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THE BATTALION Page 2 College Station, Texas Friday, April 3, 1964 BATTALION EDITORIALS Corps Fast Approaching ‘Do Or Die’ Position The A&M Cadet Corps is fast reaching a point where it must reevaluate its position as a military unit and its repre sentation of this university. The present decision to update the Articles of the Cadet Corps is a major step in this direc tion, but alone, this will not accomplish the goal. Probably the biggest single problem facing this unit is its spasmotic chain of command, where promotion is so static that positions of leadership are sometimes decided three years in advance. This leads to apathy, dropouts of those who are not given command positions and have little hope of attaining such jobs, and downright disobedience. This chain of future promotions is not difficult to follow. Once a sophomore obtains the position of unit clerk, he has the best chance of becoming first sergeant, and ultimately unit commander. This, unfortunately, is often times the rule and not the exception. True, other sophomores are eligible for several positions of leadership as juniors, and the unit clerk doesn’t always get to be first sergeant, but many sophomores don’t care to stay around long enough to wait and see. The juniors are faced with the same situation—the first sergeant will automatically become unit commander, and their only hope is to obtain a highly competitive staff position, too often based upon who has a contract. The seniors are even in a worse situation. After all major positions are handed out, there is little chance of their moving up in rank, therefore little reason for concerted effort to improve themselves. Those who receive the positions of leadership hold these jobs for the entire year, and too often consider themselves irreplaceable. Solutions are always more difficult to find than problems, but the Corps might consider as a guide, a promotion method used at most all other military institutions—the semester or trimester system. In this way all position of leadership would be rotated among the affected individuals, with the eventual selection of the top man, to hold the job at final review or to graduate with the title. This method would give most everyone a chance at important offices, and relieve many for a period of rest and study. In the trimester program the student showing the best potential of the two competing, would receive the job for the third and final period of the year. This is the system now used at most other instiutions. If a semester program were used, it would be a step in the right direction, but there would be no competition between the two students and no ultimate honor at final review. Whatever method is adopted, anticipating that a change is due, the juniors and sophomores will have the responsibility of making it work. This will mean doing away with the buddy rating system, which measures a person’s popularity, not his leadership ability. It would also mean doing away with the prerequisite of a contract before receiving a high staff posi tion. Present leaders are urged to adapt, if not this system, then a workable solution, ta relieve the present stagnation. RLF THE EXCHANGE STORE Serving Texas Aggies With Books Since 1907 THE BATTALION Opinions expressed in The Battalion are those of the student writers only. The Battalion is a non tax-supported, non-profit, self-supporting educational enterpirise edited and operated by students as a university and community news paper and is under the supervision of the director of Stu dent Publications at Texas A&M University. Members of the Student Publications Board are James L. 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All subscriptions subject to 2% sales tax. Advertising rate furnished on request. Address: The Battalion, Room 4, YMCA Building; College Station, Texas. News contributions may be made by telephoning VI 6-6618 or VI 6-4910 or at the editorial office. Room 4, YMCA Building. For advertising or delivery call VI 6-6415. DAN LOUIS JR EDITOR Ronnie Fann Managing Editor Jim Butler Sports Editor Marvin Schultz, Maynard Rogers Asst. Sports Editors Glenn Dromgbole, John Wright News Editors Mike Reynolds, Bob Schulz, Clovis McCallister, Ray Harris, Larry Jerden Staff Writers Herky Killingsworth, Ken Coppage _ Photographers CADET SLOUCH by Jim Earle Job Calls MONDAY Litton Industries — Electrical engineering, industrial engineer- Ex - President Joao Goulart Flees Brazil “I’ve planned all week to really hit th’ books tonight and get caught up—and along comes th’ Cotton Ball! What if I said no! I’ve got to study! And don’t go? What if every body said that and didn’t go? It was selfish of me to think only of my grades—th’ Cotton Ball needs me!” RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (A*) — Joao Goulart, deposed as Braz il’s president by an anti-Com- munist rebellion, fled into exile Thursday night. He was reported headed for Uruguay or Paraguay. Congress, early in the morn ing, had sworn in Paschoal Ra- nieri Mazzilli, president of the Chamber of Deputies, as his suc cessor. Goulart’s last reboudt in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul, where he was born 47 years ago, apparently collapsed under relentless pressure from the gen erals who launched the uprising Tuesday. In a voice choked with emo tion, Mayor Sereno Chaise of Porto Alegre announced over the radio that Goulart and a party of 15 had left, that resistance was all over and told the people to go home. Civil Rightists Raked In Senate Planetary Space Rocket Launched By Soviet Union MOSCOW <A>) — The Soviet Union launched Thursday a plan et probe from a platform orbited in space as the United States has done many times in the past. Authorities avoided telling what the target was. U. S. intended destinations are always publiciz ed. Although few details of the new shot were given, the tech nique appeared similar to — if not identical with — that of the United States in all its Ranger shots and deep space probes. The Russians called it Zond-1. Zond is Russian for probe. The official announcement said the purpose was “further develop ment of a space system for dis tant interplanetary flights.” The new space feat was an nounced while Premier Khrush chev was in Budapest for talks with his Hungarian allies on splits in the world Communist move ment — particularly the quarrel with China. Tass described Zond-1 as a space rocket but gave no details as to its weight, size or desti nation. “Sports Car Center” Dealers for Renault-Peugeot & British Motor Cars Sales—Parts—Service “We Service All Foreign Cars 1422 Texas Ave. TA 2-451 DOUBLE FEATURE! 2 Alfred Hitchcocks Greats James Stewart ‘MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH” ‘TROUBLE WITH HARRY” CIRCLE LAST NITE 2 COLOR HITS 1st Show 7:05 Yul Brynner In ‘KING OF THE SUN’ Anthony Steel In ‘CHECK POINT” OUR SAT. NITE BIG 3 1st Show 7:05 ALL 3 IN COLOR LIVE AND WORK IN ENGLAND FRANCE SWEDEN all Europe. Career and tempor ary work. Many firms pay transportation. Detailed em ployment and travel informa tion, tells how, where to apply. $2.50. European Employment Council, Box 16095, San Fran cisco, Calif. WANTED College men to work this Summer calling on business firms in hometown and surrounding territory QUALIFICATIONS — Prefer students who have been active in campus activities—extrovert —one who has no hesitancy in talking to business men. Stu dents who need to work—Are ambitious—not lazy. This work 'is pleasant and profitable. We will give you 2 days training, our expense. Write about yourself to: YOUR FUTURE OCCUPATION P. O. Box 934 Tuscaloosa, Alabama WASHINGTON UP)—Slowfoot ed senators who support the civil rights bill got a lecture from their leaders Thursday. The dressing down was given in a news letter distributed by Sens. Hubert H. Humphrey, D- Minn., and Thomas H. Kuchel, R-Calif., assistant majority and minority leaders and floor lead ers of bipartisan forces seeking passage of the bill. It took more than an hour Wednesday to round up a quorum —a majority of the Senate’s 100 members. PALACE Bryan Z‘$$79 ing, mechanical engineering, in dustrial distribution and English- engineering. Mid-Continent Supply Company — Business administration, fin ance, marketing and industrial en gineering. Rural Electrification Adminis tration, U. S. Department of Agri culture — Electrical engineering. TUESDAY American Cast Iron Pipe Com pany — Civil engineering, indus trial engineering and mechanical engineering. Cameron Iron Works, Inc. — Industrial engineering and me chanical engineering. Employers Casualty Company — Agricultural economics, busi ness administration, economics and mathematics. Geological Survey, Surface Water Branch, U. S. Department of the Interior — Agricultural en gineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical en gineering and petroleum engineer ing. Haskins and Sells — Account ing. Houston Lighting and Power Company — Electrical engineer ing, chemical engineering, civil engineering and mechanical engi neering. La Marque Independent School District — Agricultural educa tion, education and psychology, English, mathematics and modern languages. Merit System Council — Ac counting, business administration, biology, chemistry, entomology, physics, biochemistry and nutri tion, dairy science, agricultural economics and sociology, history and government, education and psychology, veterinary medicine and engineering. Bulletin Board MONDAY Statistics Wives Club will hear Dr. Robert L. Skrabanek of the Sociology Department discuss “The Changing Population in Texas” at 8 p.m. TUESDAY Oceanography and Meteorology Wives Club will meet at 8 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Dale Leipper. AS “Go< some i they § Elizabi event “The , Mrs. to the er wat to thei her rot ing a song 1 when i she wi “La your < As Waltz We the w The Mrs. of Mrs. and clc "legwor I record ^J'or tlicit iniportanA wear NOW SHOWING QUEEN DOUBLE COLOR HIT ‘‘CHVALRY COMMANDO” & “JACK THE GIANT KILLER” CAMPUS STARTS SUNDAY The biggest battle ever filmed! Now see it on WIDE SCREEN! “A superlative motion pic- ture...brilliant...enchanting!” /V. Y. Herald-Tribune No. 1 Pat Boone In “ALL HANDS ON DECK” No. 2 Cary Grant In TNDISCREAT” No. 3 Elizabeth Taylor In ‘ELEPHANT WALK” LAURENCE OLIVIER in William Shausptart't Henry V In Technicolor Re-Released thru UNITED ARTISTS The p day in luring t Inderso lamera ioring t The : 21 on Allen a of Del is back< Orchest state-wi Phol For The Photo S ?raphy he Mer irday a The c rom co ’exas, L Picturi udged i [roups ews, sp erest ar First, rill be i nd an eclared. .U! ro AH-new Dressier Washable Ask for Polycryl slacks by FARAH MANUFACTURING CO., INC. EL PASO. TEXAS PEANUTS By Charles M. Schuh PEANUTS I DiDNTFEEt VERY WELL WHEN I GOT UP THIS M0RNIN6.. MY MOTHER ALMOST KEPT ME HOME FROM 5CH00L.. FINALLY, SHE DECIDED l‘D BETTER 60... YOU LOOKED LIRE YOU (UERE FEELING BETTER, HUH? NO, SHE HAD MY ) LUNCH ALL MADEjy Righ' wild | planr decis or re Whal tangi ecuti wait of a excii As a amp