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The Battalion ...» College Station (Brazos County), Texas PAGE 2 Thursday, October 11, 1956 Letters to the Editor To the Editor This letter is directed at the certain highranking' Air - Force KOTC instructor who allegedly made the remark that the non- regs on this campus are second class. I am one of the so called “Second Glass Aggies.” There are a great number of the non-regs on this campus who have given a little of their time to Uncle Sam. I served my time. Four year's to be exact— four year-s in one of the world’s finest outfits, the United States Marine Corps. Yes, and I did a tour of duty in Korea also. Many “Second Class Aggies” made that tour during the winter of 1950. Are the non-regs who hold the Purple Heart and bear - the visible scars of combat also “Second Class?” And what about those Aggies who have spent so many years in wheelchairs, on crutches, and with their bodies twisted by Polio and other crippling diseases ? I sup pose that they are second class. Secorrd class indeed! They have the guts it takes to be a man. They are more of a man than 1 am and they certainly starrd head arrd shoulder’s above a certain high-ranking Air Force KOTC in structor. Personally, I am in favor of KOTC training. We need a power ful military command which is well trained and ready to defend this country at a moments notice. I feel that A&M graduates many fine young officers each year and I have deep admiration and respect for the Corps of Cadets. But I have no respect or admi- ration for an officer who makes such an awkward, foolish state ment. Sir, you are charged with mold ing these young men into the war riors of the future, but do you think that you can do that job by breeding hatred and contempt? No, you certainly cannot. Teach them to be men and you will have done your job well. W. E. (Bill) Lynch Class of ’59 To the Editor I realize there are many second- rate Aggies, but by the same token 1 realize there are many second- rate officers in the service of our country. I feel sure I am addressing this reply to one of the latter. As an ex-Marine I have always considered myself to be a military- minded man. I consider A&M to be the finest in military schools and KOTC training to be essential for the continued welfare of our coun try. I have the highest respect for our fine Corps of Cadets, but I feel it is a pity for these young men to have to look to a man of your calibre for their training in leadership. As a buck - sergeant I served (See Letters, Page 5) A&M Mens Shop 103 N. Main North Gate The Fall season is here and now is the time to buy your Sport Coats and Slacks. COME IN AND SEE OUR NICE SELECTION Student Charge Accounts Invited Owned by Dick Rubin, ’59 As College Station’s Newest Business Addition, we sin cerely wish to express our appreciation and thanks for your wonderful attendance at our formal opening and for the warm reception given us. THE SANDS MOTEL SWIMMING POOL • RADIO & TV ★ ALTON PORTER, ★ Manager Dial Hwy. 6, South VI 6-5791 College Station The Battalion The Editorial Policy of The Battalion Represents the Views of the Student Editors Ttie Battalion, daily newspaper of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas and the City of College Station, is published by students in the Office of Student Publications as a non-profit educational service. The Director of Student Publications Is Koss Strader. The governing body of all student publications of the A.&M. College of Texas is the Student Publications Board. Faculty members are Dr. Carroll D. Laverty, Chairman; Prof. Donald D. Burchard, Prof. Tom Leland and Mr. Bennie Zinn. Student members are John W. Gossett. Murray Milner. Jr., and Leighlus E. Sheppard. Jr., Ex-officio members are Mr. Charles Roeber, and Ross Strader, Sec retary. The Battalion is published four times a week during the regular school year and once a week during the summer and vacation and examination periods. Days of publication are Tuesday through Friday for the regular school year and on Thursday during the summer terms and during examination and vacation periods. The Battalion is not published on the Wednesday immediately preceeding Easter or Thanksgiving. Sub scription rates are $J.50 per semester, $6.00 per sciiool year, $6.50 per full year, or $1.00 per month. Advertising rates furnished on request. Entered ax second-class matter at Post Office at College Station, Texas, j under the Act of Con- j grass of March 3, 1870. j Member of: The Associated Press Texas Press Association Represented nationally by National Advertisinj; , Services, Inc., a t New | York City, Chicago, Los j Angeles, and San Fran cisco. The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republi cation of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in the paper and local news of spontaneous origin published herein, flights of republication of all other matter herein are also reseiwed. News contributions may be made by telephone (VI 6-6618 or VI- 6-4910) or at the editorial office room, on the ground floor of the YMCA. Classified ads may be placed by telephone (VI 6-6415) or at the Student Publications Office, ground floor of the YMCA. JIM BOWER Dave McKeynolds Barry Hart Welton Jones Leland Boyd, Jim Neighbors, Joe Tindel Bernice Schnerr Don Bisett, J. B. McLeroy Connie Eckard Kenneth George Maurice Olian Editor Managing Editor Sports Editor City Editoi News Editors Society Editor Staff Photographers Keporter Circulation Manager CHS Sports Correspondent What’s Cooking The following clubs meet to night: 7:30 Henderson County A&M Club meets in room 112 Bagley Hall. All members are urged to be pres ent for important organizational meeting. DeMolay Chevaliers meet in the YMCA lobby. Austin Hometown Club meets in room 226 of the Academic Build- in- Lower Trinity Valley Club meets in room 203, Academic. Reporter will be elected and holiday func tions discussed. Kaufman County Hometown Club meets in the North Solarium of the YMCA. Pasadena Hometown Club meets in room 3-C of the Memorial Stu dent Center. Laredo Hometown Club meets in room 224, Academic Building. Port Arthur Hometown Club meets in room 105 of the Biologi cal Sciences Building. Lubbock-South Plains Club meets in room 108, Academic Building. Galveston County CJub meets in room 128 of the Academic Build ing. Red River Valley Club meets in room 103 of the Academic. Build ing. Tyler-Smith County Club meets in room 225 of the Academic Build ing. Fayette-Colorado Hometown Club meets in room 206 of the Ac ademic Building. Corpus Christi Hometown Club meets in room 102 of the YMCA. Guadalupe Valley Hometown Club meets in room 115 of the Civil Engineering Building. Dallas Hometown Club meets in the Biology Building. Brush County Hometown Club meets in room 3-B of the MSC. Teii-Shun! CHARLESTOWN, W. Va. <A>>— Mayor John T. Copenhaver ordered the city’s new police chief, former Detective Lt. Dallas Bias, to wear a fancy $300 uniform. It had the four stripes of a Navy captain, the epaulets of an Air Force colonel, and a cap visor with “scrambled eggs” reminiscent of Gen. Muc- Arthur’s finest hour. The first time Bias wore it on a downtown street, a sailor just out of boot camp came to rigid attention and saluted him. TSCW Dean Gives Graduate Lecture Dr. Pauline B. Mack, dean of the College of Household Arts and Sci ences at Texas State College for Women will deliver a graduate lec ture tonight at 8 in the Biological Sciences Building. A recognized national authority in her field, Dr. Mack will speak on “The Chemistry of Skeletal Growth and Development.” Dr. Mack holds an A.B. degree from the University of Missouri with -a major in chemistry, an A.M. from Columbia University, and a Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University. She has been honored with two Sc.D. degrees and received the Garvan Medal, awarded by the American Chemical Society, for developing techniques of value in the study of bone development. This lecture is open to the pub lic, according to Dr. J. B. Page, dean of the Graduate School. Happy Vacation KNOXVILLE, Tenn. <7P)—If an oak ridge worker hadn’t had such ajgood time earlier in the summer, he’d have had a better time on his vacation. He was fined $10 for drunken driving and sentenced to 10 days in jail—the sentence to be served during his vacation. Thompson’s SINCLAIR Service Slalion o Remember Power-X Gasoline Is AAA Endorsed o Texas at North Ave. Between Miller’s and Orr’s Near East Tension Rises JERUSALEM, Israeli Sector, Thursday, Oct. 11 — GPi —_ Jordan charged early today that Israeli planes bombed targets in Jordan after an overnight artillery duel along the border near Qalqilye. A U.N. spokesman said it was Jordan’s third complaint to the U.N. truce organization during the night about Israeli activity along a 10-mile front in the Judean Mountain foothills. Forces of the two countries ex changed artillery and automatic gun fire throughout the night. Maj. Gen. E. L. M. Burns, head of the truce supervision organization, isued a cease-fire order at 3:30 a.m. A U.N. spokesman said it appeared both sides ignored it. There was no official Israeli an nouncement on any of the night’s events. 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