The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, May 19, 1966, Image 5

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College Station, Texas Department Of Journalism Reaccredited Page 5 The Department of Journalism has been reaccredited by the American Council on Education for Journalism, department head Delbert McGuire announced this week. The accreditation team visited the campus March 20-22 to re view the departmental program. “Accreditation assures the de partment, the university and the state that the program meets ac ceptable standards,” McGuire said. “It’s the most important thing the department could re ceive.” A letter from ACEJ secretary- treasurer John E. Stempel states: A&M is among 47 colleges and universities in the country owning an accredited Department of Journalism. A branch of the American As sociation of Universities and Sec ondary Schools, the ACEJ grant ed accreditation this year to Tex as Tech and the University of Houston as well as reaccredita tion to A&M and the University of Texas. 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Mahnke, in the record section of the Department of Aeorspace Studies, received the medal for service in the special actions branch of the 86th Air Division headquarters in Ramstein, Ger many. Student Teaching Provides Training m »,TiW •M for r’s n’s 116 By ED SMITH Battalion Special Writer “Experience is the best teach er” is a common cliche. It’s also true that the best teachers are experienced. The problem is how does one become an experienced teacher in the shortest period of time? A partial solution is student teaching. Here the future teacher is ex posed to the problems of teach ing, his abilities are increased and if problems pile up there is an experienced teacher available to come to the rescue. Jordan Brooks, a senior educa tion major from Bryan, has spent the last 16 weeks on the job as a student teeacher. Brooks has spent about 15 hours a week on his job of teach ing English to tenth grade Stephen F. Austin High School students. A&M’s Department of Educa tion and Psychology offers two possible ways for a student to handle his student teaching. He can take all the required education and student teaching courses in a block. That is, all the education requirements for a teaching certificate can be com pleted in one semester. The other alternative is to spread the courses out over sev eral semesters and then student teach after completion of all the course work. Brooks chose the latter and will complete all the require ments for a teacher’s certificate this semester. Teaching seems to require a good bit of time. “I teach two hours a day and spend the other time in prepara tion for the next day’s classes,” Brooks said. “I also spend some time at night in preparing lessons and grading papers.” “A the high school I work with Mae Goodlett; she’s been there a long time and knows the job very well,” Brooks added. “She advises me on how to do things and evaluates my work.” Student teaching is a course which offers six hours of college credit. “The grade is determined by the college professor but the teacher’s evaluation helps him to make up his mind.” Brooks taught two classes. One was a low ability class with stu dents only a few years younger than he. Did he have trouble controlling the students? “There were a couple of in stances where I was faced with conduct problems but on the whole the classes were pretty good,” he said. “I did learn that you have to treat the cause and not just the symptoms in conduct problems.” Students 18 and Over Interviews now being arranged for students seeking summer employment. Opportunity to join other students in a proven successful scholarship program backed by an 89 year old firm. To those who qualify, our program offers: 1. $117.50 per week salary with opportunity for more. 2. Executive management training. 3. All expense paid trip to Rome, Italy. 4. One of 15 $1000.00 cash scholarships. 5. Recommended background work for post graduation. 6. Up to 13 weeks guaranteed continuous employment. Men accepted for a similar program last summer, aver aged $153.26 per week. These jobs may develop into part time or full time positions after September. 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