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Officers Elected The Federation of A&M Mother’s Clubs Smith and Mrs. W. S. Brashears. Back row, elected new officers at the Memorial Stu- left to right, are Mrs. Victor Weber, Mrs. dent Center last Saturday. Front row, left C. I. Holliman, Mrs. D. W. Caswell Jr., Mrs. to right, are Mrs. J. Murray Hooke, Mrs. J. E. Roberts, Mrs. M. T. Harrington, Mrs. Bob H. Sharp, Mrs. Joe H. Ashy, Mrs. John Earl Rudder and Mrs. John G. Frank. Leslie, Mrs. Carroll W. Cox, Mrs. Joe A. AMONG Till: PROFS Four A&M Professors Author Teaching Booklet Four A&M professors are co authors of a booklet just off the press, “Handbook for Student Teaching.” The authors are Dr. Paul Hen- sarling, head of Department of Education and Psychology; Di\ Carl Landiss, professor of health and physical education; Dr. Leslie Hawkins, professor of industrial education; and O. M. Holt, associ ate professor of agricultural edu cation. The booklet was written under the direction of the Council On Teacher Education for student teachers, co-operating teachers, school administrators and college supervisors. Dr. Chris Groneman, head of the Department of Industrial Educa tion and co-ox'dinator of the Coun cil On Teacher Education, said the pui'pose of the handbook is to identify and clarify cei'tain ele- ments of the student teaching process. ★ ★ ★ Di’. Raymond Reiser, professor of biochemisti'y and nutrition, will present a paper at the Intei'na- tional Congress of Biochemical Problems of Lipids July 23-27 at Birmingham, England. The scientist will spend several weeks in Europe to give papers and to study reseai'ch develop ments at the Unilever Research Laboratories at Vlaaringen, Hol land; the Univei’sity or Dijon in France, and other places. ★ ★ ★ Dr. I. W. Rupel, head of the Department of Dairy Science, will be installed as president of the American Dairy Science Associa tion at its annual meetings June 7-14 at Beltsville, Md. Rupel will then tx-avel to Europe by way of Eastexm Asia and the Near Exist, visiting univei’sities and daii’y research activities en- route. He will be a delegate to the 16th Intei'national Dairy Conference Sept. 2-7 in Copenhagen. ★ ★ ★ Dr. A. B. Wooten, associate pro fessor in the Department of Agri cultural Economics and Sociology, will participate in a special series of two courses sponsored by the American Ixxstitute of Real Estate Appraisers June 18-July 14 at Southern Methodist Univei'sity. ★ ★ ★ Two members of the Depart ment of Education and Psycholo gy will be commencement speakex-s at high schools in this area. Dr. Paul Hensarling, head of the department, will address grad uating stpdents at Centerville May 22 and at Mexia May 29. Di\ Walter Varvel, professor of education and psychology, will de li v e r commencement addresses May 24 at Thorndal and May 25 at Kennard. ★ ★ ★ Dr. Paul Hensaxding, head of the Department of Education and Psy chology, will serve as consultant for the Texas Education Agency at two workshops. The workshops axre set Wednes day and Thux-sday at Odessa Col lege, Odessa; and May 21-22 for the Dallas School System at Dal las. Hensarling will seiwe on an ad visory committee on leadership training workshop px’ograms in general adult education. The com mittee is appointed by the State Board of Education. COLLEGE MASTER VI 6-4988 COLLEGE MASTER VI 6-4988 POWER YOUR PLAY LASTS LtiHGER ■ STAYS LIVELIER MOISTURE IMMUNE ashawav MULTI-PLY for Regular Play Approx. Stringing Cost & (t Iff ^fashion] Fashion Meets Valuft tfjieu/i hTruvat $395 Rich tone on tone striping m a cool elegantly styled cotton and rayon sport shirt. Vented sleeves with an added button treatment. Up-to-the-minute styling in a fine quality shirt. Select yours today! The Exchange Store “Serving Texas Aggies” YoungRepublicans WatcJlCS Given To Meet Thursday The Young Republicans Club will hold its final meeting of the year Thursday at the Memox-ial Student Center in Room 2-A at 7:30 p.m., accoi-ding to Joe Horn, club chaii'- man. J. J. Treacy of the Department of Economics will speak on “The Fiscal Policy of the Federal Gov ernment,” Horn announced. Plans for next year’s membership drive will also be discussed. Former Fish Drill Team Members To Hold Fete At Lake The Association of Former Fish Drill Team Membex's will hold a picnic Thursday evening to honor new members from the current Freshman Drill Team. Roger John, president, advises that the picnic will be held at Hill top Lake Thursdxiy, at 5:30 p.m. Tickets for the picnic will cost $1 each, John stated. The tickets may be purchased fx'om various members of the association. Bar becued beef plates and cold drhxks will be sexwed at the picnic. Plaxxs and ideas for the drill team competitioxx scheduled for next December will be informally discussed at the picnic, John said. The association plans to invite drill teams froxxi colleges and high schools throughout the southwest to this competition. To First Place Math Winners John M. Fitts, ’64 electrical en gineering student from Midland, axxd Alexander H. Treadway, ’63 aeronautical engineering stxxdent from Dallas, captured first place spots in the annual Mathematics Contests conducted last week by the Department of Mathematics. Both first place awards are en- gx'aved wrist watches. Second place in the sophoxxxore contest, with an award of $15, went to Jerry L. Burnett, mathe matics major from Brownsville. John C. Holliman, chemical engi neering student from Dallas, won the thix-d sophomore px-ize of $10. Winner of second place and $15 in the freshman contest was Mich ael E. Dux-bin, mathematics major fx'om Dallas, while the third fresh man px-ize of $10 went to David A. Borg, aeronautical engineering student from Corsicana. The contests, each consisting of two-hour examinations, wex-e held Tuesday, May 1, with nineteen fx-eshmen and eleven sophomores participating. All awards in the freshman contest and the second and third sophomore awards are provided by the Robexrt F. Smith Memorial Fund. COLLEGE MASTER VI 6-4988 THE BATTALION Wednesday, May 16, 1962 College Station, Texa* Page 3 HOW THE PITCHERS GANGED UP ON NORM CASH Norm Cash is the Tiger’s fair haired boy. But to enemy pitchers, he’s a prime target for bean balls. In this week’s Post, you’ll meet the A.L. batting champ. And learn how the pitchers put him to a grueling test last spring. The Saturday Evening MAY 19 ISSUE/NOW ON SALE College Students For Summer Work International firm to hire 30 stu dents for summer months—June - July - August to assist man ager of New Products Division. Must be free to travel in Texas — Have drivers license. Must be personable with pleas ant speaking voice. OVER AND ABOVE WEEKLY PAY CHECKS: COMPETE WITH FELLOW STUDENTS FOR: (A) $2,000 Cash Scholarship (B) Additional $1,000 Cash Scholarships Awarded Weekly. (C) To win one of many jet plane trips around the world (D) To win one of the Austin- Healy sportcars. Win One Or All Write immediately for appoint ment: Personnel Director. Suite 929 Bankers Mortgage Bldg. 708 Main Street, Houston, Tex. or Call CA 8-9804 for Personal Appt: Interviewing Saturdays 10: a. m. and Sunday 11:00 a. mu lively Beth Hofstetter, Ohio State ’64 . This lively Homecoming Queen hails from Chardon, Ohio, and will be a June bride this yea*° lives it cp with this lively One Hom loro’62: w- (' ^ v > V ' : ( v > ( the lively New Thonderbird .Sports Roadster ! Lively Beth Hofstetter enjoys steak, ice cream, and the rousing Thunderbird Sports Roadster. 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