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The Battalion College Station (Brazos County), Texas PAGE 2 Tuesday, October 8, 1957 Cadet Slouch by Jim Earle Man to Man By JOE TIN DEL Another week has gone by and mid-semester grade reports look closer every minute. Talking to some Ags has made me suspect they won’t be too happy to see the report. Oh well! That’s typical of Aggieiahd this time of the year. One thing nice about it. No spring fever—just foot ball fever. ★ ★ ★ Two weeks ago I was commenting in this column on the new course on American political parties being' tutored by P. J. Woods. I said “currently, P. J. Woods is teaching the course”. He remarked the other day: “What do you mean ‘currently’? As. far as I know 1 will continue to teach the course for some time.” ★ ★ ★ Saturday’s game with Missouri sounded more like the Southwest Conference champions of 1956. It was most reassuring to hear Crow back in the game again as well as Krueger hitting his All-American stride. Next week’s game with University of Houston should show just how good the Aggies are. ★ ★ ★ Those who have never seen the Four Freshmen have really missed a good show. Tonight is the finest opportunity you’ll have to see them perform. ★ ★ ★ Freshmen who have not yet begun to participate in some of the extra-curricular activities around the campus are missing half their education. There’s more to be learned than that which comes from books. ★ ★ ★ Uennie Zinn, head of Student Affairs, gave what seemed to he one of the most inspiring talks made in some time the other night at Civilian Student Council meeting. Every word he said was true and it be hooves every Civilian student to take a more active interest in campus life than in the past. ★ ★ ★ Until next Tuesday, beat the H - - - out of UofH arid “Win that party!” LETTERS Editor The 'Battalion What is this that we read about “Aggies Say ‘Nix’ To Co-educa tion” ? It seems to us that this was mainly the Corps talking. What is wrong with them ? Don’t they know what coeds are? Marvin Jetton ’57 Jim Striithwolf ’59 (Editor’s note: The Battalion Welcomes letters from its readers. This column is the best place to express your views. Write, biit please keep them short like this letter.) .t-M ' " N't. Jon Lewis Hagler 'mm DO SPUD AND SPACE EXCITE ¥00? You can be a career speed merchant if you're an engineer. You (nay make history, if you choos« Chance Vought, whose Crusader fighter has set three national records. Ask about exciting assign ments on our 1,006-plus-mph Regu/us II missile and on other projects pro grammed for our 3;8o0-mph wind tunnel. OUS REPRESENTATIVE WILL EE IN ¥0151? PIACU^HU CUKE OLtOBLK 21 -22 ► Jk m kyMA ,'Fur o H A N C p a r a r g o O A L L A ® > T e X A 3 The Editorial Policy of The Battalion Represents the Views of the Student Editors The Battalion, daily newspaper of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas and the City of College Station, is published by students in the Office of Student Publications sis a non-profit educational service. The Director of Student Publications is Ross Strader. The governing body of all student publications of the A.&M'. College °f Texas is the Student Publications Board. Faculty members are Dr. Carroll D. Laverty, Chairman; Prof. Donald D. Burchard, Prof. Robert M. Stevenson and Mr. Bennie Zinn. Student members are W. T. Williams, John Avant and Billy W. I Vby. Ex - officio members are Mr. Charles Roeber, and Ross Strader, Secretary. Tne Battalion is published four times a week during the regular school year and once a week during the summer and vacation and examination periods. 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Rights of republication of all other matter herein are also reserved. * News contributions may be made by telephone (VI 6-6618 or VI- 6-4010) or at the editorial office room, on the ground floor of the YMEA. Classified ads may be placed by telephont (VI 6-6415) or at the Student Publications Office, ground floor of the YMCA. JOE TIN DEL Editor Jim Neighbors -. Managing Editor Gary Rollins : Sports Editor Joy Roper — Society Editor Gayle McNutt, Val Polk City Editors Joe Buser, Fred Meurer News Editors Jim Carrel 1 . Assistant Sports Editor Robert Week ley, Holim Kim, David Stoker, Johnny Johnson, John Warner, Ronbld Easley, Lewis Reddell Reporters Raoul Roth, Buddy Rogers . News Photographers Francis Nivers Sports Photographer Johnny Barger CHS Correspondent George Wise ,.... Circulation Manager / Highlights and Sidelights From Your State Capitol ill JM By VERN SANFORD Texas Press Association AUSTIN, Tex. — Gov. Price Daniel apparently is going all out to get the balance of his 1957-58 program adopted into law. Special legislative session be gins Oct. 14. In recent speeches over the state Daniel has plugged for lob by control and a crime commis sion. More talks were scheduled —-one on water conservation in San Antonio and another in Lib erty. In addition, the governor has made some outspoken statements on federal-state relationships. Excerpts from his busy round: CRIME—Present criminal code, says the governor, “is so anti quated that it protects the con victed criminal more than it pro tects the public.” He asked for a state law en forcement study commission that would make recommendations to the next regular Legislature on how crime and highway accidents can be reduced. Texas crime rate is rising fast er than its population, 46 per cent of it by juveniles, said Dan iel. (A recent FBI survey showed that during the first half of 1957 Texas has had an increase, up to nearly 10 per cent over 1956, in every type of major crime.) LOBBY CONTROL—Opponents of this bill are trying “to picture it as a sti'Uggle between business and labor,” said the governor. “This is ridiculous . . . the bill would require registration of those employed by both labor and industry to influence legislation. “Vast majority of Austin lob byists are legitimate operators who identify themselves and hon estly perform their work. They have nothing to fear from this bill.” Opponents of the bill, said Dan iel, are “modern-day carpetbag gers who hide their identity and improper expenditures.” SAM HOUSTON ZEPHYR lv. N. Zulch 10:08 c*.m. Ar. Dallas . . 12:47 p.m. Lv. N. ZuBch Ar. Houston 7:28 p.m. 9:15 p.m. FORT WORTH and DENVER RAILWAY N. L. CRYABt, Agent Phone 15 • NORTH ZULCH ‘6&*>T FOOTfbALL WEEKEMD I EVER MAD.&UT IP | MAD IT TO DO OVER, I’D *=>&£ TM' GAME.'" Jon Hagler, Corps Commander Never Dreamed He’d Lead Corps By GAYLE McNUTT Three years ago the last thing to enter the mind of a short- haired “B” Field Artillery fresh man from LaGrange was becom ing Commander of the Corps of Cadets. But that is exactly the goal attained by Jon L. Hagler. Hagler, like most Aggies, does not know exactly what prompted him to come to A&M. He said since A&M has the best School of Agriculture in the state,, it just seemed the logical place to go since he intended to major in ag ricultural economics. He said he was also drawn by the leadership advantages of A&M. “But I never even dreamed of TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY “THE GUNS OF FORT PETTICOAT” with AUDIE MURPHY — Plus — “KING OF THE KHYBER RIFLES with TYRONE POWER TUES. & WED. (Jme Vm WyMAN-JOHNSON ever becoming Corps command er,” the slim four-diamond ranker said smiling. Hagler said that his biggest thrill since coming to A&M was when he was notified that he was Corps sergeant major last year. He jokingly lists his greatest challenge here at Aggieland as trying to convince his profs that his outside activities in the Corps are more important than 100% class attendance. He says that his greatest ex periences at A&M are the every day associations thdt he has with the men in his class. Hagler doesn’t have many dislikes or pet peeves nor does he have any par ticularly preferred entertainment. When asked about his opinion of how A&M had changed since his entering in the fall of ’54 and how he thought it might change in the future, the brown-haired senior answered: Chippewa Htmling Bools Now in Stock S T U D E N T CO-OP North Gate It's iedeo time. Go western In from LEON IS. WEISS (Next to Grannie’s Restaurant and Campus Theater) THE CARTER OIL COMPANY Affiliate of Standard Oil Company (N.J.) Will Interview Students on October 22, 23, 1957 CARTER’S RESEARCH LABORATORY in Tulsa, Oklahoma Has Positions For: Physicists, Chemists, Mathematicians. Electrical, Mechanical, and Petroleum Engineers. CARTER’S FIELD DIVISIONS Have Positions For: Engi neers in Field Producing Operations. Geologists and Geo physicists in Field Exploration. Make an appointment through your placement office. LFL ABNER By A l Capp YOU A NOTCHERAL FOR TELEW iSlON // I'LL GUARANTEEING YOU $10,000 A 'WICK// HMyfrj "MSMM.OUS is* THE 10-7 TO LAUGH AT $10,000 A WICK IS HUNNATCHERAL / HUNUSUAL AND HUN AM ERIC AN ff CHICKEN FEEb/r K VO' IS MAKIN'THIS ! NSULTIN' OFFER TO TH' WIFE O'GENERAL BULLMOOSE, RICHEST MAN IN TH' WORLD// PWESEfvTEO BY Warner Bros.wh-m FEGGIE CASTLE FRED clark I SCREEN PLAY ev BEN HECHT DIRECTED BY LAST DAY u Rim of die Arrow” STARTING WED. * * tarsaSi h couram PICTURE By Al Capp I£ggigv,A!f ijty PUZR—MO//- SLOBSOVIAN V71FE//- WHEN SLOBBOVIAN HUSBAND SAYS SLOBBOVlAN V,' GOES// C-COME ,j F>Si\A J UUv w CoRT' S^Ssn; s£b£ P E A N U T S By Charles M. Schulz TODAY & WED. Women of Koine' By Charles M. Schulz DON'T BE DISCOURAGER CHARLIE BROUN..THESE EARLY DEFEATS HELP TO BUILD CHARACTER FOR LATER ON IN LIFE.. V