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    McGinnis Made
C of C Manager
Dames Prexy
“Once a Dame, Always a Dame”
Nestor M. McGinnis, city secre
tary and newly appointed city re
corder of vital statistics, was nam
ed manager and part time secre
tary of the College Station Cham
ber of Commerce and Development
Association at a board of directors
meeting yesterday afternoon.
The directors, meeting in the
City Hall Council Room, agreed to
pay the new chamber manager a
$25 monthly salary for secretarial
duties performed. The new ap
pointment relieves Mrs. Florence
Neelley, secretary in the city of
fice, from this secretarial work
which she has been doing in ad
dition to her other duties for the
Among the few items of busi
ness transacted at the gathering,
the regular meeting date was
changed from the second Tuesday
in each month to the second Mon
day. This action was taken in or-
Local Schools
Observe Public
School Week
As a part of the state-wide
observance of Public Schools
Week, March 4-10, A&M Con
solidated High School will ob
serve Open House Tuesday
night, March (1 at 7 p. m., L. S.
Richardson, school superintendent,
and Fred R. Brison, president of
the Mothers and Dads Club, an
nounced today.
“All patrons of the school are in
vited to visit the various room dis
plays and become personally ac
quainted with the program and ac
complishments of our boys and
girls,” Superintendent Richardson
Governor Allan Shivers has of
ficially proclaimed the week of
March 4-10 Public School Week in
Texas. The governor urged all cit
izens of Texas to visit the state’s
public schools to see “Democracy
in Action.”
The work of all the rooms in the
system will be on display, accord
ing to Brison, and citizens of the
community, whether they have
children in school or not, are urged
to visit the school and see the dis
plays. An opportunity to meet the
members of the faculty will be af
forded patrons, Brison said.
The visiting period from 7 to 8
p. m., will be followed by a meet
ing of the Mothers and Dads Club.
A program of this meeting will be
announced later, Brison said.
Came Party Swells
Scholarship Fund
The Brazos County Mother’s
Club Scholarship Fund is $150 rich
er as a result of the Game Benefit
party held by the mothers last
week in the ballroom of the MSC.
Members and guests made up 44
tables of bridge, canasta and “42.”
Proceeds of the party will go to the
scholarship, which annually is
awarded a Brazos County student
to attend A&M.
Mrs. J. C. Goldsmith, Mrs. R. I.
Bernath and Mrs. E. R. Bryant
were awarded door prizes. At the
rlose of the party 30 other prizes
were awarded for high scores. The
prizes included homemade cakes,
pies, preserves and home-canned
fruits and vegetables.
Mrs. L. L. Stuart, president, and
Mrs. J. D. Lindsay, immediate past
president, greeted guests at the
der to have the board meetings
before the City Council convenes
also on the second Monday.
Committeemen Appointed
President Joe Sorrels named
chairmen for the fourteen board
committees. The chairmen and
their members are as follows: Ag
riculture, F. R. Brison, J. E. Rob
erts; Business Development, W. M.
Sparks, J. R. Oden, M. C. Pugh;
Church, Mrs. W. D. Lloyd, Mrs.
C. B. Godbey; City Planning, J. M.
Rowlett, and R. B. Halpin.
Also, Civic Development, R. F.
White, J. B. Longley, C. W. Price;
Conference, F. W. Hensel, M. T.
Harrington, W. R. Horsley; Edu
cation, Mrs. A. W. Melloh, L. S.
Richardson; Finance, W. F. Farrar,
R. L. Hunt; Inter-City, H. W. Bar-
low, C. C. French, R. R. Rogers.
Also, Membersnip, J. R. Oden,
M. C. Pugh, J. E. Roberts, E. C.
Cunningham; Public Health, J. B.
Baty, R. H. Rogers; Publicity, D. D.
Burchard, J. R. Motheral; Recrea
tion, C. G. White, F. G. Anderson;
and Transportation, H. E. Burgess,
Gibb Gilchrist.
FHA Banquet
Set Tonight
The College Station chapter of
the Future Homemakers of Amer
ica will have their annual Sweet
heart Banquet tonight at 6:30 p.
m. in the Maggie Parker Dining
Room in Bryan.
Speaker for the evening will be
Col. H. L. Boatner, Commandant
and PMS&T, who will lecture on
“Courtship in India and China.”
Col. Boatner spent approximately
15 years in the Orient with the U.
S. Army.
“Presentation of the FHA sweet
hearts will be the highlight of the
program,” says Miss Glenda Brown,
chairman of the banquet committee.
The club sweethearts are Royce
Rogers and Roland Jones.
Music for the banquet will be
provided by Lamar McNew, Liz
Miller and the FHA Sextet. The
dance, following the banquet, will
be held in the Maggie Parker
Dining Room also with music pro
vided by record player.
Miss Brown will give the invo
cation and Miss Celeste Curran,
club president, will be the mistress
of ceremonies for the evening.
Dames Club Membership
Open to All Student Wives
Mrs. R. E. Snuggs
Heads Garden Club
Mrs. R. E. Snuggs will head the
A&M Garden Club for the coming
year. She was named president of
the organization at a meeting Fri
Other officers who will guide the
Garden Club include Mrs. W. W.
Armistead, first vice president;
Mrs. Marion Pugh, second vice
president; Mrs. Gibb Gilchrist,
third vice president; Mrs. R. E.
Schiller, Jr., secretai-y; Mrs. Bet
ty Jane Shaw, corresponding secre
tary; Mrs. C. C. Doak, treasurer,
Mrs. Fred Weick, reporter, and
Mrs. John Hill, historian.
Mrs. A. J. Oakes, recently elected president of the Dames Club, is
England’s gift to Aggie student wives. She is employed as a
nurse with the college hospital. Her co-workers say that she shows
the same enthusiasm and speed in her work that she exhibits in
her duties as president of the Dames.
Veteran’s Wives Club
Plans Bridge Tournament
has been asked to bake a cake or
pie. Chances will be sold on these
at five cents each. A drawing after
the bridge tournament will deter
mine winners of the pies and cakes.
At the Thursday night bridge
session, six tables of girls were
playing, one of which was a table
of beginners.
The Veterans Wives Bridge Club
in a meeting Thursday evening
laid plans for its bridge tourna
ment to be held Feb. 24 and in
itiated Spring officers.
Mrs. LaVerne Vicari succeeds
Mrs. Louise Gregory as president;
Mrs. Jo Cook, secretary-treasurer,
and Mrs. Dorothy Cannon, report
President, Mrs. Vicari heads the
committee to complete plans for
the bridge tournament, which will
be held in the ballroom of the MSC.
Her committee members are Mrs.
Wilma Barret, Mrs. Duhon and
Mrs. Cook. The tournament will
be limited to students, student
wives, faculty and staff members.
Tickets are 50 cents each, and are
available from any club member.
Prizes for the tournament are
being donated by Varner Jewelry
Store, Taylor’s Variety Store and
Shaeffer’s Book Store.
Each member of the bridge club
Social Club Sets
Style Show, Lunch
The A&M Women’s Social Club
will entertain with a style show
and luncheon for members Wed
nesday, Feb. 21 in the Ballroom of
the MSC, according to Mrs. James
E. Poore, reporter.
Tickets for the luncheon and
show will be on sale in the lobby
of the MSC. They are $1.50 each
and members who plan to attend
should buy their tickets in ad
vance, Mrs. Poore said.
For Rent
Latest Models — Perform Like New
Bryan Business Machine Co.
209 N. Main St.
Ph. 2-1328
Bryan, Texas
Battalion Women’s Editor
In Aggieland’s world of men one
outstanding organization is com
posed entirely of women.
It is the Dames Club, only or
ganization on the campus open to
all student wives and only group
here with a national charter.
The Texas A&M Chapter of
the Dames Club is one of 61 groups
scattered on college and university
campuses over the United States.
The first chapter was organized
in 1921 at the University of Chi
cago. The primary purpose of the
club is to provide social and cul
tural contacts for the wives t of
At A&M the Dames Club is ful
filling its purpose. The group was
started in April of last year
through the efforts of Mrs. Ide P.
Trotter. At first only a few girls
indicated an interest in it. Now the
club has a paid membership of
some 75 college wives and it grows
every other Thursday night when
the group meets in the YMCA.
The Wedding Ring
National symbol is the wedding
ring pierced by an arrow, the wed
ding ring representing the married
status of the members and the ar
row for friendship. National theme
is “Once a dame, always a dame.”
Only provision for joining the club
is that the prospective member’s
husband be enrolled in a college
or university. In rare instances,
the mother of a student may join
the group. In all cases, member
ship is open only to married wo
men. After membership is attained
it may be transferred to any club
in the country, even after the hus
band is no longer connected with
a college.
The constitution of the local
Dames Club recently has been vot
ed approval by the national chapter
of the organization. Meetings are
held the first and third Thursdays
of every month.
Theme for the year’s programs
has been “Homemaking” and the
girls have heard authorities in
various fields talk on subjects of
for Real Taste
' '. . , ' v
* Home Made Chili
* Delicious Malts
* Bar-B-Q Sandwiches -
* Friendly Service
* Students
# Doctors
* College People
* Merchants
• And Many Others
And Every One
Of Them Reads
The Battalion
interest to them as wives and
mothers. On the agenda for spring
programs is a discussion of kitch
en shortcuts, a discussion of handi
crafts and hobbies, a musical, a
book review, a covered dish sup
per and a dance.
The nicest thing about any or
ganization is the individual mem
ber and the Dames Club boasts a
roster to which it can point with
Newly ejected president of the
group is Mrs. A. J. (Margaret)
Oakes. Margaret, a tall willowy
blond, is a native of England. She
was educated at St. Johns and St.
Elizabeth School of Nursing in
London, was in training during the
war and met her husband, who is
now studying for his doctorate at
a dance in the nurses’ home. She
was married in 1946, came to
America the same year and to
Aggieland in 1947. Margaret, with
boundless enthusiasm and energy,
obviously enjoys every phase of
life at Aggieland where she is a
nurse at the college hospital.
Vice president and program
chairman for the group is equally
outstanding Mrs. W. T. (Virginia)
Matzen. Jenny reached Aggieland
via Iowa State where she was
studying bacteriology when she
Tuesday, February 13,1951 THE BATTALION Pa ye 3
Architect Wi ves
Plan Social Meet
A social meeting of the Architect
Wives Club is scheduled for Wed
nesday evening, 7:30, in the South
Solarium of the YMCA. New presi
dent, Mary Lou Gauldin, will pre
side over a brief business session
at which a new reporter will be
Sidney Blake is hostess for the
Wednesday meeting. Purpose of
the social hour is to give the wives
a chance to meet new members of
the group.
Mrs. Varvel Leads
Child Study Talks
The Child Study Group is meet
ing this afternoon at the home of
Mrs. N. E. Ivy, Grove at Elm in
West Park. Topic for discussion
will be “When a problem is not a
problem in regard to your child
and when yop don’t have to worry.”
The discussion will be lead by
Mrs. W. A. Varvel.
met and married her husband, who
is enrolled as a graduate student
here. Virginia, a native of Blue
Island, Illinois, does a remarkable
job of her club activities and an
even better one of mothering Neil
and Rick, her two blond sons. Vir
ginia has been at A&M two and a
half years.
Dr. Margaret Menzel, secretary
of the organization, is currently
employed at the Beasley Cotton
Genetics Laboratory here. She is
a native of Georgetown, took her
B. A. from Southwestern Univer
sity, skipped a master’s and won
her Ph. D. from, the University of
Virginia. She met her husband a
native of Yorktown, Virginia, while
both were graduate students at
Faculty Wives—Sponsors
Sponsors for the organization
are Mrs. Trotter, who first was a
Dames Club member at the Uni
versity of Wisconsin; Mrs. R. D.
Lewis, who joined the group while
her husband was a student at Cor
nell University, Mrs. A. D. Fol-
vveiler, who was a member at LSU
and at the University of Wiscon
sin, and Mrs. J. C. Miller.
Among the faculty wives who
have transferred their member
ships to the local group are Mrs.
Ralph Hook, who is past president
of the Dames Club at the Univer
sity of Missouri, and Mrs. M.J.
Garber. Other faculty wives, who
previously were Dames, are eligi
ble to transfer their memberships
to the local group.
The organization is becoming a
“big girl” and with its growth
comes an expansion of ideas and
interests that is serving a won
derful purpose of keeping wives
in step with their student husbands
educationally, culturally and soc
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