The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, April 06, 1962, Image 4

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Pag^e 4 College Station, Texas Friday, April 6, 19G2 THE BATTALION Ag Peace Corpsman Leaving For Assignment Bud H. Driver Jr., probably the i from A&M, will leave, his training i Reservation soon to travel to South first bona fide Peace Corps member | post at the Gila River Indian | America, said Dr. Dan Russell, liaison officer for the corps here. DANCE PERKONES LOUNGE FRIDAY NIGHT JOE DANIEL and his Six Piece Combo SATURDAY NIGHT THE STARDUSTERS COUPLES ONLY—FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NITES All Music Entertainers Are Welcome For Jam Sessions. Sunday 1 to 12. Best Entertainers Wins Trophy. Managed By Vince Palasota HENRY L. SCOTT A TOWN HALL PRESENTATION Monday, April 9 and Tuesday, April 10 at 8 P. M. GUION HALL Admission: By Season Ticket or Student Activity Card Tickets will only be sold at the door Reserved $3.00 — General Admission $2.50 High School Students and Under $1.00 Doors Open At 7 P. M. SEDUCTIVE Lady Godiva in blushing technicolor TONIGHT MSC BALLROOM 7:30 and 9:15 Admission 40 Cents CAMPUS “SEVEN WOMEN FROM HELL , STARTS SUNDAY These Girls ef&Tnniarii Mfei) jPf 2K fating Wtfi (k&0@2ikti SIDNEY GILLIAT and FRANK LAUNDER CECIL GEORGE JOYCE PARKER-COLE-GRENFELL THE PURE HELL OF ST. TRINIAN'S TwM ii STARTS TUESDAY DOUBLE FEATURE AN M-G-M PICTURE VAN JOHNSON HEROES OF THE 442., REGIMENTAL COMBAT TEAM '-k k -k -k -k -tc -k Driver, who graduated last year majoring in English, is one of the 61 corps volunteers being trained at Arizona State University for a mission to Colombia, S.A. He lived a week on the Indian reservation to become acquainted with a different culture from that of his own. Driver and other trainees just completed an inten sive study course at ASU to pre pare them for foreign service. Peace Corps studies for the two- year Colombian mission include Spanish, industrial arts, agricul ture, first aid, physical condition ing and the history and politics of the United States and Colombia. FRIDAY , “WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND” with Hayley Mills Plus ‘ALL IN A NIGHT’S WORK” with Dean Martin and Cartoon — “Planet Mouseola” SATURDAY “BORN TO SPEED” with Sands “DEVIL ON WHEELS” with Lane “THE BIG NIGHT” with Randy Sparks “LOOK IN ANY WINDOW’ with Paul Alika Also Cartoon, “Bats in the Belfry’ SUNDAY THRU TUESDAY “BABES IN TOYLAND” with Ray Bolger “HOME FROM THE HILLS’ with Robert Mitchum and Cartoon — “Apes of Wrath’ PALACE Bryan Z‘SS79 TODAY & SATURDAY The Year’s II Most Moving Drama! ■ ^ Tony GuhtiS UTSlDER Saturday Nite Preview 11 p.m. “THE DAY THE EARTH CAUGHT FIRE” QUEEN DOUBLE FEATURE “ASK ANY GIRL” & “APRIL LOVE” CIRCLE LAST NITE 1st Show 7:00 Frank Sinatra Nite 2 BIG SHOWS “NEVER SO FEW” with Steve McQueen & “SGTS 3” with Dean Martin SATURDAY NITE ONLY 3 OUTDOOR HITS “ROCKET ATTACK U. S. A. & PILLARS OF THE SKY” with Jeff Chandler (In Color) & “BRIGHT LEAF” with Gary Cooper STARTS SUNDAY Gregory Peck In “GUNS OF NAVARONE” & Audie Murphy In “DESTRY” TO UNSNARL TRAFFIC Kennedy Asks Ai For City Plans A&M Peace Corpsman Bud H. Driver Jr., ’61, is learning the fine art of tortilla making from Jo Ann Reams, a Pima Indian living on a reservation where Driver is training for a Peace Corps mis sion to Colombia, South America. Kramer Named Manager Of AFB Plant When A&M formally takes charge of the Bryan Air Force Base, A. L. Kramer, Engineering Extension Service, will assume pro tern duties as manager of the new facility. These duties will include super- Peace Corps Exams Set Here April 21 Peace Corps examinations will be held at all Post Offices on April 21, at 8:30 a.m. Tests will be given to all applicants in fields such as agriculture, manual arts, engineer ing, teaching, health work and science. Brazos Bowmen Set Club Clout Shoot An archery club clout shoot will be sponsored by the Brazos Bow men at 2 p.m., April 8. The long range accuracy contest will be held on the civil engineering field. Robert Barnes, the club presi dent, said that the entry fee is $1 per person. vision of all facilities regarding development and maintenance, de termining general condition of utilities and equipment, allocating buildings and space as directed and handling requests for modifi cations and repairs to existing buildings and facilities. Kramer’s present duties as co ordinator of the Heavy Equipment Training School will continue dur ing his temporary appointment which was made by President Earl Rudder. The Engineering Extension Service was one of the first cam pus facilities to decide moving to the base. Kramer’s offer to as sume temporary management du ties was confirmed by Rudder. The base is not yet officially owned by A&M, but is under the jurisdiction of the Air Force, the General Services Administration and the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, according to Kramer. He said, “The deed of owner ship has already been prepared and is under advisement of Pres ident Rudder’s office. We expect him to announce the transfer sometime this month.” WASHINGTON <A») — President Kennedy asked Congress Thursday for $500 million over the next three years as a first step toward helping cities unsnarl traffic fa cilities outmoded by mushrooming suburbs and growing use of autos. And Kennedy held out hope that air, rail and bus travelers can enjoy bargain rates by recom nending that Congress remove .'ederul control over minimum in tercity fares. This was the high light of his call for a drastic over haul of what the President de scribes as “a chaotic patchwork of inconsistent and often obso lete” laws and rules governing ransportation. Kennedy said he is convinced ‘that less federal regulation and subsidization is in the long run a prime prerequisite of a healthy intercity transportation network. The chief executive’s 10,000- word message spelled out his so lutions for pressing problems ‘burdening our national transpor tation system, jeopardizing the progress and security on which we depend.” He ignored former President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s recom mendation for creation of a gov ernment department of transpor tation. The message, canceled last year and delayed this year, is the last of several Kennedy has sent to Congress detailing his pro posals for the nation. Chairman Warren G. Magnuson, D-Wash., of the Senate Commerce Committee which handles legisla tion in this field, said some of Kennedy’s proposals were contro versial but that the message rep resents a step forward. “For the first time in many years the administration has dem onstrated its concern about our national transportation system and has taken an affirmative position on ways to improve it, both from the point of view of the carrier and the shipper,” he added. Kennedy asked Congress to make available $100 million dur ing the fiscal year starting July 1 as the first installment of his $500-million program to help ci ties untangle their traffic prob lems. The money would be made available to public agencies in the form of direct grants to be matched by local, nonfedera! tributions. The President also aslied Congress: 1. Provide federal loans {9 ban mass transportation bj moving the time limit on fo million loan authorization 1 last year. 2. Authorize for three ; emergency grants for mass: portation undertakings. In addition to calling f: moval of federal controi; minimum intercity passengei’j Kennedy urged that the flv removed from minimum ratt|$ bulk cargo and agricultural fishery products. These three, he said, “rels: the most critical—and coabi sial—problems of unnecessar) unequal regulatory curbs on portation.” Kennedy spoke of e experimentation in the field but did not spell this say exactly where bargain :\ might be offered. Inthera airlines, however, he sak change might be started gradual or temporary basis. Kennedy suggested dial gress make certain there are guards to prevent removal a minimum rate controls from ing to “predatory, discrimiii trade practices or rate wan fleeting monopolistic amir rather than true efficiency." The President repeated his posals for tax changes ia transportation field and u again on Congress to takes operating subsidies from the mestic trunk air carriers. Design Engineer! Speak At BSUM« Don Dixon will be the bjfl speaker Monday night attheEi tist Student Union Vesper Se ice, 7 p.m., at the Baptist St;:; Center. His message will Ini the first of a series of discM the relation of the Chris: life to one’s vocation. Each: ceeding session will feature oii prominent businessmen. Dixon is presently empIop/J design and test engineer'd Freidrick Refrigerators ini Antonio. "Tareyton's Dual Filter in duas partes divisa est!* says Titus (Pretzel Bender) Ursus, darling of the Coliseum crowd. Says Pretzel Bender, “After the amphitheater I relax and have a Tarey ton. Amo, amas... everyone amat Tareyton. Et tu will, too. Tareyton’s one filter cigarette that really pure white delivers de gustibus.” OUTER filter ACTIVATED CHARCOAL INNER FILTER DUAL FILTER Tareyton Product of c/&idnaumn <./<j{f<ieee>-£onyxan^— c/oi^cero- is our middle name <fc. rn