The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, September 20, 1956, Image 5

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Tonite at 7:30 Kittens Open In Huntsville By MAURICE OLIAN CHS Correspondent Defending Junior High champs, A&M Consolidated, opens 1956 dis tinct play tonight in Huntsville against the Hornets, last year’s runners-up. Co-captains for the “Kittens” tonight will be Fullback Condy Pugh and Left Guard Bob White. Coach Edsel Jones listed the probable starting offensive lineup as: Left End Bobby Adams, 109; Left Tackle Alex Quisenberry, 158; Left Guard Bob White, 109; Cen ter Charles Roeber, 112; Right Guard George Outlaw, 117; Right Tackle Fred Wright, 136; and Right End Jack Armistead, 117. Quarterback Russell Welch, 104; Left Halfback Ronnie Rea, 125; Right Halfback Johnny Williams, 95; and Fullback Condy Pugh, 135. Joe Olian will replace Welch at quarterback on the defensive team. Others scheduled to see action are Left Tackle Bobby Guthrie, Linebacker P. D. Gondy, Left Guard Byron Bostick, Left Guard Mike Krenitsky, Right Tackle John Pedigo, and Left End Larry Ran dolph. The Kittens nudged the Hornets 13-6 in last yeai’’s first encounter and tied 19-19 in the second tilt. Huntsville’s 22 1‘etuming eighth graders pose considerable threat to the Kittens who have 12 eighth graders back. DON BISETT QUIZZES BARNEY WELCH—at the first meeting of the 1956 Intramural Officers Wednesday afternoon. Left to right are an unidentified officer, Bobby Alexan der, Bisett, Welch and John Rouse. GROCERIES GROCERIES 393 Cans—KIMBELL'S 303 Cans—LIBBY'S GOLDEN SMALL GREEN LIMAS . 2 cans 35c CREAM CORN . . 2 cans 35c 300 Size Cans—KIMBELL'S 303 Cans—LIBBY'S FRESH CREAM PEAS . 2 cans 29c FRUIT COCKTAIL . . 2 cans 49c 303 Cans—DIAMOND BRAND No. 2y z Cans—LIBBY'S CUT GREEN BEANS . 2 cans 25c PEACH HALVES . . can 30c 303 Cans—GREEN GIANT 4G-oz. Cans—LIBBY'S can 29c BIG TENDER PEAS . 2 cans 41c PINEAPPLE JUICE . . No. 1 Cans—NELDA BRAND TOMATOES . . . 3 cans 25c 3-pound Can CRISCO . . 89c 48 Count Pkg.—LIPTON'S No. 2 Cans—VAN CAMP'S PORK & BEANS . . 2 cans 35c TEA BAGS .... pkg. 63c BUTTER SCOTCH. DEVIL'S FOOD MARYLAND CLUB WHITE or YELLOW SWANS DOWN COFFEE .... 1-lb. can 99c CAKE MIXES . . . pkg. 27c PICTSWEET FROZEN FOOD MARKET CUT CORN, GREEN PEAS ARMOUR'S STAR FRYERS lb. 39c MIXED VEGETABLES, PEAS and CARROTS . pkg. 19c WISCONSIN DAISEY CHEESE .... lb. 59c LEMONADE, LIMEADE . 2 cans 35c DECKER'S TALL KORN SLICED BACON . . lb. 49c HORMEL'S DAIRY BRAND PRODUCE WEINERS .... . lb. 45c BANANAS . . . . 2 lbs. 25c ROUND STEAK . . ■ lb. 65c LOIN STEAK . . . . lb. 65c JUMBO CELERY . . 2 stalks 25c PORTER HOUSE STEAK lb. 45c RED TOKAY GRAPES SQUARE CUT . 2 lbs. 25c SHOULDER ROAST . . lb. 39c CALIFORNIA SHORT RIBS . . . . lb. 29c BELL PEPPERS . . . 2 lbs. 25c FRESH GROUND MEAT lb. 33c SPECIALS FOIl TRUE. AFTERNOON, FRI. & SAT. — SEPT. 20-21-22 FOOD MARKET CHARLIE'S NORTH GATE WE DELIVER COLLEGE STATION Campbell Breaks Record CONISTON, England — CP) — Donald Campbell Wednesday roar ed his lobster-like hydroplane, Bluebird, to a neAV world water speed record of 225.63 miles an hour in a death-defying burst over the waters of Lake Coniston. The 36-year-old Briton broke his own record of 216.02 m.p.h. set in his jet-propelled Bluebird on Lake Mead, Nevada, last Nov. 16. He screamed through the flying spray at a speed of '286 m.p.h. on his first run over the measured kilometer and came back at just over 164 m.p.h. The Bollalion College Station (Brazos County), Texas Thursday, September 20, 1956 PAGE 5 TENNIS RACKETS BALLS STUD ENT LI’L ABNER By A1 Capp PO G O YOU 15 IMPUNgP MY IMPUNITV/ you 15 THAT I POH'T PAY MY e\ne. By Walt Kelly TiOU TAl<rg5 ^ IT E3ACK? you 5AV5 You Pm'T5!/<3<Sg£r f 1 GASe flATLY you i5 a HQ-GOQP. TO THIMK THAT YOU 15 TUCMIN ONM6, A FEUUOW PlSHTge hoc Tug po»vn-TI?©P$/ain't you oot no ecav too. you, eooo ou' 1 FEU.CW £l<gHTg£ FOB \ = / Under the Humble Sign You Pay O ISS UV' for the Gasoline Quality Your Car Requires From the golden pump IcLest- Esso Extra PREMIUM over PREMIUM PREMIUM REGULAR For cars with very high compression engines and cars that tend to knock on “Premium” Gasolines: This is the world’s finest automo tive gasoline. It has the highest octane rating in town—highest by far. This outstanding quality improvement paces others that rate the performance of Golden Esso Extra as “premium over premium . . .” If your car requires Golden Esso Extra quality, you save the extra cost through improved per formance, operating economy, added gasoline mileage. From the white pump famous Esso Extra For most cars with high compression engines: This gasoline is No. 1 in Texas, first in sales among premium gasolines because it’s first in quality. 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