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Wednesday, December 14, 1955 THE BATTALION Page 7
Ch u rch Briefs
Christmas Parties Scheduled
CHRISTMAS SPIRIT—of caroling is revealed by members of the Geology Wives Club,
as they practice their carols in the Memorial Student Center. The girls sang their selec
tion of carols in the lobbies of local hospitals. The music was then broadcasted through
out the rooms. Lighting the candle, at left, is Eleanor Paseman, president; and in the
usual order, Barbara Rols, Sue Briggs, Sally Hosteller, Faye Gray, Amye Phillips, and
Peggy Brown. Nancy McCarty is kneeling.
MSC Employees
Feted At Party
The Memorial Student Center
gave their employees a Christmas
party at 4 p.m. Sunday in the ball
room of the MSC.
The > program consisted of the
breaking of pinatas by the children
of the employes and putting on
of skits by the departments of the
MSC. After the skits Christmas
carols w fc ere sung.
Santa Claus greeted all the em
ployee’s children around a decora
ted Christmas tree, adding to the
Christmas atmosphere.
CHS Freshman Girls
Win Dress Awards
Seven girls from the freshman
class of Consolidated High School
received prizes totaling $50 for
their dresses in a style show held
at the school Monday.
Sponsored by Pruitt’s Fabric
Shop, Martha Esten took the first
prize award of $15. Sara Goode
and Anne Williamson each receiv
ed $10 for second place awards;
Helen Klipple and Roxanne Mur-
Whether you’re walking or driving, it pays to
look both ways at intersections. Statistics show
that’s where half of the city traffic accidents
happen. Stop, look and live longer.
Be Careful —the life you save may be your own!
Sponsored in the interest of your safety by
1215 Highway 6 S — Bryan
phrey were awarded $5 each for
third place and fourth place win
ners of $2.50 each went to Char
lotte Baty and Carol Dew.
Under the direction of Mrs. Mil-'
dred Byrd, home economics teach
er, the dresses were judged on
the color, style, appropriateness
of material to pattern and line of
garment, and workmanship.
The three judges were Mrs.
Dorothy Rush, Mrs. A. R. Orr,
and R. L. Boone, Vivian Sullivan
was the hostess commentator.
Also entered in the contest were
Jean Anderson, Susan Dowell,
i Yvonne Felty, Gaytha Edger, Pat
! Freeman, Patricia Jackson, Joyce
Lorenz, Judy Litton, Dolores Mar-
quart, Peggy Mitchell, Nancy
i Rogers, and Barbara Wasik,
The Passing Scene
by Carl Rose
"Drunk and doing eighty. Never mind the ambulance.
Send a basket.’!
Job Calls
ROADS will interview civil engi
neering* majors for positions as
highway engineer trainees for ap
pointments following graduation.
PANY will interview geology ma
jors for an opening as an assistant
geologist to do field work in con
nection with the exploratory pro
Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church
Lutheran Student Association
will hold their Christmas party to
night at 7:30.
Wesley Foundation
The Beta Zeta chapter of Wes
ley players will present a Christ
mas' play tonight at 7 p.m.
“The Desert Shall Rejoice” is a
one act play by Walter Finch, cen
tered around -a tourist camp some
where in the Nevada desert. Ac
tion takes place on a cold mid
winter night, just before Christ
mas in this modern rendition of
the Christmas story.
Students appearing in the pro-
Teague Relates
On Recent Trip
A traveler’s impressions of coun
tries on the other side of. the iron
curtain was one part of the talk
given by Congressman Olin E.
Teague before an open meeting of
the College Station-Bryan AAUW
Monday in the Biological Sciences
Auditorium on the A&M campus.
Preceding his remarks on his
recent European and Russian trip,
Congressman Teague discussed the
general duties of a member of
The congressman traveled in
Czechoslovakia, Poland Russia and
the Scandinavian countries be
sides numerous stops in France
and Germany. Teague’s impres
sions of the people behind the cur
tain are those that are last becom
ing legendary; except for the
Russians, they are or appear
in their relation with Westerners.
Mrs. Robert White, president of
AAUW, announced that the next
regular meeting of the organiza
tion would be Jan. 9.
To Eal Willi Corps
Every unit in the Second Regi
ment will have an underprovileged
child as a guest for the annua’
Chrigtmas dinner at Sbisa Hall
Thursday night.
Sam Layden, Regimental chap
lain, is handling all of the arrange
ments. Unit commanders are co
ordinating with Layden in an ef
fort to make this an annual event
for future Christmas dinners.
The children, ranging in age
from 9-13 are from Bryan and sur
rounding Towns. Each unit will
take one child to supper, give him
all the fi'uit from their tables and
present him with a gi^t.
Paul Hornung, Notre Dame quar
terback, is also a member of the
basketball squad.
365 Days A Year
of Bryan,
duction are John Warner, Bill
Libby, Bill Rivoire, Br.idy Arm
strong, Aub;ey Smith, Curtis
Schulze, and Tex Boehnke. Donna
Mayhew, and Atelia Prince, are
also featured in the play. Don
Houston is director and Patti
Minkert is assistant director.
Christian Science Society
Services will be held tonight at
St. Thomas Episcopal Chapel
Canterbury Association, Episco
pal students organization, will
meet in the pa i . i ht a 4
Bethel Lutheran Church
(Missouri Synod)
‘Marys Humole Joy” is the
sermon-topic for vespers scheduled
for 7:45 tonight at the church.
Lutheran Aggie Club will meet at
the Memorial Student Center to
night at 7.
Church of Christ
Services will be held tonight at
7:15. Ladies Bible Class will meet
at 10 a.m. Thursday at the Church
Rev. Smith Speaks
To Methodist Men
“Sacred events and sacred places
of Christianity” was the address
given to the annual Methodist
Men banejuet honoring their wives
last night by the Rev. Mr. Arthur
M. Smith of College Station.
The Rev. Mr. Smith’s talk was
Offered Scientists
Two postdoctoral associateships
for young scientists for work at
the National Bureau of Standards,
Washington, D.C. and Boulder,
Colo., and the Naval Research Lab
oratory, Washington, D.C. are open
to qualified holders of the doctor
ate and others with equivalent ex
perience and training, Dr. Ide P.
Trotter, dean of the graduate
schgol has announced.
Appointments can be made in
various branches of chemistry, phy
sics and mathematics, and applica
tions will be evaluated by the Na
tional Academy of Sciences-Na-
tional Research Council, Dr. Trot
ter said.
Additional information can be
obtained from Dr. Trotter.
in keeping with the religious at
mosphere of the Christmas season
after his return from the Holy
Land this summer.
The minister is holder of the
Baptist teaching chair at A&M
which is one of the 17 sponsored
in Texas by the Student Depart
ment of the Baptist general com
mittee of Texas. He is also pas
tor of the Cottonwood Baptist
Church located 12 miles northeast
of Bryan.
The Rev. Mr. Smith was receiv
ed by Dr. J. A. Kincannon, presi-
dent of Methodist Men; The Rev.
Mr. Nolan R. Vance, pastor of
the A&M Methodist Church; Bar
ney Welch, vice-president of
Methodist Men and Clarence
Moore, treasurer.
Group singing of songs by the
guests was led by Dr. J. H. South
ern. Curtis R. Holland headed the
committee for the banquet menu
and service, which included Ran
Boswell, Dr. R. E. Branson, F. I.
Dahlberg, Don Dale, E. S. Hol-
dredge, Truman R. Jones Jr., R.
E. Leighton, John Pedigo, Dr. I.
W. Rupel, Dr. M. C. Schroeder,
Dr. John Sperry and Bennie Zinn.
. y-vvogram will be
held at 7:30 p.m. Thursday in the
Cafeteria of Consolidated High
.r^&M Christian Church
St”dent Fellowship
will meet at 7:15 tonight.
niilei roundaiion
An informal vet-together will be
held in the YMCA tonight at 7:15.
The program will include notes
and news of Jewish interest by
■ he members and a pre-holiday so
St. Mary’s Catholic Chapel
Services will be held at 5:15
p.m. this afternoon. The Christ
mas Social wall be held at 7:30 to
night. An invitation has been ex
tended to all Catholic boys.
Church of the Nazarene
Services will be held at 7:30 to
night at the church.
College Heights Assembly of God
Prayer meeting will be held iit
7:30 tonight. The Christmas party-
will begin at 8 p.m. Friday to ex
change gifts, sing Christmas
songs, and hold' a program. Steve'
Davidson is in charge of the af
A&M Presbyterian Church
The fellowship program will be
observed at 7 tonight at the church
with the singing of carols. Later
students will cai ol in groups to
the shut-ins.
First Baptist Church
Teacher’s meeting will be held at
(5:30 tonight. The Graded Choir
will sing at 7:30 tonight instead
of the usual prayer meeting. Un
der the direction of Mrs. Marvin
Butler, the choir will present the
“Story of Silent Night”.
The Ruth Class will have a
Christmas party at 7:30 p.m.
Thursday at the home of Mrs.
Jack Gilbert, 902 Woodland.
Nursery Three will hold a partj
at the church at 6 p.m. Thursday
Mrs. Alvin Houston, superinten
dent, will present “Israel’s War
rior King.”
Alec says:"I can survii/e a crash...
but your CHILD has only ONE life'
Bikes were fun, remember? And staying alive
is better fun for youngsters. So watch your
speed and save that life. A couple of seconds’
slowdown to give those bikes a wide berth
won’t hurt you. Needn’t irritate you either.
Try to remember ...
DRIVE CAREFULLY.. • the child you sovs may he your own!
An official public service message
prepared by The Advertising
Council in cooperation with the
National Safety Council.
Sponsored in the in'erert c T *ur children’s safety by
'1 he Battalion