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The Battalion PAGE 2 .... College Station (Brazos County), Texas f*]j| 0 iriCCF TV)!} Thursday, May 31, 1956 & f* Authors For Prizes Graduation (Continued from Page 1) “When you get to third base, don’t stop. Run on in and score,” advised Dr. Robert B. Kamm, Dean of A&M’s Student Personnel Serv ices and Basic Division in the commencement address. Dr. Kamm was introduced by Dr. Richardson. Seniors receiving diplomas at the ceremonies last night included Margaret Adair Anderson, Barbara Jean Arlt, Shirley Anne Brown, Carol Ann Butler. Beth Anne Caywood, Mrs. Harriet Frost Cox, Marilyn Fiances Davis, Mildred Louise Dew and Joan C. Dudley. Texann Alice Esten, Deliph Ann Fleming, Janet Doris Folweiler, Mrs. Mariana Jones Bott, Lelia Louise Henderson, Rita Joyce Hughes, Mrs. Barbara M. Neal, Jo Ann Norwood and Anna Frances Parsons. Sallie Lynn Puddy, Alvis Claire Rogers, Alice Faye Simms, Anna Darlene Smith, Jean Anne Smith and Mrs. Bettie Jean Hyden. Charles Edward Arnold, Julius Ben Carroll, Norman Baker Floeck, Manuel Salas Garcia, Richard Wade Hickman, Bobby Olen John son, Larry Grant Lindsey, Edward Allen Linton and James David Mill ing. John Dick McCannon, Michael Linden McGuire, George Albert McKay, John Gordon McNeely, Jr., Mark James Nye, Jon Ray Perry man, David H. Smyth, Bobby Joe Wade and Robert A. Witcher. Three female graduates received diplomas from other schools. The three, all wives of A&M students, were Mis. Betty Lou Clift, Mrs. Mary Lynn Hartung and Mrs. Vi vian LaRue Sullivan. City Annexes Land Enrollment Expected To Increase Motor Transport Short Course Set A course for Motor Transporta tion Supervisors will be held at A&M June 11-15 in the Memorial Student Center. Conducted by the Engineering Extension Seiwice, it will provide a training program which will assist the motor transportation supervisor in carrying out the unique, indirect form of supervision which his du ties require and give him further development in employee relations and public relations. Eligible to attend are persons from all supervisory levels within the motor transportation field. Winners of the awards for out standing articles in the 1955-56 Engineer have been named. Each winner will receive a plaque and prize money. Technical article winners and their cash awards were: First place, $25, Gary Proffer, ’59, mechanical engineering, for his article, “Hot Rod Engineering.” Second place, $15, Frank E. Patter son, ’56, petroleum engineering, for his article, “Offshore Oil De velopments.” Third place, $10, James L. LoCaste, ’56, civil engi- neering, for his article, “The Water Supply Problem.” Winner in general interest ar ticle was Harold D. Craig, ’55, pe troleum-industrial engineering, for his article, “Automation—Modern Industry’s Battle Cry.” He re ceived $15. (Continued from Page 1) ephone pole for corner. This cor ner also being located N 45° W 804 feet from the most westerly coj-ner of the-Morgan Smith land. Thence, S 45° W a distance of 1,250 feet to the northeast line of a new road (Glade Street). Thence in a southeasterly direc tion along the fence line on the northeast line of said new road a distance of 552 feet to the intei-- section of the northeast line of the new road with the southeast line of Orr Street. Thence S 45° W along the south- | east line of Orr Street a distance of 50 feet to the northeast line of The Knoll Addition to the City of College Station, Texas. Thence N 45° W a distance of 392 feet to the east corner of the Charlie Schwartz land. Thence S 45° W along the south east line of the said Schwartz land a distance of approximately 1,490 feet to the south corner of the said Schwartz land. Thence along the present city limits to the point of beginning. Passed, approved, and ordered published this the 30th day of May, 1956. Approved: Ernest Langford Mayor Enrollment at A&M for the 1956 fall semester is expected to be 7,400 persons, according to H. L. Heaton, registrar. The expected 7,400 persons will be about an 8% increase over the 6,846 persons enrolled last fall. Considering enrollment figures for a two year period, this shows \ an upward trend in enrollment. 1954 enrollment was 6,159. The current semester enrollment is 6,041. Social Security in 3 seconds iiis. uce STICK DEODORANT Quickest, cleanest deodorant you’ve ever used! Simply glide stick under arms — it melts in instantly. ContainsTHIOBIPHENE*, the most effective anti-bacteria agent. It’s the New Kind of Social Security — gives you absolute assurance. Brazos Co. A&M Club Sets Schedule Officers and directors of the Brazos County A&M Club met last Thursday at Kelly’s Cafe in Bryan. They tentatively set the third Wednesday night of each month as the regular meeting date of the club. Other business taken up at the meeting included a vote to ob tain liability insurance on the club house, accozding to K. A. Manning, president. MSC Will Go On Summer Schedule SAM HOUSTON ZEPHYR Lv. N. Zulch 10:08 o.m. Ar. Dallas . . 12:47 p.m. Lv. N. Zulch . 7:28 p.m. Ar. Houston . 9:15 p.m. N. L. CRYAR Agent Phone 15 NORTH ZULCH Burlington I Route CIRCLE THURSDAY & FRIDAY 6w Rains of Ranchipur* The Memozial Student Center will shift into the following sched ule upon opening of the summez* session: The gift shop will be open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday through Fri day, 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. on Sat urday and will not open Sunday. The telephone center will not have special opeiatoi*s but will piovide pay station service. The fountain z-oom and coffee shop will open at 6 a.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. Satur day and Sunday. Remodeling will be done in the assembly room and ballz-oom mak ing the acoustics and air condition ing more “controllable.” Rooms due to z-eceive fi’esh paint are the coffee shop, guest i-ooms,‘ "post office, balli'oom, assenzbly room and main lounge. An incz - ease in shoi't coui'ses, meetings, and an enlaz-ged summer progiam for students is foreseen. Summer Laundry Pick-up At Leggett Beginning Monday, June 4, all dormitory students will tuin in laundry in the east basement of Leggett Hall, according to J. H. Kincaid, laundry manage! - . The laundi’y will be picked up at the new annex station to the main laundry office. All day students will turn in laundry at the annex on Monday before 9 a.m. Brogdon On Staff Of Police Trainers William S. Bi’ogdon, well-known Dallas law officer, has joined the instructor staff of the Police Train ing Department of the A&M Col lege System Engineezing Extension Service. Duzing 20 years of service with the Dallas Police Department, Brogdon started as a patiolman and worked up thzough the ranks to assistant police chief, a position he held for seven yeazs. Since 1942 he has served as secretary of the Texas Police Association and presently is diz-ectcrz- of the In dustrial Plant Pzotection Associ ation of Texas. He also is a mem- bei’ of the FBI Academy Associa tion. ROPED IN BY WASHDAY WOES? OPEN FOR ALL BANQUETS, DINNERS RECEPTIONS, WEDDINGS AND LUNCHEONS MAGGIE PARKER DINING HALL TA 2-5089 ‘The Oaks” — TA 3-4375 BRYAN Shaffer’s 4 to 5 months' supply, ^Trademark no more • runny liquid • sticky cream • messy fingers At leading department and drug stores. S H U L T O N New York Toronto The Battalion The Editorial Policy of The Battalion Represents the \ lews of the Student Editors Texas and the City of Collese suluon is cubli^if d h U and Mec>,anicai Collej;e o Publications as a non-profit educational service s J l ’f dcnts ln th e Office of Studen Is Ross Strader. Tbe governing body of all .u?,'d»r,T h ^ f’ irector Student Publication; of Texas is tbe Student Publication. SLrd bU i dCnt , P ub >'<= a lio H s of the A.AM. Colleg. Chairman; Donald D Burchard Tom r eian.r aCU !i t> D Tlernbers are Karl E - Elmqulst are Derrell H. Guiles. Pa^l Hoilada? and W™ ® ennie Zinn Student member: Charles Rocber, and Ross S.-ader Secretary ' The ^ x ' ofnc, ° members ar« a week during the regular school ve«r « he , B ^ i tlalion published four time.* and examination periods. Days of DublirnM .r, a weel L dur ‘ n S the summer and vacatioi regular school year and on Thursday dur nc u ^ough Friday for the and vacation periods. The Battalion is T te tms and during examinatioi preceding Easter or Thanksgiving Subsrrinr^ 0 lS,l ? d ° n ,lle VVertnes day immediate!} per school year. J6.60 per fuU year or ™ rates are *3 50 per semester. *6.(M on request. >ear ’ or * l 00 P e r month. Advertising rates furnisher Entered as second-class matter at Post Office at College Station, Texas, under the Act of Con gress of March 8. 1870. Member of The Associated Press Represented nationally by National Advertising Servicee, Inc., a t New York City, Chicago, Loe Angeles, and San Kran- — cisco. cation of alfn^ws 6 dispatches Trcdite^to^^or^ t° S? 6 U *? e for re P ubli ' the paper and local news of d 1 lt . or not otherwise credited in of republication of^aif^other rnatUez^herein^re 1 e ^ n * 6-4910*)"or*3" the U ^StoriS a Sff5r G m |^ de t J 1 ^P hone . ti-6618 or VI- ads may be placed bv telephone ( Goo dwin Hall. 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