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i. The Battalion Page 2 THURSDAY, APRIL 5, 1956 A ‘Small’ Incident - ? 1 -jOi lot After a small incident last night in White Coliseum, a . few more persons probably realize that a fence has two sides. It may keep out those you don’t want, but it also hems in v yourself. The section reserved for Negroes for the show last night , was not filled. Out of 25 rows, eight were filled and five | were partially filled with Negroes. The rest, 12 rows, were ?■ empty. * Some students tried to sit in these empty rows, but ap- parently such things just aren’t done around A&M. The Aggies were quickly rushed out, with a few coming back dur ing intermission. Such an incident points out the ridiculousness of setting •f' up artificial “no-man’s land” between citizens of the same - democratic country. One student didn’t like the “fence” last night. What ever his reason, he cut the rope. Mayfoe he just wanted a better seat; or maybe, he realized that no real “fence” does exist between him and his fellow citizens. A‘ country is the loser when it classifies its citizens into special ranks, for benefits can be. derived from a united cit izenry that are not possible with a divided state. Anyway, the show was good, and nobody was “mongrel- ized”—even though a few students finally did sit where rules c. say they shall not. Last night’s incident points out the lesson—segregation « works two ways, and in the long run both sides are the .» losers. « But one thing that is true; we learn from lessons—a part of our experience, and experience is supposed to be the best ' teacher. Even better than rules. — Bill Fullerton It’s a pleasure to get to know Old Spice Alter Shave Lotion. 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Ex-officio members are Charles Roeber, and Ross Strader. Secretary. The Battalion is published four times a week during the regular school year and once a week during the summer and vacation and examination periods. Days of publication are Tuesday through Friday for the regular school year and on Thursday during the summer terms and during examination and vacation periods. The Battalion is not published on the Wednesday immediately Thanksgiving. Subscription rates arc $3.50 per semester, $6.00 per school year, $6.50 per full year, or $1.00 per month. Advertising rates furnished 11.384 Persons County Voters Numbered % 4 I ¥ Aggie With ‘Soul of Poet’ Shows True Appreciation By BILL FULLERTON Battalion Editor We may not have women (bless ’em) here at A&M, but we do have at least one red-blooded man who can appreciate a pretty girl when he sees one. On a recent Saturday morning in the fountain room of the Memo rial Student Center, many cups of coffee went cold. The reason ? Production Classes Are Fitting Calves ,-Smi boel cattle pro- Members of the duction class, under the direction of R. K. Riggs, have chosen calves to be shown in the Little South western Livestock Show here May 12. Class members had the choice of three breeds—-herefords, angus,' or brahman. Preparation is underway as the animals have been dehorned and are now being halter broken. No ■lass period has been set aside for the work; students use their spare time for conditioning animals for the show. Members of the Saddle and Sir loin Club will also prepare animals for the show. Absorbed attention by about 100 Aggies in two very pretty young misses sitting with their parents in a booth. The two girls, sisters of about 19 and 17 years, proved upon arising to be as perfect of stature as they were pretty of face. The room attained a chapel-like silence when the girls got up, a silence that was broken only by their own enjoyment of some sis terly joke. Almost at the large door the joke reached its punch line, for with an increasing giggle the younger girl, trailing by about two steps, leaned and softly pad dled her sister. A reverent- sigh,. and an even more reverently breathed, “My. gawd! Don’t bruise it!”, provided j a perfect goodbye to the lovely ! heroines of this Saturday morning j tale. The number of poll taxes and ex- j emptions issued to voters in Brazos I County has been released by Mi s. | Marjorie Burkhalter, tax assessor and collector. Poll taxes were paid by 8,882 persons in Brazos County. Exemp tions were issued to 2,502, giving the county voting strength of 11,384. Precinct one at Millican had 89 persons pay poll taxes, 18 were issued exemptions, totaling 107. Wellborn, precinct two, poll taxes, 125; exemptions 51; total, 176. Consolidated School, College Sta tion, poll taxes, 1,162; exemptions, 237; total 1,399. Mooring, precinct four, poll taxes, 166; exemptions, 35; total, 201. «■- Harvey, precinct five, poll taxes, 68; exemptions, 18; total, 86. Kurten, precinct six, poll taxes, 98; exemptions, 22; total, 120. Army ROTC Srs. To Serve 2 Years Two-thirds of the Army ROTC graduates scheduled to enter the armed forces between July, 1956, and June, 1957, will be assigned to two years of active duty, ac cording to Col. Delmer P. Ander son, professor of military science. “Most graduates who applied for tours of two years will receive them,” Col. Anderson said. “The remaining men will serve six months active duty and then enter the active reserves, according to the provisions of the 1955 Reserve Forces Act.” “Requirements of the Army necessarily will take precedence over individual desires,” he said. All ROTC graduates will be as signed to their respective branch schools for training before assign ment to Army units. Tabor, precinct seven, poll taxes, 83; exemptions, 29; total, 112. Edge, precinct eight, poll taxes, 73; exemptions, 19; total, 92. Smetana (Fountain Hall), pre cinct nine, poll taxes, 167; exemp tions, 49; total, 216. Ben Milam, Bryan, precinct ten, poll taxes, 471; exemptions, 212; total 683. Travis School, Bryan, precinct eleven, poll taxes, 816; exemptions, 286; total, 1,102. Reliance, precinct twelve, poll taxes, 46; exemptions, 12; total, 58. Crockett School, Bryan, precinct thirteen, poll taxes, 1,342; exemp tions, 175; total, 1,517. City Hall, Bryan, precinct four- An eagle’s nest is used year af ter year during which the birds add material to it until a nest may weigh a ton or more. Tailored to you r measure Over 200 Materials Tailoring Satisfaction THE SLAXATORIUM North Gate TRIANGLE BANQUET ROOM Open for all: BANQUETS — DINNERS — LUNCHEONS RECEPTIONS and WEDDINGS (By Reservation Only) For Information Call: Mr. J. A. Ferreri — TA 2-8508 (Between 9 a.m. & 5 p.m.) McCALL’S Humble Service Station “Where Service Is First” East Gate VI 6-4922 Hy 6 teen, poll taxes, 432; exemptions, I 192; total, 628. American Legion, Bryan, pre cinct fifteen, poll taxes, 677; ex emptions, 240; total, 917. College Hills, College Station, precinct sixteen, poll taxes, 706; exemptions, 100; total, 806. Bowie School, Bryan, precinct seventeen, poll taxes, 759; exemp tions, 327; total, 1,086. S. F. Austin High School, Bryan, precinct eighteen, poll taxes, 1(474; exemptions, 218; total, 1,392. Fire Station, North Bryan, pie- | cinct nineteen, poll taxes, 428; ex-- emptions, 262; total 690. \ - ipl| f THeATRL/ THURSDAY & FRIDAY |*PRI\/ATE WAPAy MAJOR BENSON ** (JPf """ -Tcdinicotor t I with WILLIAM OEMAREST-TIM CONSIEMNE Oild TIM HOVIT A UNIVERSAL-INTERNATIONAL PICTURE FISHING SALE $11.95 FLY ROD Sale Price $5.95 9 m m $9.85 FLY ROD $12.00 HEDDON CASTING ROD . . $11.25 SHAKESPEAR CASTING ROD $3.95 GLASS CASTING ROD .... $12.00 SOUTH BEND CASTING REEL Sale Price $5.00 Sale Price $6.00 Sale Price $5.50 Sale Price $2.25 Sale Price $7.95 LURES—Ranging up to $1.50 Sale Price .95c STUDENT CO-OP North Gate • 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 % CARAT OF DIAMONDS St€i% afi s4frUe4, Locked Sets Unbelievably priced YOU’LU BOTH GO FOR THIS CIGARETTE! Wl NSTON tuu ti& gMCA. UCUCt! ■ I TASTES GOOD / WINSTON preceding Easter per school on request. Entered as second-class matter at Post Office at College Station, Texas, under the Act of Con gress of March 3. 1870. 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