The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, May 08, 1962, Image 3

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ed "‘he F| I® it i s _ ^6 iMeJi, ■or Can —Service Foreipi Ci nu tUJJUUH CAPTIVE CARPOOL MEMPHIS, Tenn. (i^)—Mrs. J. B. Flanagan drives the quietest car- pool in town. Her five little kindergarten pas sengers never leap about, crawl over car seats or wrestle on the floor. Seat belts, that’s why. She tucks two into each belt on the back seat and one in the front. COLLEGE MASTER VI 6-4988 J7L Wc omcin j WoM EXCLUSIVE! JACKIE TALKS ABOUT HER INDIA TRIP “I'm glad I went,” said Mrs. Ken nedy on the plane home, “but I’d never take a trip like this again without Jack.” In an exclusive fem inine chat in this week's Post, Jackie tells why she hates the limelight. How she put her foot down when the Secret Service tried to spoil her fun. And how she managed to keep look ing cool under the blazing Indian sun. The Saturday Evening I JMT Vm'T' --/NOW JL ^y ON SALE ~— HEKE’S YOU* BEST PORCH SHADE BUY! 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'fa fa 'fa Aggie Wives Council will meet at 7:30 p. m. in the YMCA Building next Monday. They urge that all new rep resentatives please be present. ~fa ~fa 'fa Civil Engineering Wives Club will meet next Monday night at 8 in the South Solarium of the YMCA Building. They will elect officers for the next term. fa fa fa The Aggie Wives Babysitting Co-op will continue to hold their meetings the first Monday in the month through the summer. If you cannot attend but would like to become a member, call Mrs. Judy Morrison at VI 6-7507 after 5 p. m. The group met in the home of Mrs. R. E. Branson Monday night. THE BATTALION Tuesday, May 8, 1962 College Station, Texas Page 3 Cushing Memorial Library Presented Rare Lithographs Sandlin Chosen As Boy Of The Month John Sandlin, senior student at Stephen F. Austin High School in Bryan, has been chosen Boy-of-the- Month by the Exchange Club of Bryan-College Station, for the month of May. The Exchange Club honored Sandlin Monday at their noon meet ing at the Triangle Restaurant, where he was presented a certifi cate by 'W. R. Matthews, president of the club. Sandlin is in the top quarter of his graduating class with a grade average of 3.55 out of a possible 4.00, has been active in the mathe matics club and in Hi-Y. Last summer he attended A&M where he participated in the science pro gram for high school students. During the past year he was chos en as delegate to Boy’s State from this area. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sandlin, John lives at 401 Helena Street, Bryan. Appointed Physiologist Richard H. Zimmerman has been appointed as physiol ogist with the Texas Forest Service here. He will con duct work on the Tree Im provement Program. Award Created For AF Cadets This summer outstanding Air Force ROTC cadets will he selected to receive the newly designed Com mandant’s Award. Col. William C. Lindley, com- .mandant of AFROTC, Maxwell AFFB, described the award as a 3-inch oxidized, bronze inedallion recessed in a block of highly po lished walnut. The award will be presented to the top cadet in each summer training unit at 19 separate train ing units located on 14 different Air Force bases. Those recipients may use the a- ward as either a desk paper weight or wall plaque. Rare lithographs based upon da- guerotype photographs taken of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil approxi mately 140 years ago have been presented to the Cushing Memori al Library by a former student. The donor is J. E. (Lindy) Mil- lender, a member of the Class of 191,2 and longtime resident of Porto Alegre in southern Brazil. Retired now, he spends half of the year in Texas and the balance of his time in Porto Alegre. Millender served for 30 years as executive of the power and light company in Porto Alegre. He grad uated from A&M with a degree in civil engineering. President Earl Rudder accepted the five works of art. Library Director Robert A. Hou- ze said the lithographs, which are finished in beautiful water colors, will be hung in the Reserve and Required Reading Room. Other works of art donated earlier by C. C. Krueger, a classmate of Mil- linder’s, hang in the library. Millender explained the history of the lithographs, so far as he has been able to learn it, as fol lows: Ten views of Rio de Janeiro were photographed about 140 year ago by the daguerrotype process. Taken to France, which then was the world leader in this field, the photographs were enlarged and lithographic stones then prepared. One stone was prepared for each of the 10 views, and 10 copies could be run off before the etching in the stone wore away. Thus, only 100 copies of the prints — 10 sets — ever were prepared. The only person known to have a complete collection of the views PRO-CORPS .... (Continued From Page 1) fall. Funds are also earmarked for issuing- each cadet an additional pair of shoes and sewing patches on shirts before they are issued. In the distant future, new dress uniforms for both winter and sp ring wear are being planned. • All men of college age need and can benefit from a military educational background. Such an education will teach a student dis cipline in both taking instructions and orders, and responsibility in giving commands and then assur ing that they are carried out. The military program also allows a student to qualify for a reserve or active commission while still gaining a college degree. • Students in the advanced stages of both military and air science receive government com pensation for' their efforts. In many instances this money, though 0, 3cli^ Has PowerTop, MM (costs less than manual top jobs!) Name: Rambler American “400" Convertible. Power-operated top. Price: Lowest of any U. S. convertible. Travel restrictions: None (has 125- HP overhead-valve engine’ plus five transmis sion choices. Bucket seats, optional). Honors: Economics (has won both major 1962 economy runs—beating all other compacts entered). In terviews: At your Rambler dealer’s. c^^^Amcriean Motors Means More for Americans only around $30 per month, is enough to assure that a student ca'n remafn in school without fin ancial worries. • Since government uniforms are issued to cadets, students find their clothing costs are less than at civilian schools. This in some cases will determine whether a student of meager means decides to attempt to obtain a college edu cation. • Dormitory life in the Corps of Cadets teaches men one of their most important lessons in life — how to live with their fellow man. Friendships in the Corps often re main lasting for a person’s life time, and are invaluable assets in later years. • A&M’s reputation as one of the outstanding military schools in the United States would dwindle to a memory. The school produc ed more officers in World War II than any other U. S. service school and has also produced six winners of the Congressional Modal of Honor. • Many of A&M’s most produc tive recruiting mediums, such as Corps trips and football games, would lose much of them appeal, especially to high school students that are prospective Aggies. The loss of these things would also greatly hamper social life among students. ANTI-CORPS (Continued From Page 1) high-ranking students to object to military training. • Students would be free to choose whether they wish to be in the Corps, and could first per sonally evaluate the organization before committing themselves for two or more years. Since many stu dents are at A&M for more than four years, many who first choose to be civilians could later become cadets and still spend four full years in the Corps. • Military instruction, both in military and air science, could pro gress further, especially in the in itial two years. Students would be more anxious to learn, and in structors could spend less time on one subject and therefore cover more topics. This would eventually affect the ratings A&M cadets receive at summer camp against other cadets, and would give A&M an even higher rating. • The argument that a fresh man needs two years of Corps guid ance is rather invalid when com pared with the fact that thousands of student successfully adjust to college life at other schools. • Too often the Corps fosters as many or more bad habits than it develops good ones. This is parti- 3-in-1 HOME ENTERTAINMENT By Curtis Mathes Deluxe 23” TV AM-FM Radio with AFC—Stereo Hi-Fidelity Fhono — Handwired power transformer chassis — Top tuning — Mahogany-Walnut slightly higher. Only $ 299 95 With Trade Up to 3 years to pay Fit'll Payment in June Gil s Radio &. TV 2403 S. College TA 2-0826 1 cularly evident in a person’s abili ty to be at ease in a social gather ing. • Because the Corps takes so much time from a man’s studies, it very easily can cause a student to develop a poor attitude toward his academic work. He may become prone to just get by, rather than attempt to excell. • When a student enrolls in a college or university, he wants to have the opportunity to think as freely and act as freely (provid ed that he stays within the bound aries of law) as is possible that he may seek out as much knowledge and truth as is possible. The Corps of Cadets, in some instances, subjects a student to control that hinders this freedom and thus detracts from his educa tion. EVERY v COLLEGE STUDENTv CAN BENEFIT By reading this book An understanding of the truth contained in Science and Health with Key to the Scrip tures By Mary Baker Eddy can remove the pressure which con cerns today’s college student upon whom increasing de mands are being made for academic excellence. , Free to You for 30 Days Science and Health may be read, borrowed, or purchased for $3 at any Christian Scierice Reading Room. On request a copy will be mailed to you post paid. After 30 days you may keep the book by remitting the cost or return it to the Reading Room in the mailing carton provided. Information about Science and Health may also be ob tained on campus through the Christian Science Organization The A&M College of Texas Box 393 College Station 7:30 p.m. Wednesday Brooks Room YMCA is Sir Henry Lynch, who manages the Brazilian banking interests of the Rothschilds. He helped Mil- lender acquire the five lithographs given to the library. The views, in addition to their beauty, are interesting to histor ians for they show ai’eas as they existed before the city grew to its present size. For example, famed Copacabana Beach is bordered by only a thin line of residences. COLLEGE MASTER VI 6-4988 Are you a one pat or a two pat man? Vitalis with V-71<eeps your hair neat all day without grease. Naturally. V-7® is the greaseless grooming discovery. Vitalis® with V-7 fights embarrassing dandruff, prevents dryness, keeps your hair neat all day without grease. 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