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r Thursday, April 5, 1956 THE BATTALION ‘Charm’ School To Begin Monday The first lesson of the Charm School will begin at 8 p.m. Monday in the YMCA with Mrs. George Freeman directing the program, it was announced by Kathy Neinast, president of the Aggie Wives Coun cil which is sponsoring the school. The Charm School will consist of three lessons, each with a charge of $1 per person. Lessons are planned for April 9, 16 and 23. Mrs. Freeman, a resident of Col lege Station, was a model instruc tor for the Patricia Stphens Mod eling School in Dallas for four years. After receiving her training in Dallas, St. Louis, Mo., and Chicago, 111., the former model taught all over the country. Mrs. Freeman had a beauty school in Amarillo for one year and also had a television show for three months in Dallas teaching beauty care. L' $1.75 to $2.95 LOU U-PAK - M REMEMBER ... for Eats Nick-Nacks, Cold Beverages OPEN 7 A.M. to II P.M. 3800 So. College Gus JEllis, ’37 Enrollment in the school is by reseiwation only, according to Mrs. Neinast. Persons interested may contact her at VI 6-4938. Aggie Wives may enroll for eith er, one, two or three lessons, ac cording to the council. Held in room 1, YMCA, the courses will be devoted to helping individuals with their beauty prob lems. Special instruction of make up, proper posture, hair styles and other personal beauty problems will be given each pei’son enrolled. Essay Contest Opens April 16 Aggies interested in writing have an opportunity to try for a $1,000 scholarship, a color TV set of a $400 fall wax’di-obe. Bx-and Names Foundation, Inc., of New Yox*k City, is sponsoring an essay competition on the sub ject: “The Influence of Manufac- turers’ Brand Names on Better Re tailing.” Opening day for the con test will be April 16, and the com petition will close May 21. Essays, which are to be judged on basis of originality, accuracy and aptness of thought, ax-e to be 1,500-2,000 words, and all entries must be accompanied by an official entry blank. Fux-ther information can be obtained from R. W. Fei’a- gen of the English Department. PUT ADVENTURE IN EATING WITH FUNFUL HAMBURGERS-ON-A-STICK Carnation Company photo Warm weather is coming and with it your chaijce to put adven ture into eating with out-of-door meals. Add fun to these meals with "funful” Hamburgers-on-a-Stick . .. thick slices of tomato, sweet onion and perfectly seasoned hamburger balls barbecued, on skewers. These delicious hamburger balls made from a Carnation Company recipe are prepared with evaporated milk to make them juicy and never crumbly. They hold together and stay firmly on the skewer. Barbecued or oven-broiled, Hamburgers-on-a-Stick are an attrac tive new way to serve hamburger with pride. Make them an all-year- round treat. The whole family will applaud, and children especially love their novelty. You can be sure of perfect results everytime wit! this recipe. HAMBURGERS-ON-A-STICK (MAKES ABbUT 6 SERVINGS) % cup (small con) undiluted evaporated milk 1 *99 IV* 1 V, teaspoons salt Ve teas /4 teaspoon pepper Vi cup finely chopped onion I V* pounds ground beef V* cup finely chopped green V, cup fine cracker crumbs pepper Mix all ingredients together until well blended. Divide into 24 equal parts. Shape into balls. Put tomato slice, hamburger ball, onion slice, another hamburger ball and .a second tomato slice on each of 12 skewers. Broil 5 to 7 minutes on each side. ill it, r ' ' - 'v * i 1§ HI ..•. • - 4 f , -? v y ■ i ■h'^ '-ViC f „ S' 81 * i* m ' '.yyJI BMiliMli Igafcr, 70 million i>eople who once knew freedom wait for words you send castd the truth shall make them tree !" You can sponsor a minute of truth for Europe’s captive people. And this is why you should: Suppose for a moment that you arc a Czecho slovakian, a Pole, a Hungarian, Bulgar or Ro manian-trapped in your Satellite homeland. Now suppose that you hear on the official state radio that the U.S. threatens war! Could it be true? How much so? How can you know where truth stops . . . and official propaganda begins? Fortunately there is a source—f/ie honest op position voice of Radio Free Furovc! Its pro grams deal with fife inside as well as outside the Iron Curtain. The truth they spread up to 20 hours a day nourishes the spirit of freedom aud the will to resist. | f Nothing duplicates its role. Radio Free Europe speaks for the captives themselves! The continued effectiveness of Radio Free Europe depends on millions of Americans who believe freedom can become a reality every where. Each dollar sponsors a minute of truth. How menu will you giuc? Support Radio Free Europe send your truth dollars to: CRUSADE for The Battalion FREEDOM c/* local Pottmcntof 2, DYERS'FUR STORAGE HATTERS i OPEN FOR ALL BANQUETS, DINNERS American RECEPTIONS, WEDDINGS AND LUNCHEONS MAGGIE PARKER DINING HALL DIAL TA 2-1585 Students . . . Use Our Convenient Pick Up Stations At Taylor’s Variety Store — North Gate TA 2-5089 “The Oaks” — TA 3-4375 BRYAN Social Whirl AERO WIVES CLUB members will leave pi-omptly at 7:45 tonight from the Aei’o Lounge for their cooking demonstration at the Lone Star Gas Co. in Bxyan. Membex-s are asked to meet at the Lounge by 7:45 at the latest. * * * ANIMAL HUSBANDRY Wives Club will hold a steak fry in Hensel Paxk at 7:30 p.m. Saturday. All husbands of club membex’s and staff members of the Animal Hus bandly Depax-tment aixd their wives ax-e iixvited to attend. Tickets at $1.50 per couple. ♦ * * INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION & TECHNOLOGY Wives Club will meet at 7:30 p.m. Monday in the YMCA. A member of the I.Ed. Depax-tment will lectux-e. * A * GEOLOGY WIVES will hold a social at 8 p.m. Monday in the home of Amye Phillips, 405 Milaxxi in the Culpepper Addition in Col lege Station. Diffex-ent games will be played during the evening. * * * MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Wives Club will hold a called meet ing at 7:30 p.m. Monday in the YMCA to select a duchess for the Cotton Ball. The queen of the ball will be chosen from the duchesses x-epx-esenting diffex-ent clubs. * * * C H E M I CAL ENGINEERING WIVES Club will meet at 7:30 p.m. Monday in the YMCA to elect a new president for the Fall Sexxxes- ter. A G R I CULTURE ENGINEER! ING Wives Club will meet at 7:30 p.m. Monday in the Ag. Eng. Build ing to hear Dr. Nena Ann Harris speak on child cax-e. The club will meet on the second and foux-th Mondays the xxionth of April only. * * * RANGE AND FORESTRY Wives Club will meet at the home of Baxbaxa Johnson, B-9-C College View, Monday night for a business meeting. Later they will go in group, to Bryan Sewing Machine Co. in Ridgecx-est Shopping Center for a demonstration of the Necchi. Report To Be Given About Consolidated Teachei's’ salaries at A&M Con solidated Schools are lowest of 17 comparable-sized surrounding towns and consolidations, a report of the Education Commission of; College Station reveals. A study of schools in seven other small college towns in comparison with the local school further dis closed that A&M Consolidated was second low in the amount of funds raised by taxes. The Education Commission, with Dr. Charles LaMotte px-esiding, has just completed a six weeks’ study of Consolidated and Lincoln Schools and is meeting this aftex-noon to px-esent their recommendations to the boax-d of education. Last Thux-sday the commission completed its first-hand study with an inspectioxx of Lincoln School. The gxoup looked over facilities and heard reports on teaching methods and courses offei’ed by Mrs. Julia Campbell, Miss Thay Owens, and Lawx-ence King. W. A. Tax-row, Lincoln principal, repox-ted on enx-ollment, job-plan- Library Lobby Being Remodeled The Cushing Memorial Library lobby is being x-emodeled and com pletely x-efux-nished. The wox - k has been divided into thx-ee steps: laying a rubber tile floor, which was done during the Christmas holidays; painting, which is now under way; and replacing all of the old furnituxe. The job is expected to be finished by May 12 for Mothei-g Day. The i-ubber tile and paixxt were selected to match the new furni ture. The new fux-niture will be placed ax-ound the edges of the lob by to make better use of space and accommodate mox*e readers. Other changes include closing two of the three double doors at the entrance to the libx-ary. The center doors will be left open. The oil paintings will be rehung ixx the lobby and sevex-al of thenx will be lighted. ning and the percentage of college work done by Lincoln graduates. In a previous meeting the com mission studied the financial repox-t of the school system as px-esented by Di\ L. S. Richaxdson, supex-in- tendent of the A&M Consolidated School, learning how the district acquires and spends Its funds. Mrs. Trotter Will Head Social Club Mrs. Ide Trotter was re cently elected president of the College Women’s Social Club for the year, 1956-57. Mrs. J. J. Woolket is the outgoing president. Assisting Mrs. Trotter axe Mes- dames Ax-chie Kahan, vice pxes- ident; Carl Landiss, genex-al chair man; R. E. Patterson, secretary; H. E. Hierth, treasurer; Joe Davis, parliamentarian and John Milliff, reporter. Martha Wormeli was selected as duchess for the Cotton Ball and Margaret Elaine Bex-x-y was ap pointed altex-nate duchess. The president-elect presided ov er the tea table, which had a cen- tex-piece of stock and caladium flanked by pixies and shamrock of Ix-eland, carrying out the Irish theme. The ladies of the Oceanography Department, hostesses, served a re- fx-eshment plate of salad and sand wiches. Hostesses wex-e Mesdames D. F. Leippex-, chairman; R. G. Bader, J. P. Bax-low, K. C. Brun- didge, K. H. Drummond, W. L. Elliott, Guy Franceschinx, G. L. Huebner, R. 0. Reid, L. P. Riggs, A. K. Sparks, R. D. Tarble and Billy Thomas. The Harmony Club under the dix-ection of Mrs. Grace Kx-ug and accompanied by Mrs. C. W. Sim mons px-esented a group of Irish songs. Mrs. Spencer Buchanan showed colox-ed slides on Ix-eland. * GROCERIES Folgcr’s Mountain Grown COFFEE . . , Libby’s—No. 2/z Can SLICED PEACHES 1 lb. can 96c .... 33c Na bisco—Pre in ium SALTINE CRACKERS . 1 lb. 25c Van Canxp’s—No. 2 Cans PORK & BEANS . 46 Oz. Can Libby’s PINEAPPLE JUICE 46 Oz. Can Libby’s TOMATO JUICE . Mrs. Tucker’s SHORTENING . . . 2 cans 35c .... 29c . . . . 29c 3 lb. can 79c * FROZEN FOODS * — P I C T SWEET — BEEF CHICKEN TURKEY—POT PIES . Sliced PEACHES Pkg, Sliced STRAWBERRIES ... 27c California LETTUCE California CELERY . White Bermuda ONIONS . Central American B A N A N A S PRODUCE * . . . head 10c . . . stalk 10" .... lb. 5c . . . . lb. 10c ^ GROCERIES * Libby’s—Sliced—303 Cans RED BEETS . . Nekla Brand—No. 1 Cans TOMATOES . . . 2 cans 33c . 3 cans 25c Diamond Brand DILL or SOUR PICKLES . qt. 25c Green Giant—Big Tender—303 Cans PEAS 2 cans 41c Libby’s—Asparagus Style GREEN BEANS . . can 35c Libby’s—,Xo. 2 Can—Crushed PINEAPPLE 25c Niblets MEXI-CORN . 2 cans 33c ^ MARKET it Hormel’s Dairy Brand WEINERS lb. 45c Hormel’s Dairy Brand SLICED BACON . . . . Ib. 45c Wiscon—Daisy CHEESE . . . . . . lb. 55c Armour’s Star FRYERS lb. 45c Meaty. Tender ...4 JRT RIBS Ib. 29c Square Cut oilOULDER ROAST . . . Ib. 39c ROUND or LOIN STEAK lb. 69c SPECIALS FOR THUR. AFTERNOON, FRI. & SAT.—APRIL 5-6-7 FOOD MARKET CHARLIE’S COLLEGE STATION NORTH GATE — WE DELIVER —