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fashion, College Statiomar
own thunderhead welcont^d
students to summer school
with a shower white stand
ing in the usual line outside
Sbisa Hall Monday morning.
Well, that will probably be
the last rain until Septem
ber, or the next registra
Mary Ann McClure, of Bry
an, tries to figure out the
maze in Sbisa Hall as she
stops at the English Desk
to ask directions.
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Number 143: Volume 55
Price Five Cents
Enrollment Records Fall As
1,802 Enter Summer School
Junction Enrollment;
Aggie Co-eds Increase
Enrollment figures for the
first term of summer school
show a substantial increase
over last years record-break
ing attendance is in the mak
ing. At this time last year 1,651
students had registered and this
year 1,802 have cleared with the
legistrar's office.
“We expect a few more to come
in,” said H. L. Heaton, registrar,
“but as of Tuesday afternoon at
5 p.m. 1,802 had officially entered
the first summer term.”
At Junction Adjunct enrollment
is up also, 190 students are cur
rently enrolled as compared fox-
176 for the same pex-iod in 1955.
The 1,802 does not include the
number at Junction, but only those
students on the campus at College
An official breakdown was not
available as the paper went to
press, but it is estimated that some
175 girls are among those attend
ing this semestex-. Last year 102
£irls attended summer classes.
Male students are living in Law,
Puryear, Walton and Dormitory 16
on the campus while the ladies are
living in private homes in the
An official list of how many
students, married or single and sex
« will be available later in the week.
While attendance x-ecoids ax-e go
ing up the number of Student Ac
tivity cax-ds sold was 3 less than
* the number sold last year. In 1955,
678 cax-ds had been sold for the out
door movies, opex-etta and other
summer activities while this year
only 675 ha^e been sold.
Students that wish to, may still
pay their Student Activity Fee at
wanted these are available at the
Office of Student Activities on the
second floor of the YMCA.
Recreation Program
Planned For Students
Safety Urged
By Kiwanians;
Rifle Club
Kiwanians in particular and
everyone in general was urged
to help with the safety pro
gram being carried on by the
Twin Cities Junior Rifle Club
-by Edward Zatopek, px-esident of
the Rible Club, at the regular
meeting of the College Station Ki-
wanis Club this week.
Young Zatopek and three other
members of the rifle club were' in
troduced by Sid Loveless.
Patsy Portex-, Timmie Moore and
Joan Loveless spoke to the club on
“Aims of the National Rifle Asso
ciation Junior Piogx-am.” They
told of the aims and what progress
the local club is making toward
achieving this goal.
Club members were urged to co-
opei’ate in the “Slow Down and
Live” campaign being conducted in
College Station and Bx-yan by the
local civic organizations. A na
tional effox-t is being made tq lower
the number of fatalities on our
highways. This px-ogx-am began
May 30 and will continue through
Labor Day.
Dr. Charles LaMotte, president
of the local Kiwanis Club, and W T .
E. (Woody) Bx-iles, first vice-presi-
_ dent, left Tuesday for the West
the Fiscal Office in the College i Coast where they will attend the
Administration Building. If only j Kiwanis International Convention
the season ticket to the Gx-ove is ' June 17-21 in San Fx ancisco.
This summer the Department of
Student Activities has planned an
extensive x-ecx-eation and entex-tain-
ment progx-am for summer school
students and staff members.
Some of the activities include
the Gx-ove program, the community
operetta, the College Golf Coux-se,
swimming, tennis, handball and in-
tramxiral softball.
The Gx-ove program consists of
the showing of movies on Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thux-s-
day of each week. Fix-st x-ate fea-
tux-es, comedies and short subjects
will be shown. Adult season tick
ets will be sold for $2 each term.
The ticket entitles the holder to
nineteen movies and the opex-etta
the first term and twenty-three
movies the second term.
The community opex-etta for this
summer is The Mikado and will
be under the dix-ection of Bill Tux-n-
Need Cast,
Stage Hands
For Musical
There are still openings for
the cast of the summer musi
cal, “Mikado,” . according to
Bill Tuinex-, dix-ectox*.
The cast reheax-ses at 7:30
p.m. Monday and Tuesday in
the Music Hall.
Singex-s, musicians and per
sons intex-ested in stage sets
and direction are still needed.
Anyone intex-ested in pax-tici-
pating may call VI 6-4751 fox-
The musical will be px-esent-
ed July 10 and 11 in The Grove
with cux-tain time at 8 p.m.
er. Members of the cast ax*e made
up of people living in the com
munity and anyone intex-ested in
taking pax-t in the px-oduction is
urged to contact Turner.
Summex- membex-ships to the Col
lege Golf Coux-se ax-e available and
may be obtained at the Golf Shop.
Joe Fagan, pro manager of the
course, will instract both adult and
student classes under the sponsor
ship of the College Station Recx-ea-
tion Council. He wil be available
for private instruction.
P. L. Downs Natatorium will be
opex-ated by the Department of
Physical Education and is open
Monday thx-ough Friday fx-om 3 to
5:30 p.m. and 7:30 to 9 p.m. and
fx-om 3 to 5:30 p.m. on Saturdays.
The department also has available
several concx-ete tennis courts and
five handball couxts which may be
used for free time play without
Intramural softball will be spon-
sox-ed for summer school students
and games axe scheduled every
night stax-ting at 7:30 p.m. on the
lighted softball diamond.
State Will Ask For Death
Penalty In Aggie Slaying
Battalion Staff Correspondent
LIVINGSTON—The trial of Ron
ald Edward Menter, confessed slay
er of Jan David Bx-oderick, senior
business administx-ation majox^ kill
ed near Hempstead on Dec. 31, be
gan here Monday morning at 10
in the Polk County Coux-thouse.
Monday and Tuesday were spent
tx-ying to select a jux-y fx-om some
175 veniremen.
Presiding over the tx-ial is Judge
Eainest Cokex-, of the Ninth Judi
cial Distx-ict.
Attox-neys for the state are Rob-
ert D. Willis, Polk County District
Attox-ney and assisted by J. W.
Simpson. Defense attorneys are
Robert Lyles, of Conroe^ and Ross
Hightowex-, of Livingston. The
state will seek the death penalty.
The case, originally set to be
called for a continuance of the tx-ial, witnesses wex-e missing at the trial
which also was denied.
Several witnesses have been
called from A&M and three defense
Counselor Election
Is Being Discussed
Election of Civilian Dormitory
Counselors dux-ing the spxing se
mester is being discussed by the
Depaxtment of Student Affaix-s.
This would x-eplace the px-esent
system of Counselor electio-n under
which the election occux-s soon af
ter the beginning of a new school
But the counselox-s will again be
elected after the fall semester
stai-ts next year.
Both systems would pose prob
lems: election during the fall is
held befox-e the dormitory resi-
tried in Hempstead, was changed j dents are well acquainted with
when the defense called for a j others living in the same dorm,
change of venue eax-lier this spx ing. and the px-oposed system would
The first thing the defense did in have the counselox-s elected by stu-
Livingston was to call for another dents who would often not be sure
change of venue, which Judge Cok
er denied, and then the defense
they would live in the same dor
mitory for next year.
Monday moxning. Among these
was Miss Nadine Smith, of Hous
ton, and two police specialists fx-om
Austin. These witnesses have been
Brodex-ick, from the Panama Ca- ,
nal Zone, was killed by a shot from
a .38 cal pistol at close range.
He was found early on the morning
of Dec. 31 about 50 feet fx-om a
blacktop x-oad near Hempstead and
was still bx-eathing. The victim
was headed to Houston where he
was repoxtedly supposed to spend
the x-emainder of the holidays with
Mentex-, defendant in the trial, is
a former mental patient having
spent some four months in a New
Hampshix-e institution following a
nervous bxeakdown sevex-al years
He was ax-x-ested in Newax-k, N.J.
when a motor vehicle inspection of
ficer noticed a radio transaction
between Menter and a junk dealex-.
When asked for his license, Menter
gave the officer Bx-oderick’s, but
was unable to give the correct birth
date listed on the license.
Leaves in July
THIS WAS A CHEVY AT 8 LAST SATURDAY MORNING—this is it now. The car be
longed to Julian D. Driscoll, confined to St. Josephs’ Hospital in Bryan, in serious condi
tion following a crash on Highway 6 last week. SLOW DOWN AND LIVE!
Auto Mishap
Injures Aggie
After Finals
Julian D. Driscoll, junior
geology major from Houston,
is in St. Joseph’s Hospital in
“serious condition” following
a wreck on State Highway 6,
six miles south of College Station,
Saturday moming at 9:30.
Dx-iscoll had taken his last final
exam at 8 a.m. and stax-ted home
for the summer when the accident
Accox-ding to investigating offi
cer of the Highway Patx-ol A. L.
Luther “no immediate cause was
found for the cx-ash.”
Dx-iscoll was traveling alone in
his 1950 Chevrolet and approaching
the top of a hill when, accox-ding
to the driver of an oncoming Gx-ey-
hound bus, his car went out of con-
tx-ol and car-eened across the high
way smashing into a tx-ee and over
The car was totally wrecked. The
motor was driven into the fx-ont
seat, fi*ont wheels were shorn loose
and windows smashed.
The son of J. O. Dx-iscoll, 2211 j
Jean St., in Houston, Julian lived |
in Mitchell Hall and is active in i
the Headquarters and Headquarters
Co., 1st Battalion, 143rd Inf. Regt.
of the Texas National Guai-d in
College Station.
Weather Today
Continued clear is the forecast |
for College Station area. Tester- |
day’s high of 94 degrees dropped j
to 66 degrees last night.
Dean Abbott
Of Education
New Member
Dx*. John Paul Abbott, dean of I and the southwest, became dean of
Texas A&M College, has been ap- A&M on September 1, 1953. He
pointed piogx-am examiner on the succeeded Di\ David H. Mox-gan
staff of the Texas Commission on ! who was then made px-esident of
Higher Education. He will take, the college. He was dean of the
over his new duties in July in Aus- School of Arts and Sciences fx-om
tin. He will be on leave of absence Sept. 1, 1950 to Sept. 1, 1953.
from the college. j The Texas Commission on Higher
Di\ Abbott, one of the most Education, established by act of the
widely known school men in Texas last Texas Legislatux-e, is headed
Dr. John P. Abbott, dean of the college.
Will leave in July
by chairman A1 Muldrow of Bx-own-
field, former secretary of state.
The state-wide commission deals
with all state suppox-ted institu
tions of higher education in Texas.
Members ax-e appointed by the gov-
einox-. Dixector Gx-een will have
two top assistants, the px-ogx-am
examiner and a financial officer.
Dx-. Abbott, a native of Nash
ville, Tenn., was gx-aduated fx-om
Vandexbilt University in 1925 and
took his PhD at the State Univer
sity of Iowa in 1939. He did addi
tional graduate work at Tulane
Univex-sity and the University of
Wisconsin. He joined the A&M
faculty in 1926 as an English in
Dx-. Abbott is the author of “A
Manual for College English” in
collaboration with Dx-. George
Summey Ji\, of the English De
He is a member of Phi Beta
Kappa, American Association of
University Professox-s, South Cen-
tx-al Modem Language Association
and Texas Conference of College
Teachers of English.
He is president of the National
Association of Texas Colleges and
a member of the National Com
mission on Safety Education.
Dx-. Abbott is a member of var
ious committees of Axis and Sci
ences Faculty and Genex-al Fac
ulty. His activities included sec
retary of Arts and Sciences Fac
ulty 1939-1947; member and one
, time piesident of the local chapter
of AAUP; founder and faculty ad-
j visor A&M chapter of Phi Eta
I Sigma, freshman scholastic honor
society and was a recipient of one
I of The Battalion awards in 1949.