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    Tuesday, September 20, 1955
Page 3
GUARD DEE POWELL—Outstanding in the UCLA game,
Dee will start for the Aggies against LSU at Dallas Sat-
ui day.
Sport Shorts
LOS ANGELES—Saturday afternoon, while eating a
quiet dinner in 20th Century Fox’s spacious lunch room in
Hollywood, the Aggie football team became almost as aroused
as the night before against UCLA’s Bruins.
What could tear 40 hungry football players away from
a half-eaten meal ? The answer is simple—Sheree North !
The petite Miss North, attired in the pale blue uniform
of an Air Force WAF she portrays in her new movie still in
production, slipped quietly down at a table across the mural-
covered room from the Cadet team.
Her moments alone were short, however, as the entire
team moved to her table for autographs, and a few words
♦with the “Blonde Bombshell.”
Ags To Invade
Texas Cities
This Fall
Sophomore end Bobby
Marks from New Orleans was
one of the last to move away
from Miss North’s table.
Clutching a still moist signature,
Marks beamed, “Ya know, I think
she fell for me.”
Dallas, Houston and Fort
Worth might well heed the
signs of Fall and prepare their
cities for the invasion of the
Aggies’ yehrly corps trips.
Scheduled trips to these
“lucky” towns start officially
with Fort Worth when the
“fightin’ Texas Aggies” play
TCU on October 15.
The Aggies will have plenty
of time to recuperate for the
A&M-Rice game in Houston,
November 12.
Dallas won’t feel slighted as
the brave Aggies will invade
their town for the A&M-LSU
game on Sept. 24 as an unoffi
cial corps trip.
Fish Baseballers
To Have Meeting
All freshmen interested in try
ing out for the Aggie Fish baseball
squad should meet at the Southsidc
of DeWare Field House Wednesday
at 5 p.m. according to Coach Beau
Bell. Bring pencils and paper.
The Aggies were taken on a
tour of the studio grounds as a
guest of William Bendix, who
starred in the court martial scene
from “The Caine Mutiny” here last
Band Awes Crowd
The Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band,
long hailed by Southwest confer
ence fans as the finest in the land,
received one of the most stirring
tributes in its history during the
halftime activities at the A&M-
UCLA game.
Most of the 65,000 fans in the
mammoth Los Angeles Coliseum
wei'e. on their feet applauding at
one time or another during the
Band’s inspired performance.
The press box comments ran
from “How do they do it?” to
“The greatest band I’ve ever seen.”
The Cincinnati Redlegs are rav
ing about rookie southpaw hurler
Charlie Rabe at their Columbia,
S.C. farm club. In his first 197
innings he had fanned 175 batters,
compiled a 2.41 earned run mark
and had won 17 games.
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Smith-Corona and Underwood
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will blow the dust and lint out with compressed air, lubricate
and install a new ribbon, and only charge you for the ribbon.
The Olympia Portable Typewriter has a standard keyboard,
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Furnished in 9^” and 13” carriage. We carry a complete line of
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Aggies Work Hard On Weaknesses
Coach Paul Bryant’s well condi
tioned squad took on more work
than usual for Monday practice
sessions yesterday, concentrating
on correcting the weaknesses that
hurt the Aggies in the 0-21 loss to
“We worked on our weaknesses
today,” said Bryant in his office
after two hours of labor on the
practice field. “We needed the
work badly. In particular we work
ed on our pass offense and defense,
and the quarterback’s option play.”
The Aggies came out of the
Bruin game in surprisingly fine
shape. Jack Pardee, starting full
back from Christoval, showed up
with minor lime burns from the
yard-line stripes. There were no
serious injuries.
In fact, the Cadets didn’t even
have to call time out during the
game because of an injured player.
“Incidentally, after studying the
game movies, Dee Powell, a guard,
and Tackle Jack Powell were out
standing against UCLA,” said Bry
ant. “Dee Powell will definitely
start against LSU.”
Dee, no relation to Jack, moves
into the left guard position in front
of sophomore Jim Stanley. Both
Powells are juniors.
UCLA’s Henry (Red) Sanders,
Coach of the Year in 1954, praised
the spirit of the sophomore-laden
Aggies after the game in the spa
cious dressing room that housed
the victorious Bruins.
Facing a barrage of questions
from enthusiastic reporters, San
ders said, “They’re one of the best
prepared teams we’ve ever met.”
“The Aggies were plenty tough,”
said UCLA’s newly discovered star,
Ronnie Knox, as he leaned tiredly
against the tile wall beside his 1
dressing stall. “I thought the Ag- |
gie linemen were awfully quick.
They were pretty solid all-around.”
Penalties put an early damper 1
on the Aggies’ offensive efforts
against UCLA, as the Cadet eleven
was set back 60 yards on rule vio
lations in the first quarter. A&M’s
total offense in the first quarter
amounted to only 45 yards.
Here is a brief summary of the
important plays in the UCLA
got an early scoring chance as the
Bruin left halfback, Doug Bradley,
fumbled the opening kick >ff on his
own 22. End Gene Stallings recov
ered for the Aggies. Bobby Con
rad plowed through right guard for
2 yards, but the Cadets were pen
alized 15 yards for illegal use of
the hands. A third down aerial by
Donnie Grant was intercepted by
the Bruin’s Steve Palmer on the
22 to end the threat.
UCLA worked its way down to
the Aggie 4 where a 15-yard pen
alty set the Bruins back, and prob
ably cost them a touchdown.
passed to John Hermann for 25
yards and a touchdown 2:06 deep
in the second stanza. Five min
utes later UCLA, driving from its
own 30, and featuring a 22-yard
romp by halfback Sam Brown,
reached the Aggie’s 9-yard stripe
in six plays. Knox passed to half-
(See FOOTBALL, Page 4)
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