this school is in for a An interested Aggie Mom rude awakening if they think they can continue ★★★ to tell students what to think or not think, do or not Editor, do, wear or not wear. This university has long The Battalion: been a military bastion of student and faculty According to an editorial in the Friday (May conservatism, but if it is to play any large part 20) edition of The Battalion, “for moral classroom a t all in the governor’s plan for acadmeic excel- and laboratory activities women will wear dress lence in the state of Texas, the opinions, wishes which are in good taste and suitable for the class an d thoughts of the students, will, of necessity, ” I’m certain that many Aggies besides my- need to be fully reckoned with in future days. self are wondering what dress the University pre- The utter contempt of the adminstration scribes for immoral activities. I think that the governing ability burst forth in the water fights solution to the dress regulation problem is to be ^. wo a g<>, and any civilian that was there found in the last sentence of the same editorial, can gp^^ 0 f lack of control within the student which states either enforce the regulations of this body. If no one has authority, no one has control, university, or do away with them.” The latter al- There is too lar&e a g&p bet ween the dean and ternative is a very commendable suggestmn. Our the individual man in his dorm . H e has no place academic excellence would be far better off If g. 0 dorm officers are a joke. There au- the administration would spend less time attempt- thority is a joke. So he takes matters into his ing to impose their provincial attitudes on the own hands student body. k. ** I'l 1 ® administration has two choices. It can . . eyer ’ tighten the restrictions upon the individual student a j o £ more officials to control them or The Battalion* they can begin to respect what the student govern- ^ .... , , , ment has to say and at least attempt to work with Do you know that the attitude expressed by .. u- jr -a u * ^ ^ • , . , , - . . it. The smashing of its best attempt at self- most English professors is one which defeats stu- . . . j ^ j x. • f x ■, xx-x j v. u v government in many a year was not a good start, dent s interests when these attitudes should be ones of encouragement and anticipation? Michael S. Reynolds To illustrate my point: AAA A sincere and earnest effort on my part to Editor, overcome personal and family obstacles in order The Battalion: to acquire a better interest and understanding of The Battalion has done it again as in so many the subject matter of English has been met with times past—delivered the flat of its rapier in cold and unsympathetic rejection by the English blind fury upon a student body numb from the faculty. unwarranted frequency and severity of the attacks Neither the purpose of the course, the instruc- upon them by a questionable newspaper staff. I tor, nor the department, has as yet been made clear of course am referring to the most recent group to me. If in fact it were, there is no evidence to of articles on student apathy at the polls, show that it would be practiced. The concensus of The Battalion seems to be Being a conscientious and aspiring student, I that students should have an interest in student have been very negatively motivated by the exam- government. That in fact there should be a stu- ples of instructors in the A&M English Depart- dent government. ment. Lethargy, apathy, and even distaste for The truth of the matter is that even though the the subject being taught are often the predominant student government does have some routine func- characteristics of the professors. tions, these are not tasks which could not, or would Admittedly, this is an engineering school with not, bt performed by any Tom, Dick or Harry, little evidence of the academic balance sought by The student body seems to me to be very percep- many students and administrators. This is no ex- tive in realizing this by not showing up at the cuse for the department to follow this policy of polls. Can you not see how ludicrous it would be dogmatic and hard-headed neglect of all student for a group of young adults to rally en masse when interests and wishes, as is testified by more than they lack an issue? Contrary to the opinion of three-fourths of the student body. The “Batt” we students are not a “flock of sheep” Efforts to improve the courses, department, who can be herded to the polls in the crusade and the entire University are being made by the against apathy, but are instead “wise” to that administration. Desires are mutual throughout Establishment that would seek to be our shepherd the student body to see these improvements ac- —The Battalion. complished. Efforts and action, in order to be By not voting ,the students have indeed been truly effective, should come from within the stu- saying, “We are not interested in student govern- dent body for whom the entire program is being ment.” And why should we be? conducted. Such innovations as the student faculty The answer is to be found in that little word evaluation program contain grandiose and sweet- power. The more fervor and organization behind sounding promises, but as yet are unused by the the power the more effective that power will be. department heads where the actual evaluation Student government is the best potential instru- must take effect. ment of student power on this campus. It appears that the student body has no voice, Some may ask, “What good will this power do no right, nor hope for the good education they me?” But this is a sham question, because every- hear of and pay for. <> ne wants something. Perhaps some would like Unless our desires are co-ordinated, delivered, a coed dorm on campus in the very near future, and accounted for with action or acceptable reason Student pressure on the Administration might at for rejection, this institute has no right to call least speed up the issue. Some civilians would itself a University. undoubtedly like for the Corps to take their whis- Ed Salisbury tie jocks and clear out for the other dorm area +++ next fall. Maybe there are some students who Editor would like to have more, if not all, civilian yell The Battalion: leaders. What civilian would not want his mother When my committee authored the present Sen- to be Aggie Mother of the Year. Undoubtedly ate recommendation to the Executive Committee some Aggies are disappointed with the slow prog- on Political Clubs five months ago, I was told that ress of the political-clubs-on-campus issue. Who this was doing things the way the administration wouldn’t like to subject The Battalion to pressure wanted it done. We were bound to receive approv- °I predominant student groups? These are but al if such an august assembly of students such examples of what some Aggies may indeed wish, as the Student Senate were to petition the admin- There is no limit. istration concerning our feelings. So, the Issues I have no doubt that Aggies would rally round Committee worked many hours with Dean of the polls if issues which had some meaning were Students James P. Hannigan to arrive at a com- to be decided by elections. But we shy away from promise that the administration would not find the power to change things because of that sacred offensive. We weighed each objection that the word, tradition. Tradition has become religion administration brought forth concerning adequate an( I dissidence is heresy. Nowhere can this be control of the groups and proposed adequate ad- seen better than in the comical efforts of The ditions to the University Regulations which would Battalion to ice over the differences of the two bind the clubs much tighter than any other organ- potential political camps with the Aggies stick ization now on campus. together” appeal. But all Aggies are not the same What did we get for our work ? The adminis- and have no reason to pretend to be. tration has finally stopped giving reasons for I s there not one Aggie, or group of Aggies who rejecting the political clubs. They have finally would not commit the ultimate sacrilege and run given what must have been their reason the whole on an i ssue that would fire the spirit of one group time—we just don’t want you to have them. In of students and offend the sensibilities of another? thus rejecting the action of the Student Senate, I f not > we are Pursuing the correct course. We the Executive Committee has rejected any type are a unique example of the dignity of apathy, of self-rule by the students. Bruce Cochran THE BATTALION Opinions expressed in The Battalion ‘t.’Yt T !.?, are those of the student writers only. The otherwise credited in the paper and local news of spontaneous , , _ j origin published herein. 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