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Hawkins Writes JLu.slie V. Hawkins, of the Indus trial Education Department, is the author of an article appearing in the November issue of the School Shop magazine. The article de scribes a simple method for re moving the coating from used or damaged film and creating a clear sheet of plastic. It also de scribes further uses for clear plastic sheets. SHOPPING DAYS LEFT f--- Help Fight TB —-| I9» CHRISTMAS^ L. _ Buy Christmas Seals * All Ags Invited Bryan A. Parham, Student Sen ate president, has received a let ter from TSCW inviting all A&M students to a special Christmas Dance Saturday night. The dance will start at 9 p.m. and close at 1 a.m. See Joe Faulk ’32 for — Auto Parts Seat Covers Crosley-Bendix Appliances JOE FAULK’S AUTO & APPLIANCE STORE 214 N. Bryan 2-1669 S 1COEX2IC32I * tHUOfilN UNOtBIZ VIARS- Off! THRU FRIDAY with ANNE BAXTER 'ONE DESIRE PLUS ‘SUDDENLY’ with FRANK SINATRA CIRCLE THRU FRIDAY “Far Horizon” Charlton Heston —ALSO “Man With A Million” Gregory Peck TODAY & FRIDAY STRANGELY POWERFUL...,^r~ 6UNH BARBARA : nusiuffc EDWARD G. Dianne FOSTER-Brian KEITH Hay WYNN-Warner ANDERSON t>y TECHNICOLOR » GOUMBU new Scree* P1»y by HARRY KLEINFR • Based itpon a novel by Donald HnmiltoG ProduQed by LEWIS J. RACHMIL • Directed by RUDOLPH MATE amily. uorileS Thursday, December 8, 1955 By Mrs. S. S. Morgan Our guest editor this week is the wife of Dr. Morgan, head of the English department. They reside at 500 Jersey St., College Station. WOOD CHUCK ^ lb * buttcr 1 pkg. old English Cheese 4 T. flour ^ can mushrooms 2 cups milk Pimento and green pepper 1 can tomato soup 4 hard-boiled eggs In double boiler, melt butter, add other ingredients except eg»-s and cook until thick. Add chopped boiled eggs and serve on toast. NEW ENGLAND BREAD STICKS 1/2 CU P confectioner’s sugar y 2 T. cinnamon. 1/2 CU P brown sugar 1 stick butter Melt butter, roll bread (which has been cut in wide strips) in butter, then in sugar mixture. Bake 8 minutes at 400 degrees. STUFFED FRENCH ROLLS 2 hard-boiled eggs i^cup Wesson Oil 1 can tomato sauce 2 green peppers (if desired) 1 bottle stuffed olives l doz. French rolls 1 lb. American cheese Grind or chop together all ingredients. Mix well. Remove center of hard rolls, fill with mixture and heat in oven 10 or 15 minutes Cover with waxed paper while heating. Makes one dozen. These can be made ahead of time and heated when ready to serve. BATTALION HOLIDAY SUGGESTIONS Everyone is fruit-cake conscious as Christmas rolls around each year. But this year why not Bake-a-gift! Select a pretty casser ole, bake your fruit cake, and present it wrapped in transparent paper and tied with a bright bow. One reminder—make your fruit cakes now. They’re always better after time has allowed the flavor of the fruit to blend CASSEROLE FRUIT CAKE 1 cup dried apricots 1/3 cup diced candied or&nge 1 cup light or dax-k x-aisins p ee i 1/3 cup slivered candied 1/3 slivered blanched almonds ohcxxies 1 grated lemon xind 1 cup diced citron Cover apricots with cold water, bring to boil. Boil 1 minute and drain. Slice apricots coarsely. Add rest of fruit, almonds, and rind. The Batter 2 cups sifted enriched flour 1 t. salt Ta t. baking soda % C up Cxisco 4 eggs, separated 1 C up sugar Start heating oven to 275 degrees. Grease 2-quart casserole. Combine flour, salt and soda. Beat egg whites until stiff. Beat Crisco, sugar, and egg yolks until light and fluffy. Stir in fruit mix- tux-e, blending well. Add flour mixture alternately with beaten egg whites. Turn into cassei'ole. Bake 2 hours or longer, depending on thickness of loaf. Cool in casserole. CHRISTMAS CANAPES 2-inch I’ound white bread slices Pinch of salt I pkg. cream cheese; 3 oz. Maraschino cherries 1 T. cream Parsley Work the cream cheese, cream and salt, until smooth. Spread on bread rounds. Cut into tiny rounds about % inch the cherries (or pi- imento or tiny red decorettes). Chop parsley until fine. Make a nar row ring of the parsley around each piece of bread. Do it at intervals to look like holly wreath with the red rounds. Since it is hard to cut c erries or pimiento, use the point of ah empty mechanical pencil. ecorettes may be used but only shortly before serving to keep the color fxom gunning. owe Any of these gifts will please her! SWEATERS • BLOUSES • JEWELRY • STOLES GLOVES • PURSES 108 N. MAIN W. S. D. CLOTHIERS N. BRYAN RV Invitation (Continued from Page 1) Hutchison, John D. Janak, Warren B. Johnson. By i on W. King, Ranrolph S. King, Jacob O. Koehl, Ellison K. Kolinek, Fritz E. Landers, Jei :ome J. Lednicky, Larry E. Lee, Charles R. Lewis, Thomas R. Livingston, A-lbert M. Loudon, Jack H. Luns- fox-d, Jasper N. Lynn, Robert W. McCleskey, Edwax-d B. McGowan, Jess R. McLarry, Charles D. Mc- Mullan. Joe A. Marek, Marvin E. Melson, Kirby T. Meyer, John C. Montgom- ery, Gene C. Nash, Kenneth B. No len, McFarland C. Osborn, Jimmy M. Peacock, Larry D. Piper, Leland H. Pi-att, Charles W. Rasco, Wil liam R. Ratcliff, John W. Rinard, Edmond M. Saad, L. E. Sheppard, Gax-y N. Smith. Tommy W. Smith, Bernard A. Spath, John H. Specht, Karl J Springer, Luther J. Starr, John C. Sullivan, James Syler, James E. ferx-ell, Jack W. Thomas, Richard B. Thornton, Herman J. Veselka, Billy W. Wagnon, Charles S. Ware, Donald A. Weber, and Fred I. Whitt. THE BATTALION iPNb. <X. C. « A,. Have that portrait made be fore Dec. 10th for Christmas A&M Photo Shop No. Gate 4-8844 Veterinary Dean Elec led Chairman Dr. W. W. Armistead, dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine at A&M, has been elected pro gram chairman for the Division of Veterinary Medicine, Associa tion of Land Grant Colleges and Universities. He was elected dur ing a recent meeting- in East Lansing, Mich. Dean Armistead was a member of the committee when it prepared “Report of the Committee on Mor bidity and Mortality”, a 180-page report in the form of a handbook of reportable communicable dis eases of domestic animals. The report has just been dis tributed by the U. S. Livestock Sanitary Association, and is ex pected to be useful to public health administrators, veterinary medi cal students and students of pub lic health. Page Freshman Wins 4-H Scholarship Arthur R. Dommert, freshman pre-vet student from Crowley, La., was awarded one of twelve na tional scholarships in the nation wide 4-H tractor program at the 34th annual National 4-H Club Congress held last week in Chi cago. Dommert, a member of D field artillery, won the .$300 scholar ship that accompanies the award with his recoi;d in Tractoi- opera tion, safety, and maintenance ovei- the past five years. He is the first Louisiana 4-H club member in history to receive a national championship award. 9^..^ ^ WIVES—Newly elected officers of the A&M Oiticer s Wives Club review their job descriptions. In the usua! order seated, are Mrs. Taylor Wilkins, treasurer; Mrs. Dale F. McGee, secretary; Mrs. David E. Phillips, vice-president; and Mrs. Chatles W. Jeffries, president. Standing, center, is Mrs. Edward F. Sauer, program chair man. Left is Mrs. Robert A. Knapp and Mrs. Condee C. Nason, right. All officers are wives of military faculty of A&M except Mrs. Sauer. ^ Church Briefs Hillel Foundation The regular Wednesday cultural meeting will be held tonight in stead, at 6 in the YMCA for the Hanukah Paty, sponsox-ed by the Dallas and Ft. Worth Mothers. The freshman cultural program will follow dinner. St. Mary’s Catholic Chapel Boday, the feast of the Immac ulate Conception, is a holy day of obligation and all Catholics must attend mass, said Tom Tou- douze, president of the Newman Club. Mass will be offered at 5:15 this afternoon and confessions will he heard before services. A GIFT . . , For The Entire Family MOTOROLA CLOCK RADIOS TABLE & PORTABLE RADIOS STUDENT CO OP No. Gate 4-4114 CASH for your . . . SLIDE RULE L O U P O T ’ S on a!! your food needs! GROCERIES -A- * GROCERIES * Nabisco Premium SALTINE CRACKERS ... 1 lb. 25c Libby’s—Whole Spiced—No. 2 l /2 Can PEACHES 4ic Libby’s—Sliced—No. 2 I / 2 Can PEACHES . . . . Libby’s—Crushed—No. 2 Can PINEAPPLE .... Libby’s—Chunk Style—No. 2 Can PINEAPPLE 3() C Libby’s—46 Oz. Can—PINEAPPLE JUICE Libby’s—Whole—303 Cans RED BEETS 2 cans 35c 33c 25c 29c Libby’s—14 Oz. Bottle—Tomato CATSUP . . . . 3 Pound Can crisco . . . . Kim Mi's—Whole—liOii Cans GREEN BEANS . Kimbell’s—303 Cans—Sm a 11 GREEN LIMAS . . Lucky Leaf—303 Cans APPLE SAUCE . , . ... 18c ... 85c . 2 cans 41c . 2 cans 37c 2 cans 35c PRODUCE Tea Garden—24 Oz. Bottle—Pure Concord GRAPE JUICE 3X C Duncan’s Admiration COFFEE . . . 1 lb. 85c Home Grown — Baking Size SWEET POTATOES . 176 Size FLORIDA ORANGES . LETTUCE YELLOW ONIONS . . . 5 lbs. 29c . . doz. 35c . head 10c . .lb. 5c MARKET pen FED BABY BEEF CUTS ^ FROZEN FOODS + Pictsweet—6 Oz. Can ORANGE JUICE 15 c Baby LIMA BEANS pkg. 27c Ford Hook LIMA BEANS i.Ise. Sliced PEACHES 27c Sliced STRAWBERRIES . . . pkg. 27c ROUND STEAK . . . LOIN STEAK .... T-BONE STEAK . . . PORTER HOUSE STEAK MEATY SHORT RIBS . Square Cut SHOULDER ROAST . . A- mour’s Spiced T . JKCHEON MEAT . . V / Dairy Brand N E R S Annour’s Star SLICED BACON lb. Ib. lb. Ib. lb. Ib. Ib. lb. lb. G9c 69c 69c 49c 29c 39c 39c 49c 49c CHARLIE'S FOOD MARKET WE DELIVER _ COLLEGE STATION SPECIALS FOR THUR. AFTERNOON, FRI. & SAT. — DEC. 8-9-10 NORTH GATE