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Margot Ann Dayton
Student Senate Elects
Ide Trotter President
Miss Delores Fowler
Patsy Rich
Joy Anna McDermett
Debate Club
Gives Letters,
Names Officers
The Debate Club’s letter-
men and its 1953-54 officers
were named yesterday at the
club’s annual banquet in the
Lettermen included Johnny Sam
uels, John Wilson, Ken Scott, and
Bud Whitney.
Scott was named president for
the coming year with Whitney as
vice-president. David Bowers be
came the new secretary, and Wil
son was named treasurer.
Joe Riddle,-president of the 1952-
53 Debate Club, reviewed the
team’s activities for the' year. -
Dr. Stewart Morgan, head of the
English department, spoke briefly
on the effect the debate organi
sation has had on A&M.
The banquet concluded with the
jhowing of colored slides taken
last February on the varsity team’s
jnid-western speaking tour.
Delores Fowler Named
TSCW Class Beauty
Delores Fowler of San Antonio was named senior class
beauty of Texas State College for Women yesterday.
She was honored Thursday along with other class
beauties at campus ceremonies.
Miss Fowler is the only student at TSCW ever to be
named a class beauty twice. She had been chosen for the
honor her freshman year. She was selected also as TSCW
posture queen of 1953.
Margot Anne Dayton of Dallas was named junior class
beauty. Miss Dayton is a costume and fashion illustration
The sophomore class is represented by Miss Anna Mc
Dermett of Alvin who is a business major.
Patsy Rich of Houston was selected frefehman class
beauty. She is also a business major.
Radio, television and newspaper personalities chose the
beauties from sixteen nominees.
Each of the girls will be featured in a full page of the
Daedalian, the TSCW yearbook.
Ransdell Will Head
Annex for Summer
Baccalaureate Set
May 29 for Seniors
Baccalaureate sermons will be
held for graduating seniors, Fri
day, May 29.
Dr. Carlyle Marney, pastor of
the First Baptist Church in Austin,
will conduct the services for Engi
neering, veterinary medicine and
all advanced degree candidates in
Guion Hall. This procession will
fornv west of the Academic Build
ing and south of Ross’ statue.
Rev. John Donaho, pastor of
the First Methodist Church in Cor
pus Chrisit, will conduct the ser
vices for agriculture and arts and
sciences degree candidates in
Sbisa Hall. This procession will
form west of the Academic Build
ing and north of Ross’ statue.
Weather Today
and warmer with winds up to 30
mph. The maximum temperature
will be in the lower 90’s today.
The high yesterday" was 89 and
the low this morning was 75,
C. H. Ransdell, of the Basic Div
ision, will direct both summer
sessions of the A&M Junction Ad
The Adjunct is a combined camp
and summer school for high school
graduates planning to enter A&M
during the fall semester. Juniors
majoring in civil engineering and
geology complete their required
field work at the camp. Is is
sponsored by the Basic Division.
Adjunct Staff
The Adjunct staff is composed
of college- faculty and staff mem
bers. With the exception of five
persons who will work all summer,
two groups of 12 members' each
will teach each semester at the
Staff rembers for the first se
mester are * Frances McDermott,
secretaiy to the director; A‘. J.
Kingston, vocational and person
al counselor; A. E. Denton, rem
edial reading counselor; H. B. Se-
grest, director of physical educa
tion and recreation; Norman D.
Matthews, physical education coun
English Counselors
L. F. Hauer, director of English
counselors; S. S. Cox, English
counselor; C. F. Hartman, English
counselor; R. R. Lyle, director of
mathematics counselor; R. V. Mc
Gee, mathematics counselor; and
S. R. Mclnnis, chemistry counselor;
Staff members attending the
second semester include S. Auston
Kerley, vocational and personal
counselor; W. Dee Kutach, rem
edial I'eading counselor; Paul M.
Andrews, physical education coun
selor; Joseph C. Brusse, camp
C. K. Esten, director of English J
counselors; J. J. Lawler, English i
counselor; R. W. Ferager, English i
counselor; H. B. Curtis, director of j
mathematics counselors; L. M. Ho-
varak, mathematics counselor; and
W. S. McCulley, chemistry coun
Miss Erline Vaughn will be the j
Adjunct nurse for both semesters.
One Hundred Vets
To Be Graduated
One hundred veteran students
will graduate this semester, said
Bennie Zinn, assistant dean of
The number of GI Bill veterans j
attending A&M totals over 547, !
Zinn said.
Approximately 250 veterans may j
attend summer school the first i
semester, Zinn said. Two hundred j
veterans are expected during the j
second semester, he said.
Five hundred veterans may at
tend A&M next fall, Zinn said, j
Three hundred of these men are ex- i
pected to have served in Korea,
he added.
Lt. Col. Frank Vaden will act as
cabin counselor for the first se
Frances McDermott will be secre-
Lt. Col. Frank Vaden will act as
tary to the director for the second
semester also. Segrest will head
physical education activities dur
ing the entire summer.
Mary Ruth, clothing specialist
for the Texas Agricultural Ex
tension Service, is president- elect
of the Texas Home Economics As
A native of Gatesville, Miss
Routh received her bachelor of
arts degree in home ecomomics
education from TSCW in 1940. She
received her master’s degree in
clothing in 1947 from Columbia
Miss Routh entered extension
service work as county home dem
onstration agent in 1940 in Wil
son County. She served as agent
in Jackson County from 1943-45.
Member of Many Groups
A member ef Eastern Star, she
also belongs to Phi Epsilon Omic-
ron, professional honorary frater
nity for home economists; Ameri
can Home Economics Association;
Epsilon Sigma Phi, honorary ex
tension fraternity; and Business
and Professional Women’s Club.
Her work as clothing specialist
includes technical training o f
county home demonstration agents
in tailoring and dressmaking, as
well as guiding the clothing pro
gram of work for Extension Serv
During 1952, she and Nena
Record Seen
In Enrollment
A&M may have a record
freshman enrollment for the
1953-54 school year.
On May 1, a total of 690
graduating high school seniors
had been accepted for enroll
ment for the fall semester
of 1953, said H. L. Heaton,
registrar. The figure for the
same date last year was 491.
“This represents a 40 per
cent increase over the same
date last year, Heaton said.
“If the applications continue |
at this rate we shall have an
even larger enrollment of
freshmen this fall than we
had with the return of the GI’s
the end of World War II.”
Andrew f ? ary Is
New V ice-1 Yexy
Battalion News Editor
Ide P. Trotter Jr. was elected last night president of the
Student Senate for 1953-54 by an operwhelming majority.
Next year’s Senate vice president will be C. Andrew
Gary. The recording secretary for the second year in a row
will be Pat Wheat. Byron A. (Scotty) Parham was elected
corresponding secretary.
Parliamentarian for 1953-54 will be Seymour J. Smith,
representative to the Senate from Bizzell, Smith was elected
by acclamation.
Larry Hoffman, New Braunfels junior, will be treasurer
for next year.
Carroll Phillips will be chaplain for next year. Stanton
rtBell will be the Senate representa
tive to the. MSC Council. Bell was
also elected by acclamation.
Before the election of officers
began, Trotter was elected tem
porary chairman. Soon after this
election, he was named president
of the new Senate.
The Committees of the Senate
next year are as follows:
Student Life Representatives:
Bill Rowland, Carroll Phillips, Bill
Reed and T. B. Field.
Texas Intercollegiate Student
Association Represenatives: Scotty
Parham, John Benefield, Fehrlin
(Sonny) Tutt, Howard Childers
and J. Frank Ford.
Executive Committee: Andrew
Gary (chairman), B. Vance Jr.,
Denny Cole, Don Dixon, Buck Is
bell, Raul Garcia, Jerry Ledwig
and Bob Rowland.
Welcoming Committee: Larry
Hoffman, Chuck Fenner, Stgn Bell,
Charley Seely and Vol (Monty)
Publicity Committee: Pat Wheat
and Dave Lane .
Mess Committee: The freshman
class vice-president (when elected
next fall), Tom Short, Raul Garcia,
and Ted Uptmore.
Exchange Store Committee: Ted
Uptmore, W. R. (Dusty) Canon,
Larry Kennedy, Leoxtard Stoltz,
Jan Broderick and B; F. Vance;
Hospital Committee: S. J. Smith,
Wallace Eversberg, Jerry Davis,
Lewis Springei* and Bill Rowland.
Election Commission Representa
tives: Jan Broderick, Dave Lane,
Leo Draper, Charles (Buddy) Fox-
worth and Wallace Birkes.
Social Committee: Gil Stribling,
Alton Muiphy, John Kessinger,
Rodney Heath and Andrew Gary.
The Senate decided to retain its
first and third Thursday of the
month meeting date next yeai - , al
though it conflicts with home
town club meetings.
Tlie Senate tabled a motion to
organize the seating committee for
next fall’s football games.
National Leaders
May Speak Here
Todd Named
To> Coach
SMU Backs 9
Dick Todd, former A&M and
pro football great, was signed
yesterday to coach the SMU
backfield, said Head Coach
Chalmer Woodard.
Todd made all-conference at
A&M in 1937 and 1938. He
played with the Washington
Redskins from 1939 - 1942,
when he entered the service
and added to his football
laurels as outstanding ser
vice player of 1943.
He retired from pro football
in 1948 and coached backs at
A&M the next two years, re
turning to the Redskins as
backfield coach in 1951. He
was head coach in 1952 but
retired again last August.
Eco Group
Roberson, also clothing specialist,
worked with agents in 150 counties
where clothing had been selected
as a major phase of study. The
work included advanced dressmak
ing, children’s clothing and tailor
The agents trained nearly 3,000
women leaders who in turn taught
more than 44,000 other women.
The women reported making 1,481,-
000 dresses, 150,000 children’s
garments and more than 47,000
garments for men and boys.
World famous statesmen and
prominent political figures may
speak on the campus next year,
said John Samuels, president of
the MSC Council.
Plans are in progress to bring
one famous speaker to the campus
every other month to discuss na
tional and world affairs, Samuels
The talks will be sponsored by
the MSC Student Forum, a newly
Gets Keys
Junior and sophomore members
of the 1953 student election com
mission received keys last night
for their service at the meeting
of the old and new members of the
Old members receiving keys
were Raymond McBride, Leo
Draper, Norman Sliva, Buck Isbell,
Bill Coleman, Joe King, Blase
Pantuso and Nick Alexander.
Other key receivers were Jerry
Ledwig, Andrew Gary, Dave Lane,
Gordon Tate, John Matush and Bill
Bubba Blank, Jimmy Holder and
Jimmy Earl, the three senior mem
bers of this year’s commission, pre
viously received copies of “The
Story oT Texas A&M” at the Stu
dent Senate Banquet.
Problems which came up in the
running of the student elections
this year were discussed at the
meeting, and the new commission
outlined operations for next year.
organized MSC activity for the
study of important current issues,
he added.
Student Forum
The Student Forum plans to
work through the Dallas Council of
World Affairs to obtain the speak
ers, Samuels explained.
The Council is a non-partisan
organization which brings nation
ally important personalities to
Dallas to speak on current world
events. It is sponsored by promin
ent Dallas citizens.
The MSC Student Forum hopes
to make arrangements with the
Council to bring these speakers to
A&M after they have spoken to
the Dallas group, Samuels said.
Dallas Council
Speakers this year at the Dallas
Council have included Secretary of
State John Foster Dulles and
Adlai Stephenson.
Hubert Whitney and John Wil
son make up the planning com
mittee for the MSC Forum. Whit
ney is a freshman from Big Spring.
Wilson is a freshman from Dallas.
Samuels explained no dates for
the speakers have been set. The
program is only in the planning
stages, he said.
Study of Americanism
Samuels said the Forum would
like to have a full week devoted to
the study of Americanism.
During this time the Forum
would try to bring a famous speak
er to the campus each day, Samuels
Plans would be made for the
speaker to hold seminars with stu
dent organizations during the day
and give an open lecture at night,
he explained.
State SLA Chapter
Meets Here Soon
The Texas Chapter of the Speci
al Libraries Association will meet
at 10 a. m. Saturday in the Texas
Engineer’s Library.
This will be the first meeting to
be held in the new building. The
program will be arranged by Ro
bert Betts, librarian.
Louis J. Horn, supervisor of the
Publications of the Texas Engi
neering Experiment Station, will
give a paper on engineering re
search at land-grant colleges and
its growth and literature.
Few realize the enormous
amount of engineering research
carried on at institutions such as
A&M, or the great impoi’tance of
the publications issued by the engi
neering experiment stations, Betts
Dr. H. W. Barlow, dean of the
school of Engineering will speak
on the significance of the Texas
Engineer’s Library to Registered
professional engineers of the state,
and its potential contribution to
the economic and industrial deve
lopment of Texas.
Give Report
A report will be given by Charles
Zerwekh, librarian of the Baytown
Technical Library of the Humble
Oil and Refining Co., on the work
shop on technical reports recently
held at Catholic University in
Afterwards, a luncheon for the
group will be held in the MSC. A
business meeting in the afternoon
and a tour of the Texas Engineer’s
Library will conclude the day’s
Club Officers
The officers of the chapter in
clude Mabel Wilkerson, librarian
of the Federal Reserve Bank of
Dallas, president; Mary Hensarl-
ing, librarian of the Baroid Sales
Division of the National Lead Co.
Houston, vice-president and presi
Dorothy Streidtmann, librarian
of the Pasadena Public Library,
secretary; and Helen Holt, libra
rian of the Houston Academy of
Medicine Library, treasurer.
WHAT. COEDS?—Col. Ed V. Sauer, senior Quartermaster Corps Instructor, is surround
ed by pretty coeds in ROTC uniform, but they aren’t Aggies. The girls are company
sponsors at the University of Houston. Col. Sauer was recently head of a Federal in
sponsors _ _ . _
spection team for the ROTC unit there.
Vets Must Contact VA
For Curricula Changes
World War II and Korean vet
erans must contact the Veteran’s
Administration for permission to
change courses or academic schools
said Bennie A. Zinn, assistant dean
of men.
Those planning changes should
report to 102 Goodwin Hall to fil«
their request.