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Battalion Editorials Page 2 TUESDAY, OCTOBER 11, 1955 Never Too Early Next weekend is still a long way off, but the incidents of the one just past are still on our minds. And foremost among these incidents should be the ac cidents that almost took the lives of three of our fellow stu dents. It’s never too early to talk about safety on the highway, or on the campus or city streets. Nor can one say enough about the need to be on constant guard against the unex pected—that which happens to the “other fellow.” And, remember, you are the “other fellow” to the drivers of other automobiles on the road. We have rules to guard against deliberate chance-taking by drivers; we have perfunctionary inspections to check our automobiles—but we have no way of guarding against the momentary carelessness that can mean life or death on the highways and streets of our state. It is realized, of course, that “perfect” safety on our roads is an ideal, probably impossible, to strive for. But as someone aptly said: “Ideals remain real only when one con tinues to realize them.” CHS Buildings CADET SLOUCH Win Top Honor For Architects Today’s Borrowed Thoughts THE WORST SERVANT of a democracy is the man who obeys the people because he fears them. In his deference to the opinion of others he surrenders his own, and if his example were followed by everyone, the opinion of a democracy would degenerate into little more than timid conventionality. The true democrat does not obey the people; he regards himself as one of the people, with the democratic privilege of having a mind of his own. He never pretends that the majority is necessarily right; he knows that courageous minorities are the very soul of a democracy. This is why there has arisen the cuilous paradox that many of the best leaders of democracies have had to fight the majority all their lives. Had they not done so, they would have been little more than sheep, and a flock of sheep is not the symbol of a free people. It is the man who stands against the dead uniformity of opinion and breaks it up with some fresh current of ideas, who really creates a situation in which real opinion is possible. NEW REPUBLIC, June, 1915 The high school buildings at A & M Consolidated recently received more honors as the architects, Caudill, Rowlett, Scott & Associates of Bryan, were selected as one of two first honor winners in the non-residen- tial division of architectural com petition in Texas. Texas Architecture Awards for 1955 were presented to the archi tects at a meeting of the Dallas Chapter, American Institute of Architects. The plans were prais ed for their elimination of a set of walls and the provision foi raised play areas which took intc account both sun and shade. William Nash, Bryan architect received an honor award in the same division for his work on the Catholic Student Center at North Gate in College Station. C of C Names Jones to USO By appointment purveyors of soap to the late King George VI, Yardley & Co., Ltd., London Yardley brings you a super-wetting Shaving Foam— London style Are you looking for a finer pressure shave? This distinguished product— 1 conceived in England and made in America —has a new super-wetting action which wilts the beard in a trice. The foam washes off the face instantly (or rub it in!) and leaves a most refreshing after-feeling. Normal shaving time is cut by half. At your campus store, $1. Makers and dis tributors for U.S.A., Yardley of London, Inc., New York. The Battalion The Editorial Policy of The Battalion Represents the Views of the Student Editors The Battalion, newspaper of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas and the City of College Station, is published by stu dents four times a week during the regular school year. During the summer terms The Battalion is published once a week, and during examination and vacation periods, once a week. Days of publication are Tuesday through Friday for the regular school year, Thursday during the summer terms, and Thursday during examination and va cation periods. The Battalion is not published on the Wednesday im mediately preceding Easter or Thanksgiving. Subscription rates are $3.50 per semester, $6.00 per school year, $6.50 per full year, or $1.00 per month. Advertising rates furnished on request. Entered as second-class | matter at Post Office at j College Station, Texas, f under the Act of Con gress of March 3, 1870. Member of The Associated Press Represented nationally by National Advertising Services, Inc., a t New York City, Chicago. Los Angeles, and San Fran- The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republi cation of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in the paper and local news of spontaneous origin published herein. Rights of repubiication of all other matter herein are also reserved. News contributions may be made by telephone (4-5444 or 4-7604) or at the editorial office room, 202 Goodwin Hall. Classified ads may be placed by telephone (4-5324) or at the Student Publication. Office, Room 207 Goodwin Hall. BILL FULLERTON Editor Ralph Cole Managing Editor Ronnie Greathouse Sports Editor Don Shepai'd News Editor Welton Jones City Editor Barbara Paiue Woman’s Editor Jim Neighbors, David McReynolds, Jim Bower Staff Writers Barry Hart Sports Staff I Maurice Olian CHS Sports Correspondent j Tom Syler Circulation Manager ' Luther G. Jones was appointed to the Brazos County U.S.O. at the regular meeting of the College Station Development Association and Chamber of Commerce yester day. In other business, Mrs. C. C. Doak, secretary, read a letter from Ardith K. Malloh, librarian of the Carnegie Library, thanking the Association for $100 alloted to the library in the Association’s bud get. Discussion of items for next month’s agenda included whether or not to collect membership dues at the first of the calander year or the first of the fiscal year, and a report by the Community De velopment and Long Range Plan ning - Committee on progress made toward drawing up a new consti tution for the Association. Wh at’s Cooking 5:30 p.m. The Range and Forestry Club will hold a free weiner roast in the quonset hut at the turn off to Eas- terwood Airport. Transportation will leave from in front of the MSC at 5;30 p.m. Final plans for the Turkey Shoot will be made. 7:30 p.m. The Institute of Aeronautical Sciences will meet in room 115 of the new Engineering building. Bring $1.50 for membership dues. W. R. Horsley of the Placement Office will speak. The Pre-Law Society will meet in room 2C of the MSC for a bus iness meeting and election of a eporter. The Fish and Game Club will meet on the third floor of the Ag- icultural Engineering building Refreshments will be served. The Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental Society wil meet in room 107 of the Biological Sciences building. All interested freshmen and new students are invited to the meet ing. The A&M Student Weather Club is meeting in Room 307, Goodwin Hall. Officers will be elected at the meeting and plans will be made for the year. The Business Society meets in the MSC Social Room. Election of officers will be held. The Yankee Hometown Club will meet in the Reading Room of the YMCA. William McCuIley of the Math Department will be the speaker. 7:40 p.m. The Accounting Society meet in the YMCA. Coffee and cookies will be served after the meeting. will That “new suit” I “boughk for Dad is really an old one I had rejuvenated at . . . CAMPUS CLEANERS by James Earle | College Station YAC AL.YJNY'b OiD ‘oAY cooi-D wora.i^. rSErrrnEfa. okao&tA PQ-ESSwctef Cgoup?) May Get New Name At a recent meeting of the Col lege Station Youth Activities Com mittee, proposals were made to change the name and to reconsti tute the organization. A special committee, consisting of Mrs. R. E. Patterson, chairman; J. B. (Dick) Hervey and John Rogers, was named to study these propo sals and to make recommendations for effecting them. A vagueness in its present name, implying that the Committee is ac tually engaged in recreational ac tivities instead of its true purpose —to develop permanent-type facili ties in the community for youth groups, was pointed out at the meeting. It was pointed out that the com mittee’s present name does not ac curately describe the purpose of the organization. The sole pur pose is to develop permanent-type facilities in the community for youth groups, while the name im plies that the committee is actu ally engaged in recreational activ ities. The Youth Activities Committee was formed a number of years ago by local citizens who realized a distinct need for physical facilities to complement the activities and services of the Boy and Giri Scouts, College Station Recreation al Council, and other youth organ^ (Sec COMMITTEE, Page 4) DANCE SATURDAY, OCT. U In Fort Worth Welcome Aggies To the Music of . . . TEXAS’ NEWEST BAND SENSATION Joliimie Geary and His 13 Piece Orchestra $1.20 PER PERSON (Tax Inch) Reser novations — Phone CE 72031 or Write — Route 2, Box 421 SOUTHWEST’S LARGEST BALLROOM THE CASINO College Station State Bank College Station, Texas Statement of Condition College Station State Bank October 5, 1955 ASSETS Cash Stocks and Bonds Loans Banking House Furniture and Fixtures Other Real Estate Owned Prepaid Insurance 905,815 980,826. 1,003,755, 28,500, 16,515. 1. 1,500. $2,936,913.45 LIABILITIES Capital Stock Surplus Undivided Profits . Deposits Reserves £ 100,000.00 50,000.00 44,410.11 2,74 0,019.99 < 2,483.35 $2,936,913.45 The above statement is correct. (Signed) T. E. Whitley, Cashier. Ll’L ABNER By AI Capp P O G O Walt Kelly rm^iN'oFMB vow think: l me<si/5rA WOiifPN'T you f WH£M I THINK'S atauu THATieNKi K lift DOUBl both qi braska 41 in s yard d* rwr til Bu By CHS A&M s h o w e over rec day nig but seve on the sh The lo£ starts, fo victory c WA One day 10 per Mi 5 p.m. 8 RCA bination card tab extra lei Kenm< chair. J Phone 4 1951 ( radio, h glide. ( for cash 6-3923. tion aft( Good, Contact Project Male butcher, work. 1 Food Tc 1 Typin Mrs. C, 3532. P M; (N< • ENGl ARC! i BLC1 SCO