The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, April 21, 1966, Image 6

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't 5ep/\c£- AlsjD 5ATl5EAni<9N <5lj/VJ2MTe£P AT 50MWP& HPH\ (VIOpePM 5JfWvWm W/\5H|N6T0lH F/SptY pep PHTIciOU^ 'J - 5T^ HOUf^ 8 a.m. — 8 p.m. APPRe^S " v OM«ONS ^topi^cauo) CAurowp/w 193 wtwe ceiaM" grAMf- COU6^ ^TATlOM Page 0 THE BATTALION College Station, Texas Thursday, April 21, l!j| Subjec | qcratic r m A |For C 1 FR^ i.r iOne dar 1< P' AGGIE BOOSTER PINNED I Miss Lola Matas is pinned with the emblem Texas Ail Brown i students present their sweethearts by Cadet Col. of tlit | clos !L Corps Ralph B. Filburn in Tuesday ceremonies. Commaii- '';> t 4 . o] ^ h dant Col. D. L. Baker looks on. The noon ceremony mj ■’ lon followed by a Corps passby and Miss Matas, since 1922 if charg-e of the head table at Houston’s Rice Hotel for A&ll Club meeting's, dined with the cadets in Duncan Hall. Ai| immigrant from Barcelona, Spain, Miss Matas came to Houston as a teenage girl 50 years ago. She is a favoritt of Texas Aggies, and vice versa, and was elected to associl ate membership of the Houston club on the 40th anniverl sary of her service and loyalty to it. | jl^Tio oj Fim Campus Briefs lUho! G.cisvry’f Thomas Receives Aerospace Grant Dr. Richard E. Thomas, associ ate professor of aerospace engi neering, is the recipient of a $33,- 000 NASA grant. Harry E. Whitmore, Space Technology Division head, sj Iumpt Hn oinc the study involves applicationsMggjg, \ aircraft in takeoff and landiif situations, plus wind gust effef|| OF on missiles on launch pads. The grant provides $10,000 ® flciaI , , , , , Btudent wind tunnel equipment to rei p. m . 0 | Board Decision On Loan Program To Aid Students duce gust effects, he said. Dr. William H. Clayton, proffi THI itliu Exan sor of oceanography, and I*ne: Fk Tree: I James Stricklan, associate Pm^tio, fessor of aerospace engineeriF|i>l' i ‘nylett are consultants. Two gradiuffe Goat students will assist. H e e : , ^ Whitmore said the researchtRdg. gins immediately. I n e a a y n “It boils down to this,” com ments Robert M. Logan, Student Aid Director, “if a student needs money to go to school, he can get it.” Logan was discussing action by the Coordinating Board for the Texas College and University System. The hoard approved the sale of $20 million in bonds to start a state student loan pro gram. “We expect to receive details in the near future about the pro gram . . . the Texas Opportunity Plan,” Logan commented. “Natu rally, we will be sharing funds with 101 other institutions. Profs To Present Technical Technical papers by Depaifj!^ ment of Electrical Engineeri| nstrj lertatioi personnel will be presented to and tomorrow in Dallas. K'^Api Associate Professor H. M. BilL': coi nard and graduate student C. K dg ^ ay Choe will present “A Synthe* Dean Procedure for Cut-Set Matritiil" " today to the Southwestern KfjL Conference and Show at the D®J C: ch . las Memorial Auditorium. di dpiina Prof. G. P. German will “The Ionospheric Electron ft tent Measured Over Texas" i “For the first time,” he con tinued, “we will be able to make direct loans to freshmen.” Logan explained the steps a student should follow to obtain such a loan: morrow. More than 5,000 persons eight states are expected for 18th annual conference. lutio jne: Api see: Ro< I Way] I Dean i Supervision Course L tillat , “He can get an application at high schools and colleges and for ward it to the university or col lege of his choice. We will check his scholastic progress and de termine whether his request is in accordance with his need. Then, we will forward our recommenda tion to the coordinating board. The board will rule on the recom mendation. If favorable, a check will be forwarded to the univer sity for the student. “A student will be able to bor row up to $1,000 a year. No pay ments will be due until the fifth month after his graduation. Mini mum repayment to the state will be $15 per month up to five years. Interest will range from 4% per cent up per year, with the rate being subject to adjustment by the Coordinating Board.” Set Next Month A A A 1 • If 11 : Roi A general course in supervistp Wayi is scheduled May 23-27 by Engineering Supervisory sion. » Dean Extension ServifiL^ ()R Development DWtates - •spied A ■prelim ii W. B. Mansfield, chief instnMysed. r tor, says the course is to assiSve pair supervisory personnel at all levtK e H whan ] of management in carrying « of Adn responsibilities more effective!! Topics included principles,woii ing with people, effective cos munication, methods improfi ment and employe training. A banquet is scheduled May! in the Memorial Student Cette MmlccArl Supplj 'ptclu/te ptoMO* 923 So. Col Ugo Av« - 5ry«ftfaj loopot's lavo Wher North Gate lie, C Quai Filtei Carpet, 130.00 Ihock Most Latex i ? —LUNCH TIME “Especially Designed For” CAMPUS STAFF AND OFFICE PERSONNEL ^ Muffle* P I excha Quick Service Tasty Foods Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor Leisure Booths and Tables Available Pleasing Decor Soft Background Music 'he Br avail K othei E as be ■hulk. Euto ti l c - c Sires— lust c> Ither o DUTCH TREAT Hwy. 6