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Page 8 College Station, Texas Thursday, May 26, 1960 THE BATTALION Track Meet Writes Fiiiis!i To Intramural Events For Year By AL VELA Battalion Staff Writer The 1959-00 intramural program ended this week with intramural track. The intramural flag will be awarded Saturday at final re view. The track results in Class A showed Co. F-l winning first place with a total of 80 points. Second was Co. A-l, third was Co. E-2, fourth was Co. G-2, and there was a two-way tie for fifth place be tween Co. F-2 and Sq. 12. Sq. 12 captured the number one place in the Class B standings with a total of 80 points. Second was Co. A-l, third was Sq. 2, Sq. 11 was in fourth place, and there was also a two-way tie for fifth place between Sq. 1 and Co. F-l. The finals in Class A 440-yard dash showed Bowers of Co. H-l winning the event with a time of 52:9. Second was Edgington of Mitchell, Miller of Co. F-l was tied for third along with Pope also of Co. F-l. In the Class B 440-yard dash Cooksey of Sq. 12 won the event with a time of 53:2. Drawer of Co. F-l was second, Garrett of Sq. 3 was third, Mayo of Sq. 11 ran in fourth place and Burnett of Sq. 12 was fifth. Co. A-l won. the Class A '440- yard relay with a time of 45:5. Co. F-l won second place, Co. E-2 ran in third place and Sq. fourth. 11 placed The Class B 440-yard relay show ed Co. A-l winning the event with a 46 flat time. In second place was Sq. 12, Sq. 11 ran in third place, Co. G-2 was fourth and Sq. ”2 placed fifth. Arnold of Hart won the Class A 120-low hurdles with a time of 14.9. Second was Fort of Co. K-2, third was Carlstrom of Sq. 8 and in fourth place was Swafford of Co. D-l. The Class B 120-low hurdles was won by Watking of Sq. 11 in 14.1 time. Ditrice of Co. A-l was sec ond, Roden of Co. A-l was third, Stone of Sq. 12 was fourth and in fifth place was Collins of Sq. 10. Co. A-2 won the Class B 880- Playoff Scheduled For Texas-Houston A “sudden death” playoff is scheduled in Austin May 31 be tween the Houston Cougars and Texas Longhorns to determine the District 6 representatives in the NCAA baseball tourney. Texas won the Southwest Con ference championship and Houston defeated Cincinnati to take the Missouri Valley Conference title. -GRADUATING SENIORS- —WE WISH TO SAY— —THANK YOU— For The Business You Have Given Us—And —BEST WISHES— —For Your Success In Life— Remember To Put In A Good Word For Us To Your High School Buddies Who Are Coming Here ZUBIK'S Uniform Tailors COPYRIGHT 1957 THE COCA-COLA COMPANY 'We’d like to admit right here and now that the main reason we run advertisements like this is to get you, dear reader, to drink Coca-Cola to the virtual exclusion of all other beverages. The sooner you start going along with us, the sooner weTl both begin to get more out of life. BE REALLY REFRESHED Bottled under authority of The Coca-Cola Company bv BRYAN COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY yard with a time of 2:09.4. Second was Co. A-l, third was Co. G-l, Co. F-2 same fourth, and Sq. 12 was fifth. In the Class A 100-yard dash Hale of Go. F-2 won the event with a 10.1 time. Second was Tew of Co. E-2, McGinty of Co. G-2 SERVING BRYAN and COLLEGE STATION -y.t- ^ SAM HOUSTON ZEPHYR Lv. N. Zufch 10:08 a.m. Ar. Dallas . . 12:47 p.m. Lv. N. Zulch Ar. Houston 7:31 p.m. 9:25 p.m. FORT WORTH AND DENVER RAILWAY N. L. CRYAR, Agent Phone 15 • NORTH ZULCH Read Battalion Classifieds ARMY, WHAT IS AGGIELAND TO YOU? Aggieland means many different things to many different people. To some it is the place they met their lifetime friends and received their formal education, to others it is the place they learned how to be a man and to get along with their fellow man. Although Aggieland may have a special meaning for each Aggie, ail have memories of yelling for that Fightin’ Aggie Team as we beat T. U. or of singing The Twelfth Man when we didn’t yell loud enough. Army, when we go home after these finals let’s throw our chests out and tell the world that we are proud to he a Fightin’ Texas Aggie. Let’s keep alive the heritage left to us by our buddies we’ve honored with Silver Taps who are no longer able to share it with us. Ole Army Lou ’32 FREE MALT or SHAKE With The Purchase Of One 35c RAO-Burger Lb. Of Meat) Plus Your I. D. CARD Phone and Go VI 6-4887 At The College Circle VI 6-4887 WHATS A BOOK? Do You — as a student — know the definition of a book? Here’s how G. & C. Merriam Company of Springfield, Mass, defines a book in the latest edition of the world’s most popular Webster’s NEW COLLEGIATE DICTIONARY. in pi. book, mans i general wrote runes on pieces of beechen board.J 1. A written or rinted narrative or record, or series of them; esp., a literary composi- 2. A set of sheets, as of woo l, ivory, or paper, strung or bound sr; as, a loose-leaf notebook. 3. A major division of a treatise literary work; as, six books of the Aeneid. 4. [cap.] The Bible; or literary work; as, six books oi the Aeneid. leap.] ine Bible; also [not cap ], one of its subdivisions. 5. Anything that may be studied like a book; as, the book of nature. 6. A libretto; hence, the text of a play. 7. A packet, as of stamps or gold leaf. 8. A record of bets, esp. of bets on horse races. 9. Card Playing. A certain number of tricks or of cards forming a set, won or held by one side. tjT Combinations and phras: bookbii bookcase bookcraft es are: bookloV' ery bookra* ing boolcre; bookael bookshi -St Her bookshop bookstack bookstall bookstand ■ witr In favor with >ook(s). A feat or fact worthy of entry in the recoi • v: t. 4 i. 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