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    Tht> Bnttulion
ff . Colleges Station (thn*o* County),
Wednesday, October 31, 1956
Job Interviews
The following Job Interviews are
scheduled for this week at the
Placement Office:
Foley’s —Houston —..will ihhdr-
view m.ajqrs in. business admihis-
tratibn, economics, .agriculturar
economics, marketing and account
ing for positions as junior execu
tive trainees, both in merchandis
ing and saies-supporting depart
Joy Manufacturing Co. — will
interview mechanical, electrical,
and industrial engineering majors.
Socony Mobil Oil Company, Inc.
— foreign — will interview petrol
eum and mechanical engineering
majors for positions with their
Overseas Producing Activities. Ac
tivities are primarily in South
America, although the company
has recently expanded its produc
ing operations in Europe. Occas
ional opportunities are located in
the Far East.
Thursday and Friday
International Petroleum Co. will
interview geology, petroleum, me
chanical and electrical engineers,
accounting, economics, marketing
and business administration majors
for positions located in Bogota;
Cartagena and Barrance, Colom
bia; Talars and Lima, Peru.
Babcock & Wilcox Company—
will interview mechanical, civil,
electrical and industrial engineers,
business administration, physics,
mathematics and chemistry majors
for positions in their -four # manu
facturing divisions—Boiler, Tubu-
.lar Products, Refractories, Atomic
Ench’gy and Research Center. .
Esso Standard Oil Co.—will in
terview civil, electrical, industrial
and mechanical engineers and
chemistry majors who are inter
ested in possible employment in
the petroleum refining or petro
chemical industry. Work is located
at the refinery at Baton Rouge,
Sun Oil Company — will inter
view men with B.S. or M.S. de
grees in petroleum, mechanical,
geological engineering, physics,
civil engineering and M.S. degree
in electrical engineering for work
in their Southwest and Gulf Coast
Hughes Tool Co.—will interview
electrical, mechanical and indus
trial engineering majors for posi
tions as Product Manufacturing
and Industrial Engineering work.
San Francisco Naval Shipyard—
will interview civil, architectural,
mechanical and electrical engineer
ing majors.
Texas A&M has conferred 28,526
degrees through August 31, 1955.
314 N. Main — Bryan TA 2-1451 — TA 2-4148
(JETTING READY for Fall Military Day this Saturday, helmet liners for the Corps
have been painted. A full Corps review will be held Saturday in honor of the visiting
civilian and military dignitaries.
Astronomy Club Members
Form Satellite Observatory
Battalion News Editor
The Astronomy Club last night
took first steps in forming a post
to observe artificial satellites to be
launched by the United States dur
ing the 1957 Geophysical Year.
Official title of the post is the
“Moon Watchers”. The observers
will be observing moons, but
artificial moons whizzing around
the globe every hour and a half.
The group has invited every
body interested to join the satellite
Dan Purrington, president of the
Asti'onomy Club, says a person
does not need to have any parti
cular scientific knowledge. All a
person needs to qualify is interest
Good Schools
MUST have
Good Teachers
A R E ¥ fi R -f M S M T P i A W
To ATTRACT and HOLD Good Teachers
Tte a/iefttefacfe—
• 100,000 Additional Boys and Girls arc entering our Texas Public
Schools each year.
• 4,000 Additional Qualified Teachers are needed each year to care for*
this great increase in enrollment.
• 5,000 to 7,000 Qualified Teachers are needed each year to replace
teachers leaving Texas classrooms.
Provide an Improved Teacher Retirement Program
Vote FOR Jm u k c
teacher retirement November 6
(Paid Political Adv.)
in taking part in the observing and
be dependable when called on the
to scan the the sky for the satellite.
Purpose of the post is to aid
scientists in charge of the satellite
project to chart an orbit for the
“moon” after it is launched, Purr
ington says.
Then observers will track the
satellite as it circles Earth from
200 miles to 800 miles in the strato
The group last night discussed
four problems in getting the post
set up for official recognition.
Purrington told the group they
first needed a minimum 30 persons
to act as observers. He says eight
observers had signed up before last
night’s meeting. Several others
signed up after the meeting.
Other needs include telescopes, a
location for the post, a timing
apparatus and tape recorder and
a communication system.
Purrington appointed Bill Thur
man, David Jones, and Jim Arnold
to check availability of instruments.
He said about 20 six to seven
power telescopes with a 12 degree
field are needed.
Bob Wimberly and Purrington
will scout around for a proper
location. They said an open area
with proper lighting effects are
needed. The location must also
have a known latitude and longi
tude for the group’s use but the
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vest, thus bringing apples, nuts
and corn into the Halloween pic
. Christians called the day All
Hallow’s Eve-or the Eve of All
Saints. Then the bonfires served
the double purpose of warding off
evil spirits and lighting the way
of the souls from purgatory.
Persons who left the fires to re
turn to their homes in the dark
supposedly were at the mercy of
the evil spirits. They solved this
problem by hollowing out pump
kins and turnips and placing light
ed candles inside to frighten away
the witches and goblins.
This was the birth of the Jack
The custom of “tricks or treats”
also can be traced to the Druids,
who on the eve of Samhain went
about the countryside demanding
contributions for their god.
It is rumored that those who
did not contribute wound up in the
For That Femme Fa tal of Yours . . . Order A “Mum”
Corsage For The Game . . . She’ll Love You For It!
' S T U D E N T
“Run By Aggies For Aggies”
group is ready to survey for the
location if it needs to, Purrington
Don Arnold, president of the
A&M Ham Radio Operators Club,
also a member of the astronomers
said he would try to get Ham ope
rators for communicating findings
of the observers to the “Moon
Watch” headquarters at. Smith
sonian Astrophysics Observatory
in Cambridge, Mass.
In charge of solving the timing
problem are Michael Gill and. Peter
Col. A. L. Etheredge of Bryan
Air Force Base told the group he
would publicize the group’s activi
ties at the base and help in getting
persons to take part in the post.
He suggested the group contact
the base communications authori
ties for sending information to
The group decided to meet
November 13 for committee re
ports and further steps in organiz
Johnson Is AIEE
And IRE Head
Warren B. Johnson Jr. of Mar
fa, has been elected chairman of
the joint student branch of the
A&M. American Institute of Elec
trical Engineers ^nd , Institute of
Radio Engineers. . . .
Other student officers include
William ,F. Osborne of Tyler, vice-'
chairman; Warren W. Chapman of
Amarillo, treasurer; Raymond H.
Greene of College Station, secre
tary of the AIEE; Ronald S. Mc
Carter of Mt. Vernon, Mo., secre
tary of the IRE; Robert L. Patton
Jr. of Port Arthur, program chair
man; John E. Brake of College
Station, membership chairman.
Corey C. Hawkins of Corsicana,
publicity chairman, and Janies W.
Martin of College Station, junior
representative to the Engineer’s
Fashion Show Set
A style show, presented by the
Collegiate Shop, will be the high
light of the Officers’ Wives Club
monthly luncheon meeting Thurs
day at Maggie Parker’s Dining
Hall. Luncheon will be served at
12:30 p. m. Members of the club
will model the fashions to be
Army Reserves
Invite Students
To Barbecue
Men interested in learning
about the US Army. Reserve
are invited to attend a free
barbeque Wednesday at 6
p.m., according to Lt. Col. O.
D. Butler, Commanding Officer,
343rd FA Bn.
The barbeque will be held at the
Reserve Armory, two blocks south
of Kyle Field. Brig. Gen. Graber
Kidwell, Commander, 90th Infantry
Division Artillery, Class of ’32, will
be the main speaker. He will speak
oil the advantages of being a mem
ber of the US Army Reserves. A
movie will also be featured.
Invited guests are Lt. Col. Wat
son, senior artillery instructor;
Capt. Walker, artillery instructor;
and Cadet artillery commanders.
Invitations are being given to
interested students by 343rd re
cruiting teams. Anyone interested
in attending the barbeque may call
VI 6-4655 for an invitation and a
ride to the Armory.
The 343rd FA Bn. HdQtrs. Bat
tery is sponsoring the baxbeque.
The General Tire & Rubber Company
Main Offices - Akron, Ohio
Invites you to discuss your future
Openings in Design, Development, Research
and Management training programs for our
thirty-one domestic and foreign operations in
Contact your Placement Office for a
personal interview.
You are a free Texan . . . You can vote any way you like. 'Regardless of what you may
have heard, it is perfectly legal to split your ticket if you want to, just as it is legal to
vote the Democratic ticket straight, or the Republican ticket straight. The purpose of
'the ballot is to determine what the people want. And if you want to vote for Eisen-
Tiower and Nixon — then cast tlfe rest of your ballot for the Democratic jiominees —
that is your privilege. Dpn’t let\ anyone tell you otherwise! BY LAW YQfJR VOTE
W. *. "BOB” SMITH, CHAIRMAN .'‘‘A ’ .
fPoi. Adv.—Paid lor Jxy leias Democrats for Eisenhower. Weldon hart, *PireetorJ