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The Battalion PAGE 2 .... College Station (Brazos County), Texas Tuesday. October 23, 1956 Top Ten Performance? The staunch few remaining- in the stands at the close o Saturday’s game with TCU saw a display of sportsmanshi] seldom seen among teams in the top ten of the nation. TCU’s Chuck Curtis, powerful quarterback, gave the el bow to at least two freshmen who were trying to carry hirr off the field after the game. Not one of the TCU players al lowed freshmen to carry him off but Curtis was more em phatic. Naturally defeat was tasting pretty bitter to Curtis But quarterbacks, leaders of teams, are expected to show more character and exemplary conduct. Last year TCU was permanently awarded the Southwest Conference Sportsmanship trophy for having won the award three years in a row. 'X' 4? 'a- Along this same line, a letter was received by the Col lege recently containing some pictures showing Texas A&M painted on some building at Rice Institute. Last spring, several spots on this campus were marked with the word RICE in big black letters. Neither school knows who is responsible and certainly whether the painting was done by students from the two schools. What they do know is the incidents certainly don’t fur ther relations between them or enhance their own reputation among the people not even connected with either campus. If we are to continue our efforts in uplifting our repu tation, we cannot participate in or condone any action of this kind. , Letters To The Editor Editor, "'he Battalion Job Interviews The following" Job Interviews will be held at the Placement Office this week: Tuesday DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY will interview majors in chemistry, electrical, mechanical, industrial and civil engineering-, physics, ac counting, business administration for openings in their Texas, Mid land and Louisiana divisions for positions in research, development, design, engineering, pi-oduction, maintenance, and various staff, sales and technical service divi sions. CARRIER COR PORTION will interview electrical, mechanical, industrial and civil engineers and physics majors. CHICAGO BRIDGE & IRON CO. will interview civil and mechanical I engineers and architecture majors j for those interested in consti-uction. Sophomore and junior students will be interviewed for summer em ployment. AVIA* -will in- NORTH AMERICAN TION CO. (Los Angeles) terview aeronautical, civil, electri cal and mechanical engineers and physics majors for openings in aircraft structures, electrical and mechanical design, power plants, heat-transfer, controls, servome chanism, aerodynamics, a e r o - elastricity, electromechanics, com puter programming, research, test ing and related fields. SUNRAY MID - CONTINENT OIL CO. will interview petroleum, geological, and mechanical engi neering majors for positions of junior engineers. ARTHUR ANDERSEN & CO. will interview accounting majors for positions in their branch of fices which are located throughout the United States. Wednesday CONVAIR (Fort Worth) — will interview aeronautical, civil, elec trical, mechanical engineering and (See JOB, Page 6) SPORT JACKETS - SPORT COATS DRESS SLACKS New Popular Trim Ivy Silhouette, Plain Front, Back Strap Model Slacks $4,95 Other Slacks in Flannels, Gabardines and Sharkskins. $9.95 to $15.95 “Fitted By Tailors At No Extra Charge” Sport Coats and Jackets $18.95 to $22.95 Z U IU K ’ S UNIFORM AND CIVILIAN CLOTHIERS North Gate I would like to make a few re uttals concerning Robert C 'hnsley’s letter to the editor of the lattalion. According to Tinsley, a non-rep- hat is physically qualified to be in he Corps of Cadets and has not ei-ved time in the Armed Ser- ices is a “scroungy” person. I wonder if Tinsley has consider 'd all of the reasons that keep; lon-regs out of the Corps ? Certainly I have not. But I do believe that I have considered ew that he seemingly ignored. Many non-regs are transfer stu- lents. Some are married. A few are graduate students here for the first ime. Others include juniors and seniors who failed to get contracts. And still others, Corps life doesn’t agree with. Would Tinsley propose that all junior transfer students join the Corps of Cadets as freshmen, as well as graduate students ? Does he wish that all married students, regardless of their financial con dition and hours of work, join the Corps ? What about the non-regs whose personality, maturity, or attitude would cause them to make poor Corps members ? Should they be forced into something that violent ly disagrees with them, consequent ly lowering the morale and ef fectiveness of the Corps? Or should they be allowed to at tend the school of their choice, so long as they are tabbed “scroungy” and considered on a lower, unequal plane? If Tinsley fails to get a contract after completing this yeai - , I wonder if he would consider himself a “scroungy” non-reg. Saying, or implying, that every one should belong to the Corps in my opinion, is similar to saying that everyone should have the same major. In either case there is no flexibility to fit the individual. What is good for Charlie may be poison for Jack. In addition Tinsley stated that with the exception of veterans and the handicapped, “the Corps holds the same feeling as a certain high ranking Air Force instructor” and that “the true non-reg can never be in the same class as a cadet.” As to the first statement, I seriously doubt that Tinsley is any Little Man ON CAMPUS by Dick Blbler Famous Oil Geologist Speaks Mere Tonight Dr. James B. Eby, famous oil production geologist, will discuss his recent trip to Russia tonight at 7:30 in the lecture room of Geology Building. He will compare the geologic training of Soviet Scientists to that given in the United States. Eby re turned recently from an extensive visit of the Soviet Union’s oil fields and installations. In 1946, he in vestigated the status of our oil re lations with the Russians in Austria. After graduating from John : Hopkins University in 1918 with a j Bachelor of Arts degree, Eby work- j ed as a geologist with the U. S. Geological Survey. During this'time he continued studying at John Hopkins and was awarded his Doctor of Philosophy degree in 1922. After six years with Shell Oil Co. as the supervisor of all Shell’s geophysical operations in the Texas Gulfcoast region, Eby resigned to become an independent consulting geologist in Houston. Besides his work as a consulting geologist, Eby has also had con siderable experience both in teach ing and organizing geological courses for colleges. He organized the first courses in geology ever taught at Georgetown University, Washington, D. C., in 1925,; and taught there for two years. ANP WHEN IT FALLS 0N THE PAPER lT STAMPS A S16 REP’F." COL. JOHN F. GUILLETT Field Representative United Services Lite Insurance Co. 1625 Eye Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 2518 Great Oaks Parkway Austin 5, Texas — Phone: GL. 3-6-120 more qualified to speak for the entire Corps than I am to speak for Milner Hall-which I am not. Some of my best friends are Corps members and certainly they do not hold the feelings that Tinsley states. Concerning the second statement, I wounder how many friends Tinsley Won by expressing such feelings ? Don’t misunderstand me, I be lieve that the Corps offers to the average student, some of the most valuable training that can be got ten. Had I not been a transfer stu dent and a diabetic, I would have certainly joined the Corps and felt the same pride when the Band marches at the football games as I do now. Proud to feel that I be long to one of the finest schools in the world. I am writing this letteT in de fense, not aggression, to some ex pressed opinions that 1 feel can only be described as biased, er roneous and antagonistic. Opinions such as the ones held — TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY - “I DIED A THOUSAND TIMES” with JACK BALANCE — Plus — “NEW YORK CONFIDENTIAL” with BRODERICK CRAWFORD have a happy time! TONY MARTIN show music by TEX BENEKE and his renowned orchestra SWEET—The Petticoats—Three Real Dolls ROCK & ROLL—The Jodimars—Bill Haley Alumni SATIRE IN DANCE—Conn & Mann—Action & Humor with the International Singing Star IN PERSON Featuring an All-Star Variety Cast A HARMONICAT—Johnny O’Brien- Musical Will Rogers 8:00 THURSDAY, OCT. 25—WHITE COLISEUM (Not Town Hall) Tickets $2.50—$2.00—$1.50—Student Activities CIRCLE TUBS. & WED. ‘‘Miracle In The Rain” Jane Wyman —ALSO— “Blood Alley” John Wayne by Tinsley, when expressed, can never being harmony and unity to a school-only disruption and ill- feelings. I realize that much of my argu ment is vulnerable. My purpose was not to make it impregnable to at tack; instead, I hoped to offer some personal thoughts that might (See LETTERS, Page 3) The Battalion The Editorial Policy of The Battalion Represents the Views of the Student Editors The Battalion, dally newspaper of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas and the City of College Station, ia published by students in the Office of Student Publications as a non-profit educational service. The Director of Student Publications Is Ross Strader. The governing body of all student publications of the A.&M. College of Texas is the Student Publications Board. Faculty members are Dr. Carroll D. Laverty, Chairman; Prof. Donald D. Burchard, Prof. Tom Leland and Mr. Bennie j Zinn. Student members are John VV. Gossett, Murray Milner, Jr., and Leighlus K. ! Sheppard, Jr., Ex-officio members are Mr. Charles Roeber, and P.oss Strader, Sec- j rctary. The Battalion is published four times a week during the regular school year i and once a week during the summer and vacation and examination periods. Days of I publication are Tuesday through Friday for the regular school year and on Thursday; during the summer terms and during examination and vacation periods. The Battalion | is not published on the Wednesday immediately preceeding Easter or Thanksgiving. Sub- j scription rates are $3.50 per semester. $6.00 per sciiool year, $6.50 per full year, | or $1.00 per month. Advertising rates furnished on request. LAST DAY r ty TECHNICOLOR • VitvA « visriYisiOM DIRK BOGARDE BRIGITTE BARDOT Entered as second-class matter at Post Office at Collcsre Station. Texas, under the Act of Con- *res» of March 8, 1870. Member of: The Associated Press Texas Press Association Represented nationally by National Advertising Services, Inc., a t New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Fran cisco. Why Take A Chance? “Why change? 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