The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, April 06, 1962, Image 3

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Admission: By Season Tickets or Student Activity Card
Tickets will only be sold at the door
Reserved $3.00 — General Admission $2.50
High School Students and Under $1.00
Doors Open At 7 P. M.
College Station, Texas
T*age 51
Sound Off: Candidates Tell Qualifications 1
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common sense and good judge
ment, can make our activities a
source of pride to all concern
ed. As president, it is toward
this goal that I would strive.
Mike Lutich, ’64
» Candidate for President
The Battalion:
I, Byrom T. Wehner, am privi
leged to be a candidate for presi
dent of the Class of ’64.
If elected, I will represent and
promote the best interests of the
Class of ’64 to the best of my
ability. I will promote harmony
and cooperation in corps-civil
ian relations in every possible
way. I will strive to bring to
the civilian members of my class
the representation which they
need and to which they are entitl
ed. Long steps to end certain
detrimental rivalries may best
be taken through civilian repre
sentation in class offices. Final
ly, I will maintain the integrity
of the A&M student body, and
support and defend student rights
in any possible way. I will great
ly appreciate the votes of my
fellow class members.
May I remind every student —-
civilian and corps — to vote in
the election of class officers.
None of us can justily criticize
officers whom we did not help
to elect or defeat by our votes.
Thank you.
Byrom T. Wehner, ’64
Candidate for President
Social Secretary
The Battalion:
To the members of the Class
of ’64 holding the best interest
of their class at heart.
After two years of observing
the operation of our class, I
feel that I can now contribute to
the successful government and
management of this class if I
am placed in the position of so
cial secretary.
One of the main jobs of the
social secretary is to work with
the class vice president in pre
paring and executing the Junior
Prom that will be a model for
the ones to come. >
I feel that I am capable of a
coordinated effort with the other
officers in my class with the
interest of our class always fore
most in my action.
I pledge to execute the duties
of my office to the very best
of my ability if offered the
chance to represent you, the
members of the Class of ’64, as
your junior class social secretary.
Robert E. “Brunk”
Brunkenhoefer, ’64
Candidate for
Social Secretary
Junior Yell Leader
The Battalion:
I, Richard Jeffery, am a candi
date for the position of junior
yell leader, I feel that I am fully
qualified for the position and I
intend to perform the functions
of this office to the best of my
ability if elected by the mem
bers of my class.
I intend to contribute every
facility at my disposal toward
the advancement of my class and
college and toward the following
A&M College, as one of the
leading colleges in the United
States, must lead our conference
by setting the highest standards
of sportsmanship in our confer
The spirit and traditions of
this institution are of such great
importance to our class and to
past and futui’e generations of
Aggies that they must be pre
served and nurtured; and, rather
than permit these to continue in
their present stature, they must
be made to grow.
A coordinated effort on the
part of the two junior yell lead
ers must be made to maintain
and increase the high spirit and
love of school which exists in our
These ideals must be instilled
in the classes to follow.
Richard Jeffery, ’64
Candidate for Yell Leadeer
The Battalion:
There is not a member of the
Class of ’64 who could not be an
Aggie yell leader. The position
is therefore a very hard one to
fill because the person who fills
this place of honor must re
present his school as well as his
class. The candidate who is elect
ed to this position should be the
one who knows his class members
and his class members should
know him. It is his duty to let
his class members know that he
would like to represent them as
a yell leader.
Experience also plays a vital
part in considering a yell lead
er. As a fish yell leader, I was
proud and honored to repre
sent my school and the Class of
’64. I realize that this position
is time consuming and demand
ing but I am willing to sacri
fice my time if I am honored
with the position of yell leader.
On Wednesday, April 11, you,
the Class of ’64 will elect two
yell leaders who will represent
your school, its spirit, and our
class. I would sincerely appreci
ate your consideration in letting
me fill one of these positions.
Earl (Ricky) Shaw, ’64
Candidate for Yell Leader
★ ★ ★
Tisdale Running
For ’65 Veep
The Battalion
My name is Garry Tisdale. T
am running for the office of vice
president of the Class of ’65. In
the election next Wednesday,
April 11, I urge you to exercise
the privilege and obligation you
have in electing your own class
I sincerely want to represent
you as your next vice president,
so on election day remember to
vote, and vote for fish Tisdale
for vice president,
nwe-e.... ulte,eew weSee
Garry Lee Tisdale, ’65
Candidate for
Vice President
Sec Spot Sought
The Battalion:
Next week the election of class
officers will take place. I will
be running for secretary of your
class. If elected, I’ll do my ut
most to help the other officers
rnake the Class of ’65 a swinging
I think that my grades allow
roe the time necessary to carry
cmt the secretary’s job effective
ly. I urge every one of you to
get out next Wednesday and
help elect your officers. I can’t
promise you a girl in every hole,
or free beer in the mess hall,
but if you do choose to give me
your vote, I guarantee you that
you won’t be disappointed.
Jim Burns, ’65
Candidate for Secretary
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